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Junior College Process Gonzaga Preparatory School January 15, 2014.

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1 Junior College Process Gonzaga Preparatory School January 15, 2014

2 Welcome! Joe Feryn – A-F – Morgan Hatcher – G-Mg – Dennis Kukuk – Mh-Sh – Ann Kukuk – Si-Z –

3 College Process for Juniors The main topics to be considered at this point in the college process: Criteria for college admission Appropriate curriculum Cumulative g.p.a. and grade trends Personal profile College admission tests Shopping for a college Application process Financial aid process Special circumstances

4 Criteria for College Admission* Rigor of high school curriculum Cumulative grade point average College admission tests scores Personal essays Extracurricular activities Recommendations *Basis of an “holistic” approach to college admission

5 Appropriate curriculum What are “core” courses? – English – History/Social Science – Math – Science – Languages Secondary vs. Post-secondary requirements – Admission vs. graduation Required vs. Recommended – “Required” = minimum – “Recommended” = magis, rigor – Relative from college to college and level of selectivity – Rigor strengthens college admission profile

6 Cumulative g.p.a. Unweighted – Follows 11-point grading scale – All academic courses possess equal value – Preferred by most colleges to which GP students apply – Evaluated with “rigor” of coursework Evaluated by colleges after 6 semesters – Basis of preliminary offers of admission – 7 th semester grades required to confirm admission – Final transcript and grades finalize admission Evaluated by colleges for grade trends – Maintain positive performance or show improvement – Most colleges are looking for reasons to admit

7 Personal Profile Product of attitudinal and behavioral choices Factor in admission Reflected in a variety of forums – Classroom – Social Media – Activities Addressed in recommendations – Teachers – Counselors

8 College Admission Tests Evaluate pre-ACT (PLAN) and pre-SAT (PSAT) results – Determine which test to take – Use pre-tests to prepare for ACT and/or SAT Register for at least one test this spring “Score-Choice” vs. full disclosure – Know the reporting policy of each college! – We recommend students send all scores. Send scores directly to colleges from the testing agency. Colleges must receive scores by the colleges’ application deadlines.

9 College Research Discern personal values – Religious/secular – Private/public – Location – Urban/rural – Majors/programs – Cost/affordability Preview college/university websites Tour colleges whenever possible Talk with alumni Begin now; be inclusive; narrow college choices by September

10 Application Process Apply early (September/October/November) – Early Action/Early Decision/Regular Apply online – Counselors will meet with students and parents early in September to provide updated application process details.

11 Financial Aid Recognize that colleges are the first and best sources of financial aid Request FA and scholarship information when applying for admission Attend Gonzaga Prep’s FA workshop in the fall Become familiar with reputable FA websites Beware of scams; seeking and applying for FA is free

12 Special Circumstances Any junior intending on playing sports in college should register with the NCAA at and/or NAIA at Any junior interested in the U.S. military academies and/or ROTC should appoint with Mr. Kukuk this spring.

13 Family Connection

14 What can you do on Family Connection? Complete/share surveys and résumé Share game plan Take career and personality inventories Research and compare colleges Research majors and careers Track deadlines View schedule of college visits Search for scholarships Prepare for SAT/ACT tests Receive communications from Gonzaga Prep

15 Expectations Gonzaga Prep will use Family Connection exclusively to manage the College Application Process. Students are expected to: – Complete Surveys/Resumes for counselor & teachers – Update Prospective & Active Applications – Request Transcripts – Request Letters of Recommendation It is the student’s responsibility to have official test scores sent directly to the colleges from the testing agency (SAT/ACT). Students need to check email regularly and respond.

16 How is Family Connection accessed? On the Web – Link from (click on College Bound, then select “Naviance Family Connection”) – All students and parents were registered for Family Connection during their freshman year. – If you do not remember your code, or have not yet registered, please contact your counselor.

17 Family Connection Sign-In Select College Bound Select College Bound

18 Select Naviance Select Naviance Family Connection

19 Click here if you forgot your password. Contact your student’s counselor if you need further assistance. Enter your email address and the password you created. Click here if you forgot your password. Contact your counselor if you need further assistance.

20 Welcome Page

21 Test Prep PrepMe is an ACT/SAT preparation program. It is FREE and is accessed through your student’s Family Connection account. PrepMe is an ACT/SAT preparation program. It is FREE and is accessed through your Family Connection account.

22 College Search 1) Search for colleges here… 2)…then add them to your list. Search for colleges here. Add them to your list here.

23 Track interest level, deadlines, app process, and access contact information for selected colleges.

24 Research Careers Under Careers tab, begin to research careers.

25 About Me…

26 Assigned Tasks for Juniors to Complete Develop résumé – The information about your various achievements will be used by your counselor and teachers to complete college paperwork. Complete game plan – The information about goals after high school and college interests will be used by your counselor to assist in the college search. Research colleges and careers Begin PrepMe

27 Tips Visit the website often! Explore on your own. Use your Gonzaga Prep email address. Gonzaga Prep counselors provide full college advising; you need not pay a private party for services.

28 College Counseling Expectations and Responsibilities You will read and return the expectation sheet to your counselor today. Your parents will receive a copy tonight.

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