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Responsibility and pets!. We have identical twins: AnthonyDavid.

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1 Responsibility and pets!

2 We have identical twins: AnthonyDavid

3 This is David David likes football. He also like playing on the computer. David does lots of activities outside school; playing football, taking pictures and going out to play with his friends. The trouble is, David is not very organised as he always forgets to do his homework! David would like Guinea Pigs to look after as his pets..

4 This is Anthony Anthony likes playing the guitar. Anthony is very organised, he enjoys playing out with his friends but will always make sure he has practised his guitar and done all of his homework first. Anthony wants rabbits to look after as his pets.

5 One day David and Anthony received a present. They were given a packet of seeds, they were seeds for sunflowers. They were both excited and looked forward to seeing how tall their sunflowers would grow.

6 AnthonyDavid When Anthony got home he researched sunflowers on the internet. They need: water, food and lots of sunlight. Planted his sunflower seeds and looked after them. When David got home he went straight out to play football. Left his sunflower seeds next to his computer. David forgot about his sunflower seeds.

7 After a 8 weeks Anthony and David had very different results from growing their sunflower seeds. Anthony David David didn’t even have one sunflower! After he had been given his sunflower seeds, David went straight out to play football and forgot all about them. Anthony, had grown some very healthy and very big sunflowers. He had watered them every day, kept them in a bright place and had even fed them plant food!

8 Now I need your help! Do you think that David or Anthony should be allowed to look after a pet ? What has helped you decide who should have a pet ?

9 The need for good health. The five things all animals need are: The need for a home. The need for a suitable diet. The need to show normal behaviour. The need for the right company. What does a pet need ? The symbols featured are subject to Crown Copyright protection and are reproduced with the permission of the Welsh Ministers.

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