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Cheyenne Indians The Plains Indians.

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1 Cheyenne Indians The Plains Indians

2 Where they live Located in Northern central United States
In a region that is now Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota

3 Their Food Source They ate a lot of meat
They mainly ate buffalo They also went fishing in rivers and lakes They farmed before they had horses Horses allowed them to follow buffalo herds

4 Their home They lived in tepees Their tepees were portable homes
The tepees were very easy to take up and down they helped them follow the buffalo


6 Their Climate and Region
They lived in Central America The plains are flat, low lands that are great for hunting The weather was cold and made it hard to farm

7 What they wear They used the buffalo skin for clothing, tepees, and paintings The bones were used for jewelry, tools, and weapons.

8 How Much Do You Know? Where did the Cheyenne Indians live? I forgot
What was there main food source? I forgot Why did the Cheyenne build tepees instead of houses? I forgot How would describe the landform where the Cheyenne live? I forgot How did they make their clothes? I forgot

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