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Avaya Learning Centre Tour for Avaya BusinessPartners January 2007

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1 Avaya Learning Centre Tour for Avaya BusinessPartners January 2007

2 Contents About the Avaya Learning Centre New Users Logging On
Site Navigation Editing My Profile Course Catalog Searching for a Course Enrolling in a Course Transcripts The Avaya Learning Navigator Certification Reports Avaya University Information Help EMEA Key Contacts


4 What is the Avaya Learning Centre?
The Avaya Learning Centre is the one-stop-shop for the learning needs of Avaya Employees, BusinessPartners, and Customers. Avaya University operates in five international regions; Asia Pacific, Caribbean & Latin America, Europe/Middle East & Africa, Japan, and North America. Students can choose from over 1,500 high-quality courses and assessments. What does the Avaya Learning Centre Offer? Avaya Learning Navigator Professional Certification Program Advanced Curriculum Mapping High-quality Web-based Learning Personalized Transcript New Product Training Robust Administrative Tools Learning Services All Avaya product/service training Business skills/IT skills Business processes/systems

5 New Users If you do not have an Avaya University profile, or this is your first time accessing the Learning Centre, click the “Become a registered user" button on the log-on page to complete the online registration form. If you are a registered user and have forgotten your log-on ID or password, please click the "I Forgot My Password" link on the log-on page to have your log-on ID and password sent to you via . Online Registration Form Please fill-in all fields on the form when submitting. Contacting Your Regional Support Center After you successfully complete the online registration form, you will need to call a regional support center to complete the registration process. The Avaya University representative will activate your User Profile and provide you with your selected login and a temporary password. Logging On Type in your Log-on ID and Password in the appropriate fields on the log-on page and click the "Log-on" button. Forgotten Your Password? If you have forgotten your log-on ID or password, please click the "I Forgot My Password" link on the log-on page to have your log-on ID and password sent to you via .

6 1 2 3 4

7 Site Navigation Navigating the Avaya Learning Centre Is Easy!
Once you have successfully logged on to the Learning Centre, all navigation options are available in the Top Navigation Bar. Moving your mouse over each header in the Top Navigation bar will drop down a list of options for your to choose from. The “Learning Programs” menu contains links to the Avaya Learning Navigator which allows you to access curriculum, certification, and other important news. The Learning Programs menu also includes direct access to the Avaya Professional Certification homepage, the Product Authorization homepage, Integral 5 and the Course Catalog. The “Learning Partners” menu provides access to WestNet and details on the ACEP program. The “Reporting Tools” menu will give you access to all the tools you need, such as the Individual Reporting Tool, Recent Course Retirements and Deployments, Available Sessions by Region, the Training Proposal Tool and several other reports. Some of the options under “My Account" include: My Transcript, Edit Profile, Subscribe to the Newsletter. If you have manager rights in the system, access to the Manager menu can be found under the “Administration” menu. The “Help and Information” menu contains beneficial information such as, Training Locations, Training Requests, Information about AU, Policies and AU Contact Information.

8 Your Personal Information Profile
Updating Your Personal Information Profile The first time you log-in you must edit your Personal Information Profile to validate your information stored in the system (especially your address). Setting Your Password It is necessary to change your password the first time you log in by entering a new password into the "Password" and "Verify Password" fields. (Your password must be at least 2 characters long and is case sensitive.) Updating your Personal Information It is important to keep your personal information updated in order to receive all notifications and materials sent to you from Avaya University. The Learning Centre will use as the primary way to contact you about your enrollment status, wait list notifications, schedule changes and other important information.

9 Course Catalog The Avaya Learning Centre offers a comprehensive course catalog that lists every course available to you. The catalog is organized into sections and subsections for easy course location and catalog management. Click "Course Catalog" located under “Learning Programs" in the Top Navigation Bar. Click on the catalog section relative to the solution, course or assessment you are interested in.

10 Course Catalog continued…
Each catalog section contains courses and/or additional catalog sections, which will organize courses at a more specific, product related level. Click on the course title you are interested in to get more information including course descriptions, assessment descriptions, and prerequisites, if applicable.

11 Searching for a Course The Avaya Learning Centre enables you to find courses using different search criteria. You can search by course type (Instructor-led, Web-based, etc.), course title, location information, course code, key words in the description and more. Finding a Course Use the "Find a Course" function in the Top Navigation Bar of the Learning Centre home page, as shown above. If you'd like to search by delivery type, country or region, please click on the "Advanced Search" link to access a more detailed search page. Input either a course code, course title or key word in the field and click go. If there are courses that match your search criteria, the search engine will return results to you where your term appears in the course code, course name or course description. Links to these courses will appear on the Search Results page. Click on the Course Title for more details and to enroll, or click on the curriculum map link to see how the course fits into a curriculum path.

12 Enrolling in a Course Session
After finding the course you are interested in attending, scroll down to the listing of available sessions. Prices are listed in the currency of the country in which the course session is held.

13 Enrolling in a Course Session continued...
2. Choose the session you would like to attend and click on the ‘Enroll’ button. You will now see a list of payment options: you need to choose a payment method: ‘purchase order’, ‘special pricing code’ (which you would receive from Avaya) or ‘other’ (for which you will need to complete your registration with one of our Contact Center Agents). After choosing your payment option, click ‘continue’.

14 Enrolling in a Course Session continued...
3. You will now need to complete the requirements for that payment option, in this example – purchase order. After entering your payment details and clicking ‘Continue’, you will be asked to confirm your payment information and you will need to forward your PO information to a local address. The correct address will appear on the PO form. Residents of the UK will need to send PO information to: Emma Clay Avaya House Cathedral Hill Guildford, SY GU2 7YL United Kingdom Phone: Residents of Germany will need to send PO information to: Christine Rausch Truderinger Strasse 4 Muenchen, 81677 Phone: Residents of France will need to send PO information to: Nathalie Leiorie 9 Rue Maurice Mallet Issy-Les Mlx Cedex Paris, France 92130 Phone: 4. Click the ‘submit payment’ button and you will have successfully completed your registration in the course session

15 Enrolling in a Course Session continued...
Note: For all course types except assessments you will require your manager’s approval When enrolling onto a CD-ROM/Video or Self-paced course, you will have the option to enter a shipping address if it is different from the address listed in your personal profile. Your request will be sent immediately to a regional fulfillment center for shipping To access a webbased course once you have enrolled for it simply go to your transcripts page and click on the “Enter the Course” link beside the course listing Cancelling an Enrollment To cancel your course enrollment please contact the EMEA Contact Center.

16 Transcripts Your transcript is one the most valuable tools to track your training progress at Avaya University. Your transcript clearly lists all your course activity, including sessions you are waiting to enter, courses you are currently enrolled in, courses you have completed, scores, and other useful information. In addition, your Transcript helps you with the following learning tasks: Access online training Mark certain types of course complete Attend virtual instructor-led courses (Interwise) Access the order form for materials such as CD-ROM's View scores and your enrollment status for a course/session Accessing Your Transcript Click "My Transcript" located under “My Account" in the Top Navigation Bar. Your learning history is listed on the Transcript page, and is organized by "Learning Activities in Progress" and "Learning Activities Completed." Your enrollment status is listed next to the course title.  

17 Certification The Avaya Certification program awards credentials to individuals who demonstrate technical skills in integrating voice networking, data networking, and applications into powerful business communication solutions. There are three levels of Avaya Certification: Associate, Specialist and Expert. To access information on the different Certification credentials offered by Avaya, please click on “Certification Home” under “Learning Programs" in the Top Navigation Bar. On the “Certification Home” page, each arrow represents a different credential. Information on objectives, requirements, and preparation is available in this section. Students will have access to curriculum, program guides and study guides for each credential based on function of work.

18 Certification continued...
Step 1 All Candidates enter Avaya Certification by earning the Avaya Certified Associate credential (ACAâ). This credential is the prerequisite for all other Avaya Certifications. The Process: 1. The student needs to take and pass the core exam 132-S-100.3G - Communication Networking Exam   2. The student needs to chose a product elective depending on their own particular product focus) and take the relevant online exam or attend the relevant instructor lead course. This will depend on the requirements for that particular product group.

19 Certification continued…
1) Component – one of the requirements that must be completed to achieve a credential. Components can be comprised of Exams and Avaya University Learning Activities. 2) Prepare me for Communication Networking Exam – Curriculum for VUE Exam offered by third party WestNet Prepare me for Avaya University Learning Activities– Curriculum for Avaya University Learning Activities 2 1

20 Certification continued...
Step 2   - An Avaya Certified Specialist credential is earned upon the successful completion of two or more of the following components (depending on the ACSâ discipline): - Holding an active ACAâ in this discipline and solution - Passing one or more Specialist Level Exams - Each credential is awarded for a period of two years from the date that the last component is successfully completed. - When each ACSâ credential expires, the candidate can re-earn the credential by completing all of the current requirements as stated in Step 1 above.

21 Certification continued...
Step 3 An Avaya Certified Expert - Technical credential in Design and Implement is earned upon the successful completion of two components: Holding three active ACSâ Credentials PLEASE NOTE: The ACEâ credential requirement will be changing as of March 1, The seven new ACE credentials will have more specific requirements. Please visit the Avaya Learning Centre for more details.

22 The Avaya Learning Navigator
The Avaya Learning Navigator is a new tool designed to help you find important information, curriculum, certification and more by searching for Solutions and Products and Role Training. STEP 1: Click on the Avaya Learning Navigator button on the Homepage, or you may access the Learning Navigator from the Learning Programs menu in the top navigation bar or the icon at the bottom of each screen.

23 The Avaya Learning Navigator continued…
STEP 2a: Once you have accessed the Learning Navigator, you may choose to search for curriculum, certification, PA and other information. Simply click on the radio buttons to search by Solution and Product Training. STEP 2b: Once you have accessed the Learning Navigator, you may choose to search for curriculum, certification, PA and other information. Simply click on the radio buttons to search by Role Training.

24 The Avaya Learning Navigator continued…
STEP 3: Once you have selected a training area, click on one of the training options in the list to see everything associated with it. We have chosen Proactive Contact for this example. Any Learning Highlights related to the training you have chosen will appear here. Be sure to check these each time you visit the Learning Centre, as they contain important, time sensitive information you will want to know about. You will then see any curriculum maps, certifications and product authorizations related to the training you have chosen. Limit the results you see by selecting to see only the information related to a particular track: Sell, Design, Implement or Maintain. Click the Prepare Me button for a complete listing of curriculum that will prepare you to pass the required exams and assessments. STEP 4: Click on a specific curriculum map, certification or pa for additional details. We have chosen the ACAâ – Implement: Proactive Contact Solutions for this example.

25 Curriculum Maps From the Avaya Learning Navigator, choose a production, solution or role to see all of the associated curriculum maps. To proceed simply click on the curriculum map of your choice Courses are displayed with icons that represent the delivery type and duration. To access more information about a specific course, including description and the opportunity to enroll, please click on the course title or code.

26 Reports Available Sessions By Region
A list of upcoming sessions in your region listed by date. You easily change the search parameters by region or by date. Course Price Report: Determine course prices for Customers and Business Partners by clicking on the ‘Course Price’ link. Business Partner Catalog This is a downloadable PDF file of all the courses AU offers to Avaya’s BPs. Customer Catalog This is a downloadable PDF file of all the courses AU offers to Avaya’s Customers. We are very excited about the newest report option, available sessions by region. This will allow you to view a list of upcoming sessions in your region by date. As we already had the opportunity to do earlier in our session. As a friendly reminder, you can access reports off of the Avaya Learning menu on the top navigation bar. Other reports you can pull include: course price, business partner and customer catalogs. Let’s take the course price report one step further.

27 Reports continued… You’ll note for course prices, you can select option A, available for Avaya employees or customers. Or option B, available for Avaya Business Partners. Please fill out information completely and correctly. In addition, recognize Avaya sets all course prices and students will receive an invoice from Avaya. Now, let’s spend some time on an area important for all of us. certification…..Who knows the three levels of Avaya Certification? Please feel free to raise your hand or type a text message. Answer: avaya certified associate, avaya certified specialist and avaya certified expert. Excellent, let’s take a closer look…… There are 2 price report options ‘A’ and ‘B’. To get a course price enter ALL required information into either option and click <get price>. The Avaya Learning Centre will advise you if any information is missing. Note: • Course code must be 100% correct, as the system will not search for ‘like’ matches. • Avaya, not Avaya University, sets all course prices. Students will receive invoices from Avaya.

28 Help on
About Us Avaya/Accenture Learning Services Agreement Reinventing Corporate Learning Learning Services Provided Governance: Direction and Priorities Training Locations Avaya University offers its students high-quality instructor-led training. When you enroll in an Instructor-led course or workshop, you will most likely attend the training in one of our international training centers. Policies Cancellation Policy: Instructor-led & Virtual Instructor-led (Interwise) Waitlist Policy Shared Courseware Policy Certification Ethics Policy Contact Us Phone numbers and addresses of AU contacts in each region Training Session Request Self Help A throughout document that can help you navigate the Avaya Learning Centre Helpful Downloads Microsoft Internet Explorer Macromedia Flash Player Adobe Acrobat Reader Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer RealOne Player Sun Java Runtime

29 Contacting Avaya University
From time to time, you may need to contact us with registration, enrollment, or technical support issues. Avaya University has several worldwide support centers to help you when have questions using the Avaya Learning Centre. Please use the contact information listed below and in the following slides. Our experienced support teams will be glad to help answer your questions France Telephone: Germany Telephone: UK/Ireland Telephone:

30 Europe, Middle East, & Africa 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM For each EMEA Time Zone
Bahrain Telephone: Belgium Telephone:    Hungary Telephone: Italy Telephone: Netherlands Telephone: Russia Telephone: South Africa Telephone: Spain/Portugal Telephone: Customer Service Center Denver, Colorado, USA | 6:00 AM - 5:00 PM MST (GMT-7) International: Denver Metro Area: Toll Free Within US:

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