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¥ IX Theological.

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1 IX Theological

2 Blaise Pascal (1623 - 1662) Teaching of the three orders:
Body Mind Heaven Infinitely small Finite Infinitely large Believing is worthwile because the expected gain surpasses the investment. Sir Isaac Newton ( ) God is more important than physics and mathematics. God made the world as we just see it. Time and space are absolute. The space it God‘s sensuality. God always winds up the big clock. More than half of all books in Newton‘s library concerned alchemy and religion. The old Newton wrote only about those topics. Fight against catholicism. Interpretation of involved parts of the Bible.


4 Before creating the universe God did nothing. There was no time.
(He made hell) Aurelius Augustinus ( ) Saint. Doctor of Church 16th century Page of "De civitate dei" 12th century.

5 Georg Cantor mit Frau Wally
Realization of the actual infinite Saint Augustinus claims that God knows the set of all natural numbers. So they all must actually exist. (De civitate dei. lib. XII, cap. 19) Georg Cantor mit Frau Wally

6 Georg Cantor mit Frau Wally
Realization of the actual infinite God Nature Mathematics Georg Cantor mit Frau Wally I distinguish an "Infinitum aeternum increatum sive Absolutum", referring to God and his properties, and an "Infinitum creatum sive Transfinitum", referring to infinity in the created nature.

7 Nicolaus Copernikus (1473 - 1543) .
Galileo Galilei ( ) Nicolaus Copernikus ( ) . Ultimatum of the church: The heliocentric system is at most a hypothesis to easen calculations, Galilei: In my opinion that would be an error Giordano Bruno ( )

8 My telescope shows * Hills on the Moon * Sunspots
* Moons around Jupiter * Phases of Venus Galileo Galilei ( ) Ultimatum of the church: The heliocentric system is at most a hypothesis to easen calculations, Galilei: In my opinion that would be an error

9 Salomon (who had his wisdom from God himself): Earth is at rest forever, Sun goes up and down …
Josua 10, 13 There sun and moon stood still, until the folks had taken revenge … Sun stood still and did not set for nearly a whole day. Jesaja 38, 8 ... Habakuk 3, 10 The sun forgot to rise. Matthäus 24, The stars will fall down from sky. Albert Einstein ( ) It is understandable that the churches always have fought against sciences and have persecuted their followers.


11 Natural selection. Useful details remain.
Georg Christoph Lichtenberg ( ) Mathematician in Göttingen Why does the paradise not start immediately here? Preaching in churches does not replace lightning concuctors. Charles Darwin ( ) Origin of Species Natural selection. Useful details remain.

12 Fossils show the evolution.

13 Bible, written about ca. 500 BC.
Creation of the Welt about 4000 BC. In the beginning God created Sky and Earth. Day 1: God divided light and darkness. The whole earth was covered with water. Day 4: Sun and Moon. Day 5: Fishes (including whales explicitly mentioned) and birds. Day 6: Animals and men were created. No saurians. Sintflut: The whole earth covered with water. Impossible. Noah‘s Ark: Many animals missing: Kangaroos …

14 1763: The only possible proof of God
Immanuel Kant ( ) Is there as a part or original cause of the world a necessary being or is all that purely accidental? (4. Antinomy) 1763: The only possible proof of God Ontologic proof of God: The idea „God“ implies ist reality. Without being real God would not be the absolutely perfect being. 1781 Critique of pure reason Equally well a merchant could add some zeros to his account in order to improve his economical situation.

15 Why I am not a christian Proofs of God Bertrand Russell (l872 - 1970)
Many different religions in the world. Only one can be the right one. At most one! Proofs of God Necessity of a first cause. - Who made God? To bring justice in the world. - Is there justice in the world?

16 Albert Einstein ( ) A God who rewards and punishes the creatures of his creation a God who has a will as we experience it, I cannot imagine. The word God is in my opinion nothing but an expression and producr of human failings, the bible a collection of honorable but rather primitive legends. No sophisticated interpretation can change the fact that the belief in a personal God is only childish superstition. For me the unadulterated jewish religion like all other religions is an incarnation of primitive superstition.

17 God created mankind in his own image. That probably means:
man created God in his own image. (Lichtenberg)

18 Anthropomorphous picture of Gods

19 Science requires doubt in the believable.
Religion forces belief in the doubtful. Glowing is better than knowing! During the Flood nearly all animals were killed. Were all gulity? Many prayers could only be heared when violating natural laws – never observed. Omniscience requires determinism Þ Fatalism

20 Richard P. Feynman ( ) It doesn't seem to me that this fantastically marvelous universe, this tremendous range of time and space and different kinds of animals, and all the different planets, and all these atoms with all their motions, and so on, all this complicated thing can merely be a stage so that God can watch human beings struggle for good and evil — which is the view that religion has. The stage is too big for the drama. We cannot prove the existence of God and cannot prove the contrary.

21 The existence of God is questionable.
If a God exists then his infinity is questionable. Why did he need 6 days and a rest day? God cannot simultaneously be omniscient and infinitely merciful: Tree of knowledge amidsts the Garden of Eden Creation of female and snake. Order to Abraham to sacrifice his son. Plague and ruin of the Egypts The Flood Every torture of a living being Can God make a stone so heavy that he cannot lift it?

22 God ??? Nature Mathematics Realization of actual infinity Georg Cantor


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