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On-Line Application Workshop for Graduate Administrators October 23, 2013 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.

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1 On-Line Application Workshop for Graduate Administrators October 23, :00 – 4:00 p.m.

2 Index (hyperlinks work in slide show mode) Manuals Log On View Find an applicant Document status change or add new requirement Managing references Exemptions to deadlines Request Transcripts English Proficiency scores GRE verification Application status Under Review status Collaborative Program access Upload a scanned document Update document status Reports ROSI admission data downloads and reports Referee’s view Demo sites to practice on SGS Contacts

3 Today’s Agenda  Administrators have the power  Managing OAA information  Referee view  Demo websites  Contacts

4 View of a graduate administrator

5 A Guide for Graduate Administrators File Assessment manual Evaluators Manual Online Application System Manuals

6 Administrators have the power…. change or add a document change or modify referee make an exception to deadlines request official transcript verify English & GRE test scores

7 Log on view Administrator view

8 Find the applicant Applicant Search

9 Change submitted document or create a new document requirement  Applicant forgot to scan the legend of a transcript Online Admissions Application Manual pp change a document

10 Creating a student specific document requirement eg: Confirmation of proficiency in Latin Online Admissions Application Manual pp add a new document

11 Managing References Online Admissions Application Manual pp Grad Administrator Can Enter verified non-institutional address Edit / correct / change referee Address Resend Referee a Request for Reference change or modify referee

12 Managing References Find the applicant change or modify referee

13 Managing References: resend reference request Online Admissions Application Manual p30 Resend resend reference request

14 Managing References: non-institutional address or change referee address Online Admissions Application Manual p30-32 Edit Button non-institutional or change of address System auto sends reference request

15 Managing References create new referee Online Admissions Application Manual pp new referee System auto sends reference request

16 Managing References create new referee Online Admissions Application Manual pp new referee System auto sends reference request

17 Exemptions to deadlines: Access via Program tab or Quick Links exception to deadlines

18 Exemptions to deadlines: exception to deadlines

19 Exemptions to deadlines: Click Exceptions Enter applicant number and save exception to deadlines

20 Transcripts Identify the applicant request official transcript

21 Transcripts  Scanned transcripts mandatory  Official transcripts is required prior to registration  Timing to submit official transcript is specified by the grad unit At the time of the application Upon request prior to an offer of admission As a condition of registration set out within an offer of admission Request official transcript

22 With English Proficiency & GRE Test Scores English language tests GRE official results

23 English Language Tests Applicant instruction : “If this does apply to you, please report the test below, and arrange for an official copy of your test results to be sent directly from the testing agency to the University of Toronto. You do not need to mail a copy of your score report to the department.” English language tests ROSI legendTotalSpokenListeningWrittenReading TOEFLTOTiTSEiTO1iTO2iTO3i IELTSIELIELSIELLIELWIELR ROSI legend 3 B A G C

24 GRE official results 0982 GRE institution code for U of T English Language Tests

25 Managing OAA Info application status collaborative access documents received create reports

26 Application Status  Draft – Incomplete (information incomplete)  Draft – Complete (completed but no payment)  Payment uploads candidacy to ROSI and moves application to documents pending. Off line payments are no longer accepted  Documents Pending (paid but supporting documents outstanding)  Under Review  Decision Made application status

27 Under Review Status application status

28 Access to application information  Collaborative Program Administrators can access the references and applicant documents in the same way as degree program administrators.  Can view/download only those applications which include the collaborative program.  No update access. collaborative programs have access

29 Documents Received  Auto update for all electronically submitted documents (eg. references, statement of intent, scanned transcript)  Manual update of document status by graduate administrators upon receipt of official transcripts and other third party hard copy documents documents received

30 Upload a document scan Upload hardcopy scans download upload

31 Documents Received Exten d this box update document received

32 Documents Received manual update procedure

33 Report Tools Online Admissions Application Manual pp OAA reports

34 Report Tools ROSI Manual ROSI 2.4 Application Data Statistics– 3 I A direct command  Admissions statistics for year over year comparison can be generated on ROIS for any given session, filtered by Secondary Organization, POSt, legal status etc. ROSI Manual

35 ROSI Downloads and Reports  4.91 Students Who Have Paid a Tuition Deposit  4.92 Admission Statistics and Recent Applications/Decisions  4.93 Downloading Admissions Data  4.94 Printing Lists of Students with Conditions  4.95 Lists of Candidacy Subject POSTs (Collaborative Programs and Fields of Study) ROSI Manual

36 Departmental website

37 Referee View Referee demo website: icant/referee/default.aspx

38 Referee Account referee account

39 Reference Submission – Web Form reference submission - web form

40 Reference Submission – Web Form Step 2 - Preview Step 3 - Submission Reference Submission - Web Form

41 Referee Submission – Letter Form Reference Submission – Letter Form

42 Referee Submission – Letter Form Step 2 - Preview Step 3 - Submission Reference Submission – Letter Form

43 Demo websites Grad Admin: admin/default.aspx Applicant: icant/default.aspx Referee: icant/referee/default.aspx Evaluator: uator

44 SGS Contacts  Steve Rutchinski (administrator view)  Sofia Kirschner (technical support)  Hasmik Sargsyan (applicant view)


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