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Basic Mechanics Tips for a Successful Day Information on how to have a successful day as a substitute. Presented by: Patty Blanchard – PPS Sub Office John.

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1 Basic Mechanics Tips for a Successful Day Information on how to have a successful day as a substitute. Presented by: Patty Blanchard – PPS Sub Office John Berkey– PAT

2 Aesop Review Accept assignments 24 hours a day online or via phone Add or change email address Review assignments for any time period within the last 2 years and up to 6 months in advance Review jobs in a calendar or list format Review notes and attachments after the start of the job Add, modify and review non-work days Your Aesop access ID is your telephone number. If you change your telephone number in Aesop that automatically changes your Access ID. If you forget your PIN, choose forgot PIN from the log in screen, scroll down and choose forgot PIN. Fill out the information and an email will be sent to you.

3 Teacher Assigning Teachers have the ability to assign a substitute to an assignment without Aesop contacting the substitute. Teachers are required to communicate with the substitute prior to assigning the job. If you are assigned to a job that you did not agree to take please contact the Sub Office. If a teacher asks you to substitute teach for him/her always: Ask Teacher to put the job in Aesop immediately Call or go online to Aesop to ensure the system has you in the job If you arrive at a school and find a double booking for the job that you have accepted please call the Sub Office help desk at 503-916-3330. The job will go to the substitute that accepted the job through the Aesop system.

4 Teacher Preferences Teachers can select up to five substitutes to be ranked as their favorite subs. Those favorite subs will receive an immediate email and call during the first evening call cycle after the absence is created, as long as they are “appropriately licensed”. For example, the substitute for an Advanced Math assignment must hold an Advanced Math endorsement. Calls will happen in the order of rank. The assignments are available to the favorite group for a lead time of 20%. Ex. – How long a favorite sub would have access to this job prior to others. 9/3/13 @ 3:00pm for a start date of 9/17/13 @ 8:00 am The job is available to the favorite subs only to accept until 9/6/13 @ 8:48 am. If not, accepted opens up to other subs. The absence is available to all subs if entered less than an hour prior to the start time of the assignment.

5 Aesop Troubleshooting If a teacher says they were unable to assign you to an assignment please check your profile for the following things: Do you have a non-work day? Are you assigned to another job? If you have another job in the AM or PM, does the schedule conflict or overlap? Is that school one you have selected to go to? (Restricted list subs only) Always check the Aesop system to ensure you have a job prior to going to the school. If you miss a phone call from Aesop, log-in or call the system to access any available assignments. The sub office does not give out assignments unless a high need occurs and we called you.

6 Restricted – vs – Master list Master List – Substitutes on the master list must be available without restrictions. They may choose what classifications beyond their licensure they can teach in but they are assigned to the whole district. They must work 20 days a school year to remain on the list. Needs for substitutes will be filled from the master list first. Restricted List – To be eligible for the restricted list you must be a current part-time teacher, have retired from PPS or have worked as a substitute with a hire date prior to 1/1/95. As a restricted substitute you can limit your daily availability, the locations and classification you teach. A substitute on the restricted list can choose to be moved to the master list. When moved to the master list all requirements must be met. The substitute can choose to move back to the restricted list only during the renewal period. Restricted list subs are not eligible to be on a teacher’s favorite five list. They can be assigned to a job by a teacher if both parties agree.

7 Licensure Renewal TSPC implemented changes to the licensure renewal process in April of 2012, and more changes have been phased in as of January 1 st, 2013. *For the most up to date information please refer to the TSPC main website. Important changes: Fully licensed Substitutes will now be required to obtain Professional Development Units (PDU’s) in order to renew their license. An Educator with a Basic, Standard, Initial II, or Continuing Teaching License who has substituted, is retired or unemployed, will be required to obtain a total of 75 PDUs for a three-year license and 125 PDUs for a five-year license to renew. An Educator who holds a Substitute Teaching License or a Restricted Substitute Teaching License, a total of 30 PDUs will be required. PDU Phase-In PDU phase in for full (non-substitute) licensure: Licenses that expire in 2013 must complete 25 PDUs total; Licenses that expire in 2014 must complete 50 PDUs total; and Licenses that expire in 2015 and later must complete 75 PDUs for a 3 year license and 125 PDUs for a 5 year license. PDU phase in for Substitute Teaching or Restricted Substitute Teaching Licenses: Substitute licenses that expire in 2013 must complete 10 PDUs total; Licenses that expire in 2014 must complete 20 PDUs total; and Licenses that expire in 2015 and later must complete 30 PDUs total. For a list of activities that qualify as Professional Development Unit’s, please review TSPC's Professional Development Activity List. If you wish to use a training or event that is not on the activity list, please email to have your requested activity reviewed. All PDU’s must fall into one of the seven

8 Submitting PDU’s How to Submit PDU's PDU’s are to be recording and submitted at the time of renewal to an Oregon Teacher Licensing Service partnering Education Service District. You can do this by going to website and following the instructions. If you are attending an event for PDU’s, a Verification of Attendance form will need to be completed to receive the PDU credit. Take this form to the event and request that an event leader sign to verify attendance. **If you have been in a temporary position for over four months during the life of your current license, your PDU's must be submitted directly to the District for approval in order to receive a PEER form for renewal.** Information regarding PDU requirements for specific licenses and a summary of the recent changes can be found on TSPC's website. In an effort to support our Substitute Teachers during this transition, the Sub Office has compiled a list of activities that may be of interest. ** TSPC has phased out the PDU log

9 Trainings MESD Events The MESD maintains an online calendar of events, trainings and activities that may be used for professional development activities: First Aid, CPR and Blood Borne Pathogens training are all professional development activities that have been approved by TSPC and are available through the MESD. MESD schedules trainings regularly. Registration is required through the MESD website. PPS Late Start Days If you are scheduled to substitute on a “Late Start” day, report at the normally scheduled start time. Schools utilize this time for on-site professional development and it is an easy (free!) source of Professional Development. PPS Substitute Academy Attending training sessions at the PPS Substitute Academy may qualify as a Professional Development Activity as well. The number of PDU’s would be equivalent to the number of hours spent in trainings. You would be required to sign in at the training and in the future, certificates of attendance will be provided at the training. PPS Diversity Trainings (Courageous Conversations) You can check the Learning Campus calendar of events for upcoming trainings on a regular basis. Registration is required online, and is first come, first serve based on class occupancy. PPS Learning Campus E-Learning Courses The PPS Learning Campus offers a wide range of e-Learning courses that employees can complete, which is currently free of charge. Board Meetings ODE Professional Development Opportunities As the sub office learns of available opportunities we will email out the information through the Aesop system. Please ensure the email in Aesop is the email you would like us to communicate with.

10 PPS Resources Employee Self Service - Every employee has access to log into our Human Resource information system. View personal information such as home & mailing address, phone numbers, emergency contacts, email addresses, other personal information, and benefits information. Ability to update home and mailing address, phone numbers, emergency contacts, and personal email address. View payroll related information such as paycheck or advice stub, Direct Deposit information, W4 tax information, voluntary charity deduction information (at a future time), and W2 information Ability to update Direct Deposit information, W4 information (Federal Withholding Tax Only) Sub Teacher Website 2013-2014 Handbook & Bell Schedule Teaching Resources Site Report Form Licensure Information PDU activity list

11 Being Prepared for your Assignment Whether you receive an assignment hours or minutes in advance it is important to always be ready to sub for the day. Work clothes ready Lunch packed Sub bag ready Directions & phone number to school Always review notes for the job in Aesop to be prepared for all circumstances (notes can only be accessed online) Ensuring adequate time to get to assignments with traffic and matching AM & PM assignments

12 Substitute Teaching Bag - Sub Pack The sub pack is like an emergency kit for the classroom. It should contain a variety of useful and necessary classroom supplies. Classroom Supplies Markers, crayons or colored pencils Pens, Pencils / pencil sharpener Tape, Glue Sticks Scissors, Ruler Paper clips, staples, a small stapler Post-it Notes, File Folders Paper – lined and blank Dry/Wet erase markers Activity Materials Back up Lesson Plans Filler Activities Books – story and activity Estimation Jar Timer or Stopwatch Rewards/Motivators Tickets Certificates Stickers Mystery Box Privilege Cards Personal/Professional Clipboard Substitute Teacher Report Directions to school Water Bottle Whistle Tissues Snack, Lunch

13 Expectations While on Assignment No cell phone/electronic devices used for personal reasons during scheduled instruction time. Check in/sign in at the office at the time assigned through Aesop. Check out/sign out of the office at the time assigned through Aesop. Advocate for yourself if you need something while on assignment. If you will be late due to an unforeseen circumstance call the school office to notify them. Use professional communication with colleagues in all forms at all times.

14 Your Day as a Substitute Teacher Arrive on time per Aesop schedule Report and sign in at the main office upon arrival. Request sub folder/information from the office Receive instructions and materials, including classroom keys that have been left for you. Review and follow the lesson plans furnished by the regular teacher. Start class promptly Contact the principal or team teacher if lesson plans are not available Be prepared in advance for emergencies by having plans for alternative activities If in doubt about anything – Ask the School Office. Write the teacher a note explaining the day’s events. Identify helpful students Identify both completed and not completed assignments/lesson plans Leave the classroom in “proper order”. Return all equipment and materials to the proper locations. Check out at your scheduled time in Aesop with the main office. Leave your keys and return your sub folder/information.

15 Site Report Form The District and the Association developed an electronic site report form to be used by substitute teachers to identify those buildings which do not provide building information, up-to-date attendance lists, secure locations for personal belongings, necessary keys and information necessary to the assignment.

16 Classroom Resources Resource, Lesson Plans, Subject matter, classroom mgmt., etc Substitute Teaching Institute at Utah State University:

17 Resources for Commuting The Portland Public School District is spread across 134 square miles. It is crucial for substitute teachers to have resources available to them to ensure they can get to school. Some resources include: Aesop – linked to Google maps Online: Google Maps, MapQuest, Yahoo Maps & Printed: The Thomas Guide (available @ Borders for $24.99) City map of Portland – Rand McNally Streets of Portland (avail. @ Borders $4.95) Hand held Navigation Systems (all major electronic stores) **The Sub Office is not staffed or equipped to be able to give personal directions for each substitute.**

18 Delays or School Closures Due to Weather Media announcements may not be the most reliable source of school closure information. For the most accurate, up-to-date school closure information, go to or The information at those site is provided by the district’s Communications Department and is the most current and accurate information available. http://www.pps.k12.or.us ◦ Delays – Substitutes scheduled to work when there is a delay in opening school are required to be at work, prepared and available 15 minutes before the first scheduled classes. (on the delay bell schedule) ◦ Closures –Substitutes and hourly employees that were scheduled to work at a school that closes for the day due to weather or unforeseen circumstances are not paid. Substitutes receiving extended pay will not be paid for the closure dates. If when the schools re-open and you are still working the same job your extended pay will be re- instated. Follow the closure information on the PPS website, news stations or even if you have a job listed in the Aesop system for that day. The job will be removed from the Aesop system within two business days.

19 School Identification Badges The District provides a substitute badge to all substitutes in the District. The ID badge expires at the same time every two years. It is REQUIRED that you have a current substitute ID badge while in a PPS school on assignment. If you are using a white or yellow/gold badge it needs to be turned in and replaced with the new gray badge that expires August 2014. If you do not have a current ID badge you may be turned away from an assignment without pay. If you have not yet picked up your PPS Substitute ID badges it is available to pick up at the HR Front Desk, located on the second level of the BESC.

20 PPS Email Account PPS has provided every substitute teacher with a District email account and expect that you are reading the information sent to you. Your PPS email is a quick and easy way to: o Hear of District announcements o Quickly send and receive emails from teachers and schools o Receive substitute teacher information If you do not have a computer you can still check on your email by accessing it on any internet connection. There are computers available at the BESC and school libraries.

21 Sub Office Office Phone Hours 7:00 – 9:30 11:30 – 12:30 3:00 – 4:00 The fastest way to reach our office is via email @

22 Questions ????

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