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2014 T AX R ETURN F ILING International Students A basic overview of federal/state taxes.

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1 2014 T AX R ETURN F ILING International Students A basic overview of federal/state taxes

2 T AX T ERMS Tax Year: January to December Tax Season: January 31 to April 15 Reportable Income: Income required to be reported to IRS either by payer or individual Compensation: Money earned from working Interest: Either paid or earned (loans, bank account) Tax Reporting Form: Form institution reports income on Example: W-2, 1099, 1098-T Tax Return: Form you file your taxes on Example: 1040NR-EZ, 1040NR Filing Requirement: Amount used to determine if you need to file

3 T AX R ETURN F ILING P URPOSE You may earn reportable income from various sources during a tax year When you work, you complete Form W-4 to indicate how taxes should be withheld NRAs have a mandatory Single, 1, NRA tax withholding By January 31 of following calendar year – tax reporting forms are filed by institutions and reported & sent to individuals via mail or electronically General Rule: You either have too much tax withheld OR not enough which is why you file a tax return  If you over paid = REFUND  If you did not have enough tax withheld = you OWE $

4 F EDERAL T AX 1.Internal Revenue Service (IRS) – 2.There are 4 tax categories defined by IRS

5 I NDIVIDUAL T AX S TATUS If you are an international student working at TU, or received a travel award or scholarship, you need to determine if you are a: Nonresident Alien for tax purposes or Resident Alien for tax purposes If you are not sure, log into your Glacier to see: If you forgot your login, click on Forgot LoginForgot Login


7 G ATHER T AX F ORMS  Form 1042-S (not everyone gets one) Is use for..

8 F EDERAL – H OW TO B EGIN 1.Collect your tax forms! Form W2, 1042-S 2. Do I have to file a tax return? YES - If you earned more than $3,950 in 2014 and tax was withheld (Look at Box 2 on your W2 Form) NO - If you earned more than $3,950 in 2014 and tax was withheld 3.Educate Yourself about How to File It’s your responsibility as F1/J1 student! Review IRS videos on YouTube Read Publications & Instructions for Forms Social Media Updates

9 F ILING R EQUIREMENTS C HECK IRS W EBSITE ! 8843 = Everyone  For all F, J, M, and Q “exempt individuals” Spouse and children (F2/J2) Requirements may change each year  Currently no need to file if total income < personal exemption and no tax was withheld  If tax was withheld should file for refund State tax return  See state tax agency requirements discussed below

10 F ORM 8843 F, J, M, Q All individuals Rules for Signing & Due Date If submitting with tax return, no need to sign Due April 15 th of each year (or required date) ______________________________ If no tax return required, sign and mail to address in instructions Due June 15 th of each year (or required date) Things to Note: Put January – December of year If no Tax ID #, leave blank Follow instructions for name & address All individuals complete Part 1 Teachers/Trainees go on to complete Part II Students complete Part III Leave Part IV & V blank (page 2) RAs not required to complete

11 F ORM 8843 – P. 2 Signing when not required is not a problem Sign if filing alone (no tax return) Don’t sign if submitting with tax return

12 F ORM 1040NR-EZ P AGE 1 Tips: Collect all tax reporting forms first! (W2, 1099) Always file federal first, state second Line 3 = Add total wages for all jobs in past year Line 5 = Scholarship income (1042-S) Line 6 = Total amount exempt by treaty (same amount as on p. 2) Students from India may take standard deductions; others cannot  Treaty Information: ational-Taxpayers/Tax-Treaties ational-Taxpayers/Tax-Treaties Line 7: Do the math! Tax Table located in Instructions Line 8 & 9: N/A Reminder - Current Rule: −If person earns less than personal exemption amount AND no tax withheld (Box 2 of W2) −Then no need to file tax return (just Form 8843) −If tax was withheld, should file to get full/partial refund −If earned over personal exemption amount, must file

13 Determining Taxable Income Source: Congressional Research Review

14 F ORM 1040NR-EZ P AGE 2 Tips: Line B  Where were they living (not visiting) prior to coming to US Line E  F, J, M or Q status Line F (for current visit)  Ex: J1 to F1 Lines G & H  OK to estimate Line I  What type of tax return filed in previous year Line J  Only those who are eligible for treaty benefits (refer to country list by searching on IRS website)

15 NRA T AX F ILING : R ESOURCES  Internal Revenue Service – NRA VITA Sites  IRS Link & Learn for Foreign Students  IRS Non Resident Alien Toolkit  IRS Publication 901 – US Tax Treaties  IRS Publication 519 – US Tax Guide for Aliens  Glacier TaxPrep – Software for NRA Tax Filing! (Arctic International)

16 Tax Agencies: State Comptroller of Maryland – State of Maryland has different definitions for  Nonresident Alien  Resident Alien – where were you living at end of year MD does not recognize tax treaties

17 State Taxes: iFile Do I need to file a state return? Yes - if taxes were withheld and: Single: Under 65 and you earned > $10,000 Head of Household: $12,850 Married (Jointly): $20,000 Married (Separately): No age and > $3,900

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