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Games At Twilight Anita Desai

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1 Games At Twilight Anita Desai

2 Plot To hot to go outdoors Argument to go out Compromise to stay on the veranda Anu ends a fight between the others Raghu is it The kids leave the veranda to play

3 Ravi hides in the shed overcoming his fear of bugs because the garage is locked
Argues with himself to go outside and be caught or stay and win Ravi then remembers he must touch the veranda to win

4 Ravi reaches the veranda shouting “den” believing he won
He realizes they forgot him and had ended the game long ago The kids started playing the funeral game but Ravi refuses to join, shamed and feeling insignificant

5 Exposition - It was too hot all day for them to go out and play Ravi couldn’t hide in the garage because it was locked so he hid in the shed Ravi most likely rarely wins and that drove him to stay in the shed for so long

6 Setting - After India’s Independence from Britain in 1947
Characters - Mia, Anu, Manu, Raghu and Ravi Conflict - Wanting so badly to win and be cool Ravi hides to long and becomes forgotten Does not know whether to leave the shed and loose or stay and win

7 Climax - He emerges from the shed believing he has won only to find they have moved on and do not care Theme - Childhood heartbreak as Ravi learns a valuable lesson in growing up

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