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Mobile Medication Assistant for the Elderly António Teixeira, Flávio Ferreira, Nuno Almeida, Ana Filipa Rosa S4S Presentation Department of Electronics,

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1 Mobile Medication Assistant for the Elderly António Teixeira, Flávio Ferreira, Nuno Almeida, Ana Filipa Rosa S4S Presentation Department of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics (DETI) Institute of Electronics Engineering and Telematics of Aveiro (IEETA) Health School (ESSUA) University of Aveiro Portugal

2 2 Method An iterative/cyclic method composed by – Requirements Analysis Get Personas, Problem and Vision Brainstorming (with people from different domains) Identify Persona expectations Construct Context Scenarios Identify requirements – Developing the application – Testing the application – Evaluation with users S4S Presentation

3 3 Motivation The elderly present high levels of non-adherence to medication High number of errors in taking medication, concerns about side effects, lack of motivation, memory issues Goal: Mobile application for seniors to: improve adherence to medication and minimize errors serve as a testbed for research in the best uses of different modalities with a particular focus on speech. S4S Presentation

4 4 Persona & Persona Expectations S4S Presentation Persona Expectations Able to use the same application with arthrisis Allow speech interaction Help prevent gaps in medication Report the medication and side effects Could use the App even with poor ability to work with electronic devices Persona: Primary Name: Emília Rodrigues Age: 62 years old Mrs. Emília lives in Coimbra with her husband Filipe Rodrigues. She’s housewife. Mrs.Emília doesn’t know very well to work with electronic devices. She is right handwriter. She is diabetic and has arthritis in her right superior member. Her health condition requires a regular and diary medication. Mrs. Emília has the habit to call her daughter during the dinner preparation. However she has some difficulty in doing the two activities at the same time due to her limitation in the right superior member. She has weekly appointments in her local health centre for surveillance. Mrs. Emília would like to buy equipment that facilitates the contact with her daughter. Something that allow her to control her medication that she forgets to take.

5 5 Requirements S4S Presentation Data Requirements When to take a medication Why to take a medication Medication side effects Medication expiration date Maximum dose Distributed data User profile Clinical information User Requirements Inform in a casual way Use speech for everything Credible and reliable Avoid content overload and small icons Personalization Adaptation Extra care with language, dimension and touch

6 6 System Architecture Windows Phone 7 Web services to overweight features Several modules to control modalities and intelligence S4S Presentation Face Detection User

7 7 Speech Service Add Grammar: allow the input of a new grammar for the service in GRXML or ARPA format Get Grammar: gets the list of all grammars in the service and their names ASR: translates na audio stream to text, using the microsoft speech platform TTS: converts text to speech S4S Presentation TTS ASR Add Grammar Get Grammars SpeechWS Grammar Repository Microsoft Speech Platform

8 8 Image Service Aims to generate a synthesized image of a pill/packages – Inestead of having a database with all the images Based on pill/package discription it return an image Information needed: – Pill/Package shape – Pill/Package pattern – Pill/Package colors – Pill/Package name S4S Presentation

9 9 User, NLG and FaceDetector Service The User service that manage the user medication data and plan The User service provide the push notification service to display alerts The NLG (natural language generation) service that automatically generates sentences with the provided information S4S Presentation The Face Detector service that detects faces in a image and returns the size of the closer face

10 10 Main Features Alerts – to remember users about medication schedules Help – on common medication related questions I forgot to take my medication? What are the side effects of this medication? Medication insertion and management by third parties. Configurable interaction How to use application guide and tips User knowledge adaption S4S Presentation AlertsHelp GuideOptions

11 11 Multimodal Input Touch – Accepted for all operations Speech – MSFT Speech Plat. (MSP) – Can be more intuitive and faster than touch Choose: 1 ) “I forgot my Medication” 2) “I forgot a medication" 3) Select the forgotten medicine User says: “I forgot to take X” What to do if a medication intake was forgotten? TOUCH VOICE S4S Presentation Choose: 1 ) Select the right option User says: “What are the side effects?” What are the side effects of this medication? TOUCH VOICE

12 12 Multimodal Output Graphics and Text – Panoramic view – Medication images generation – Medication details Speech – TTS (e.g. “The side effects of medication are…”) – Use of Natural Lang Generation “You should take one tablet of Aspirin” MOBACC 2013 Medication name Quantity Application method Intake interval

13 13 Adaption to Context User distance to mobile phone – Relevant display elements resized if user moves phone closer/farther – Deal with vision problems (it will depend of user – myopia or astigmatism) Ambient noise level – Sound sampled while user is not speaking – Volume level adjusted accordingly MOBACC 2013

14 14 Further work Improve zoom adaption algorithm and add it to more views Implement the dark mode of the application Improve the auto voice detect algorithm Improve the speech interaction Improve “how to use” features Add features – Auto adaptable help system – Advice for more daily problems about medication intake S4S Presentation

15 15 Thank you for your attention. S4S Presentation

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