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Step by Step Instructions for ESC-COG Substitute Reactivation 2015-2016 1.

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1 Step by Step Instructions for ESC-COG Substitute Reactivation 2015-2016 1

2 Log on to and click Substitutes from the Menu 2 Click here

3 Click the Active Substitutes button which will take you to the ESC-COG internal application. 3 Click here

4 JobID: 4972 ESC-COG Substitute Consortium 4 Click here

5 “Welcome, New Applicant! ” Click the LOGIN button and use your email address as your user name and the password you created. 5 Click here

6 Test John logs on to his existing application on file in AppliTrack. He enters his Email address and Password. Need help remembering your password? Click on the Forgot Password prompt. Your password Your email 6 Click here ForgotPasswordForgotPassword

7 This takes you to the Welcome screen. Click on the EDIT button to access your file. Click here 7

8 Verify your personal information, then click Next Page 8

9 Verify your address or make changes, then click Next Page. 9

10 The ESC-COG Substitute Placement is your employer Click Yes Are you applying only for jobs with your employer? Most of our substitutes select the Yes button. It is acceptable to select the No button, but it will add additional questions and forms to your application. 10 Employer

11 On the Vacancy Desired page there is a search box that you can use to search out additional vacancies in other school districts. For our purposes, if you click on the [X] located in the upper right hand corner it will remove the graph and make it easier to read. 11 Cick to remove graph

12 This is the screen you will see if you remove the graph. Job ID 4972 is automatically filled in already. 12

13 The next screen is the EEO Voluntary Data Sheet. 13

14 This screen includes your district preferences. In the top section you select your district substitute teaching preferences. 14 Teaching Preferences

15 The second section is for non-teaching substitute preferences. 15 Non-Teaching Preferences

16 Items A-F represent attachments that may need to be included with your renewal. A. Ohio Department of Education (ODE) License/Educational Aide Permit This information is available from your SAFE account at ODE.You may also scan a copy of your official transcripts that you sent to ODE here. B. Bloodborne Pathogen Training Certificate Please complete and attach your training certificate dated after May 1, 2015. Enter your user name (first and last name/no spaces) and password (area code and phone number used in Aesop) to log. When you have completed this annual course, attach your training certificate. This is a required field. C. You must have completed at least 5 substitute assignments in the previous year to be eligible to reactivate your file. The ESC-COG does provide a one-time waiver. If you did not meet that criteria you will need to attach a letter of explanation. If you are employed part time by any of our member school districts or are on Active Duty in the Military you do not need to complete the waiver. D. ICE- In Case or Emergency. This is new field this year. You may provide a contact person in the event you are involved in an accident. E. If you want to attach any other information to your renewal, you may include those items here. F. The last item is the ESC-COG Substitute Employee Handbook acknowledgement. Once you have provided the required information, you will be required to provide an electronic signature using your legal name. Once that is complete, hit the complete and submit button. You will receive a confirmation email to confirm that our office received your renewal application. 16

17 Items A-F represent attachments that may need to be included with your renewal. 17 D C B A.

18 18 E. Additional items F.Signature Active Substitute

19 19 Active Substitute

20 20 Active Substitute OKOK ClckClck

21 21 Active Substitute ClckClck

22 Bexley City Schools Big Walnut Local Schools Buckeye Valley Local Schools Canal Winchester Local Schools Delaware City Schools Delaware Area Career Center Dublin City Schools ESC of Central Ohio Fairbanks Local Schools Gahanna Jefferson City Schools Grandview City Schools Groveport Madison Local Schools Hamilton Local Schools Hilliard City Schools Licking Heights Local Schools Marburn Academy Marysville Exempted Village Schools New Albany-Plain Local Schools Northridge Local Schools (New 2015-16) Olentangy Local Schools The Metro Early College High School Tolles Career and Technical Center Upper Arlington City Schools Westerville City Schools Whitehall City Schools Worthington City Schools 22 ESC-COG Substitute Consortium members ESC-COG Substitue Consortium members

23 ESC-COG School district member map 23

24 We owe students the best possible educational experience everyday. As a substitute teacher, you become an instrumental part of the learning experience. To contact our office by e mail- 24

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