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How to use the StarBoard

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1 How to use the StarBoard

2 Launch ShareWizard Pen
Start -> Programs -> ShareWizard -> ShareWizard Pen-> ShareWizard Pen

3 Launch your PowerPoint
Navigate to your PowerPoint and double click. Enter full screen mode on slide #1.

4 During the presentation..
Advance slides as normal.

5 If you need to annotate your slide..
Click the screen capture button in ShareWizard Pen. Your slide has been “captured” and can now be written on.

6 Exit annotation mode Click the mouse icon. You are released to PowerPoint.

7 If you need to add a blank page..
Click the new screen button in ShareWizard Pen. A blank page appears and can now be written on.

8 Exit annotation mode Click the mouse icon. You are released to PowerPoint.

9 Review previous annotations..
Click the slide review button. Double click a thumbnail.

10 To clear the current page..
Click the red “X”. Click “Yes” to clear the current page.

11 Saving your annotations
Click the window close “X” and choose “Yes” to save. Choose your folder on the desktop.

12 Q: Will my annotations be saved in my PowerPoint file?
A: No, annotations are saved in a proprietary format for the StarBoard. Annotations CAN be saved as image files such as PNG, GIF and JPG but it must first be saved as the StarBoard format.

13 Q: How do I save my annotations as images?
Click the “load” button. Annotations will load. Make a small change with the pen and then erase it. Click the “X” button to close. Choose “Yes” to save. Enter filename and select the file type you wish to save as.

14 Q: Do I have to save my annotations?
A: Yes, if you wish to have your annotations posted with your online course. If you do not wish to have them posted, then saving is not necessary.

15 Q: I forgot to save my annotations
Q: I forgot to save my annotations. Can you still add them to my online lecture? A: No, if annotations are not saved, they are lost forever.

16 Q: Can I annotate on web pages?
A: Yes, but it may be more useful to first take screen shots of the web sites you wish to show and insert them into PowerPoint before class. The internet is unpredictable and the web site you wish to show may not be available at the time of your class. Caveat Emptor!

17 Q: Can I annotate on Excel, Word Documents?
A: Yes. Practice the motions first as it requires exiting PowerPoint temporarily, launching another program and re-entering PowerPoint. It is not as graceful as it seems.

18 Q: The slides are not advancing in PowerPoint. What’s wrong?
A: Be sure to click (or tap) in the PowerPoint window. The active program may be ShareWizard which will not advance your slideshow. Active Window Inactive Window

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