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Survival signs Topic.Comment,and Object, Subject, Verb.

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1 Survival signs Topic.Comment,and Object, Subject, Verb

2 Topic. Comment  This is a statement.  It is structured: Topic, then a comment about that topic.

3 I have homework. In this example, what is the topic? Discuss with your group.

4 Topic: Homework. What is the comment about the topic?

5 I have

6 Example  English- I have homework.  ASL- HOMEWORK I HAVE

7 You have my homework.  Topic??

8 You have my homework. What is the topic? What is the comment about the topic?

9 Topic. Comment  MY HOMEWORK YOU HAVE

10 Grammar of Topic. Comment  Topic: Eye brows up  Comment: Head-nod or affirmation. t. head nod MY HOMEWORK. YOU HAVE

11 You have my homework.  Lets look at this example and identify the: Subject, Object and Verb.

12 Synthesize Subject= you Object= my homework Verb= have  How is the structure organized so that these words form a sentence in English?  How is ASL structured or organized so that these concepts make a sentence? SOV, OSV, VSO, SVO, OVS, VOS Figure it out with your group.

13 Answer  English= You have my homework.  English= Subject, Verb, Object (SVO) t. comment  ASL= MY HOMEWORK YOU HAVE.  ASL= Object, Subject, Verb (OSV)

14 English structure  Subject, verb, object.  You (subject) have (verb) my homework (object). SVO

15 ASL Structure  My homework (Object) you (subject) have (verb). OSV

16 Practice/evaluate 1 1. My teacher knows you. 2. I like my teacher. 3. Your homework is finished. 4. I forgot your name 5. I like ASL. 6. Please fingerspell slowly. 7. I fingerspelled your name wrong.

17 Practice/evaluate 2 1. I don’t understand you. 2. I practice my fingerspelling. 3. Your homework is right. 4. I know you. 5. I’m ready. 6. I want practice. 7. You fingerspell good.

18 Practice/ evaluate 3 1. I know your teacher. 2. You know my name. 3. Your teacher likes you. 4. Please copy me. 5. You are right. 6. You need practice. 7. I want help.

19 Practice/ Evaluate 4 1. I need your help. 2. Your school is nice. 3. I am ready. 4. I know you understand. 5. You can help me. 6. My ASL class is good. 7. Fingerspell again please.

20 Practice/Evaluate 5 1. I am a bad fingerspeller. 2. Jim knows your name. 3. My ASL teacher know your ASL teacher. 4. I practice fingerspelling my name. 5. My homework is easy. 6. Your homework is hard. 7. You are a student.

21 Practice/Evaluate 6 1. I forgot my name. 2. You understand my fingerspelling. 3. You need fingerspelling practice 4. My teacher knows ASL. 5. Sign slowly. 6. Jim wants to know your name. 7. I forgot your teacher’s name. 8. You are ready.

22 Homework  Create 10 sentences on your own from the vocabulary you have learned and fingerspelling, make sure you know how to sign them.  Tomorrow (next time I see you) we will use them for an activity.

23 Work with a partner: 1. You must work with a person across the room, You can not work with the person right beside you. 2. The person you are working with will write down the sentences you sign to them and vise versa. 3. Take turns. 4. Sign in ASL structure and write in English structure.

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