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Which job do you like?.

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1 Which job do you like?

2 Unit 3 future jobs

3 Vocabulary Employ :to give sb a job to do for payment =>Employer(n)
=>Employee(n) =>Employment(n) =>Unemployment(n) =>Unemployed(adj)

4 Vocabulary Demeanor(n) the way that s.o looks or behaves
Attribute(n) a quality or feature of s.o/ sth. Reiterate(v) to repeat sth that you have already said, especially to emphasize it. Conduct(v) to organize/do a particular activity. Neglect(v) to forget to do sth that you ought to do.

5 Vocabulary Apply(v) to make for a formal request, usually in writing for sth such as a job… Application(n) Applicant(n) Interview(v) to talk to s.o and ask them question at a formal meeting to find out if they are suitable for a job, a course of study… =>Interviewer(n) =>Interviewee(n)

6 Task 1 Before the interview During the interview After the interview
Take care of personal appearance Gather information about the industry, the company Prepare the answers to questions that may be raised Speak slowly and clearly Have eye contact Use body language Ask some questions about company and contact later Writer a thank-you note or a follow up letter

7 A job interview A job interview is your chance to show the employer what he or she will get if you are hired. That is why it is essential to be well-prepared for the job interview.(1)_________. It also means paying attention to details like personal appearance, punctuality, and demeanor.

8 A job interview Before you have the interview, you should gather as much information about the industry and the employer as you can. Not only will you appear informed and intelligent but you will also make a decision if a job offer is eventually made. You might also want to prepare for answering questions by listing some of your attributes. Remember that appearance is very important. (2)________. You should match your dress to employees in the workplace where you are applying. You should come on time for the interview.

9 A job interview During the interview, you should speak slowly and clearly. Eye contact is very important but make sure it looks natural.(3)___________. People say that body language gives away more about us than speech. Usually toward the end of the interview, the person conducting it will ask you if you have any questions. By asking about a typical day on the job or special projects, you are putting yourself in the job and showing the employer how you will satisfy the employer’s needs.

10 A job interview After the interview, don’t neglect a thank-you note or follow up letter. It is your chance to reiterate something you mentioned on the interview or bring up something you forgot to mention. (4) __________. It certainly will set you apart from everyone else who forgot to or chose not to do this. Isn’t that the kind of person the employer is looking for?

11 Task 2 It is also nice gesture and a matter of politeness.
Four sentences have been removed from the passage. Choose the one that fits each blank. There is one extra sentence that you do not need. It is also nice gesture and a matter of politeness. A smiling, relaxed face is very inviting. This is usually an interview with s.o in human resources. Preparing means knowing about the industry, the employer, and yourself. Whether we like it or not, it is the first thing people notice about us

12 Feedback Task 2: 1.D 2.C 3.B 4.A

13 Task 3 Find the words in the reading which mean:
The way you look or behave The people and activities involved in producing a particular thing, or in providing a particular service Having a lot of knowledge or information about sth Qualities of features of s.o Show an emotion or quality that you are trying to hide Fail to do sth that you should do Repeat sth in order toemphasise it or make it very clearly

14 Feedback Task 3 Demeanor Industry Informed Attributes Give away
Neglect reiterate

15 Post reading Speaking:
Why should you take care of your personal appearance before the interview? Why should you speak slowly and clearly during the interview?

16 Post reading Writing: write an application form to apply for the job in the Job Vacancy below A salesperson Aged 18-22 Hardworking Responsible and honest Previous experience Computer skills Please apply to Furniture World Co. 302/29 Ngo Quyen, District 10, HCM city

17 Homework Fill in the blank with the correct form of the word: 1. Here are some key tips and suggestions for all job-seekers to guide you to successfully complete your job _______(apply). 2. If you aren't able to _______(interviewer) successfully, you won't get the job.


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