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MyUnisa Functionality: Expanding the Sakai Tool Offering Francette Myburgh.

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1 myUnisa Functionality: Expanding the Sakai Tool Offering Francette Myburgh

2 Pretoria South Africa


4 Students using myUnisa 1 st registration 2006: 205962 students 93000 students joined myUnisa 10724 courses on myUnisa

5 668 Unisa Student Distribution

6 Unisa students in Africa



9 Distance Learning Standard toolset – no choice to lecturer Students not on campus –Few opportunities for dialogue beyond material –Single interface for all student info –Access to personal information –Intuitive navigation and use –24/7 service (international timelines)

10 Questionnaire Results 60 000 requests sent 20 000 students completed Two HP iPAQs as prizes


12 myUnisa Toolset Based on SAKAI version 2.0.1 Previous LMS tools 19 Unisa Tools –Kept to Sakai Style and Views –Seamless integration 6 Sakai tools

13 Deciding on the Toolset Comparison of previous LMS functionality Compare combined list with Sakai features and functions Gap analysis Comparative report

14 Methodology Requirements for myUnisa based on: –Functionality in LMS missing from Sakai –Functionality improvement from previous LMS –Feasibility study was conducted (in parallel) Technical feasibility Comparison with technology used for development (struts) Compliance with SAKAI user interface standards

15 Methodology Project planning Documentation –User specification –Functional specification –Test reports Development in three environments

16 Style sheet information Frequently Asked Questions (Lecturer list view) Tool title: Frequently Asked Questions View style:Hierarchical List View with Actionable List attributes View title: Frequently Asked Question Action buttons: Update, Clear Selections Add FAQ Item Tool title: Frequently Asked Questions View style: Forms View View Title: Add Frequently Asked Question Action buttons: Submit, Cancel


18 Joining myUnisa Must JOIN to use myUnisa –Not called “registration” Activation of myUnisa account –Verification on each field (names/dates) –Option of being part of Class List –Incorrect e-mail addresses –Checking e-mails sent to students



21 Dear student, NB: This is an automated response - do not reply to this e-mail. Your myUnisa account has been created and must be activated before you can login. Please click on this link in order to activate your myUnisa account: Activate myUnisa account or copy and paste the following in the address field in your browser: join/ Student number: 31014712 Activation code: 61207442. After activation you may login to myUnisa at with your student number and chosen password. Activate myUnisa account

22 Access to myUnisa Forgotten Password –Incorrect e-mail addresses –Check e-mails sent to students Change Password –Directly in My Admin –No e-mail verification

23 Dear student NB: This is an automated response - do not reply to this e-mail. You've received this e-mail in response to having selected the "Forgotten Your Password?" link on myUnisa. If you did not forget your password and do not want to change it, ignore this e-mail. Your new password will only be activated on myUnisa when you click on the link provided below. You may change the password by selecting the appropriate link under "My Admin" once you have logged in. Your new myUnisa user account details: Student number : 8806551 New password : 1284667988 Click on: Activate new password or copy and paste the following in the address field in your browser: password/ 551 Activate new password

24 Sites setup in myUnisa For students: –My Admin –Course sites –My Workspace For lecturers: –My Students –Course sites –My Workspace

25 myUnisa: My Admin Admin information for distance student Unisa developed all the tools Integrates with Unisa SIS Tools have been aggregated –View and updates together

26 My Admin Site Assignment marks (summative) Academic record Biographical details Change password Examination results Financial details Parcel information Registration details Study fees quotation

27 My Students Site Assignments Academic Record Examination Results File Manager Financial Details Mailing List Parcel Tracking Student List Prescribed Books

28 myUnisa: Teaching/Learning Communication Discussion forums Email to course Bulk e-mail from Lecturer Class List Academic List Announcements Learning Welcome message Resources Prescribed books FAQs Schedule Assessment Assignments submission Assignment results Examination results

29 myUnisa: FAQ Tool Existed in previous LMS Modelled on structure of Announcement Tool Add, Edit and Delete for Lecturer View only for Students Structure –Category –Question –Answer Database design





34 E-mail Tool Supports individual e-mail exchange By lecturer choice Course mailbox Access from mail client Student e-mail address transformed MIS



37 myUnisa: Mailing List Existed in previous LMS Sends bulk e-mail to course or group of courses Built on James Shares functionality with Student List Soon with SMS





42 myUnisa: Welcome Message MOTD used for general messages in My Workspace Welcome Tool is course specific Not an Announcement Default message Still need to add graphics capability



45 Roles Primary lecturer Secondary lecturer Undergraduate student Postgraduate student Tutor Courseware administrator Observer Head of Department

46 Roles Updates Student system function Departmental responsibility Primary lecturer = site creation


48 myUnisa Support Unisa ICT Portal and Academic Solutions team: –4 system administrators and software architects –7 software developers –1 business analyst Call Centre - 3 dedicated support staff for students (tel and e-mail) 4 support staff to assist lecturers

49 Future Requirements Direct updates –Negotiate and develop more updating tools Expand financial functions –Direct electronic payments Integrate library functions via Twin Peaks RSS feeds for recommended articles Utilize authoring tools (Melete) Incorporate XML syllabus information

50 Future Requirements Link to Courier service Implement sections and groups –Post graduate courses Personalize –Personal greeting –Language differentiation

51 Questions?

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