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Role & Qualities of a Practice Manager. Essential qualities? The thick skin of a Rhino The wisdom of Solomon The patience of Jobe The speed of Superman.

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1 Role & Qualities of a Practice Manager

2 Essential qualities? The thick skin of a Rhino The wisdom of Solomon The patience of Jobe The speed of Superman The mathematical brain of Carol Vorderman The multi-tasking of Microsoft The legal brain of the Lord Chief Justice... and, I nearly forgot.... the screwdriver of the electrician, the wrench of the plumber and the brush for sticking up (whatever).....

3 Qualifications The Diploma in Primary Care Management (DPCM) is the only nationally-recognized qualification designed specifically for practice managers. The course is workplace-related and open to people already working in health or social care, or people with more general management experience

4 Working in pairs try to decide what a Practice Manager actually does?

5 Practice Administration Practice organisation Staff management Strategic activities Patient welfare Management of practice finances Health and Safety Management of Premises


7 PRACTICE ORGANISATION Plan, coordinate and monitor staff activities to enable efficient services to be offered to patients. Ensure the reception area and appointment system is working effectively. Plan, coordinate and provide workforce rotas, making sure there is adequate cover for absence. Initiate effective communication channels between the whole team. Manage the ordering of stationery, equipment, medical supplies, furniture and fittings etc. Provide assistance to doctors in non-medical procedures when required. Ensure that medical records, repeat prescriptions, disease registers and electronic records are accurate, up-to date,and that prescribing data is monitored.

8 MANAGEMENT OF STAFF Provide the full range of personnel management services including: recruitment, supervision, training, welfare, health and safety. Ensure employment contracts, job descriptions and all necessary documentation are drawn up. Implement systems for performance reviews and GP appraisal/revalidation. Facilitate collaborative and multi-disciplinary team working and motivate staff. Advise on all aspects of employment law, pensions, Data Protection, and health and safety at work. Plan, develop and monitor the induction and training provided to GP Registrars. Ensure disciplinary and grievance procedures are in place.

9 STRATEGIC ACTIVITIES Manage the practice in line with the aims and objectives agreed with the partners; ensuring that the business strategy is completed. Manage change brought by internal (i.e. the need for a new partner) or external (i.e. new legislation) sources. Initiate and participate in new policies and procedures within the practice. Act as the focal point for communication, liaising between the practice team members and the PCT. Collect statistics, prepare reports and undertake research as required.

10 PATIENT WELFARE Plan, develop and implement systems to ensure adequate provision of services to patients. Deal with patient enquiries and complaints, and promote patient satisfaction. Implement systems for the collation and dissemination of patient advice and information. Liaise with outside contacts (i.e. the PCT) related to the provision of patient services.


12 ADMINISTRATION OF PRACTICE FINANCES Manage the administration of the staff payroll, NI contributions and pension scheme. Administer and reconcile all practice income and expenditure by managing: the maintenance of the accounts books; the control of accounts sent and invoices received; the petty cash; and the year-end preparation of accounts. Maximising QOF, LES & DES incomes. Financial forecasting and cash flow. Ensure submission of claims and check receipt of payments to and from the PCT. Liaise with accountant, bank manager and Health Authority. Manage the profitability of the practice, especially through the attainment of quality points.

13 HEALTH AND SAFETY Ensure compliance with legislation relating to health and safety. Develop and implement health and safety policies and procedures in the practice. Provide direct training on health and safety procedures for all members of the practice team. Ensure premises and staff insurance is maintained. Ensure all accidents and/or dangerous incidents are recorded and investigated.

14 MANAGEMENT OF PREMISES Ensure adequate cleaning, maintenance, and general security of the premises. Provide staff training in all necessary areas of premises maintenance. Arrange for repairs, replacement or necessary decoration; and supervise any building maintenance. Ensure that excellent hygiene standards (including infection control) are maintained in the building and waste disposal coordinated.

15 Small Group Work Case scenarios

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