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1st connection Search in the catalog My account

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1 1st connection Search in the catalog My account
My Learning Link 1st connection Search in the catalog My account HR Services – September, 2013

2 Sommaire Introduction Access to My Learning Link Connection
Welcome page Select a language Search in the catalog My courses My account

3 Access to My Learning Link
From the Intranet/My HR Link You can access directly to My Learning Link by copying the following adress in your browser:

4 System login Pre requisite: Open Internet Explorer or a Firefox window. Please do not use the link to "My Learning Link" directly from Lotus Notes Copy/Paste the following link: To access for the first time, please enter:   1 You Login Name will be your SESA ID  2. If you were hired on or after January 3, 2014, your password will be Welcome1 upon first logging into the system. If you were hired on or before January 2, 2014, your password will be your SESA ID upon first logging into the system. Once you log in, you will be prompted to change your password. Please be advised that the default My Learning Link password for all new employees (Employees hired on or after January 3, 2014) is Welcome1 Note that for employees hired before that date and who have not yet logged into the system, their SESA ID is the default password. If you already connected to My Learning Link and you forgot your password, you can reinitialize it by clicking on the Forgot password link. My Learning Link is accessible anywhere. All you need is an internet connection

5 Change the display language
Click on My Account to change the language displayed.

6 Change the display language
For a better user experience, we recommend you to use My Learning Link in French language.. 3 1 Select the language : e.g. French (France) Save your choice Log out Log in   Pierre Paul 2

7 Change the display language
My Learning Link is now displayed in the selected language.

8 Search in the catalog

9 Search in the catalog 1 2 3 There are three ways to search for a course in the catalog. 1 Search for training welcome page 2 Browse for training 3 Search box

10 Search in the catalog You can search per subject (previously domain)
1 2 You can search per subject (previously domain) Then, click on the Go to search link.

11 Search in the catalog You can search for a course in the catalog by selecting different training types: Online class = e-learning Event = in class training Curriculum= set of learning objects (event, e-learning, etc) Test (Not used for the moment) Material = Academies certification Video (Not used for the moment) Certification (Not used for the moment)

12 Search in the catalog Once you have selected the training type, you can search by: Title Description Languages Subject ( domain) Competency Location ILT locator number (Not used for the moment) Instructor Note: Old Bridge references (e.g ) are part of the keywords to facilitate the search. Enter them in the “Title” search field. To see available events in the French catalog, we advise you to always select language French (France) in the language search tab.

13 Search in the catalog The small icon inform about the training type.
Online Class = E-Learning Event = In class training - Previously ADF Curriculum = Set of events or blended learning objects (e.g. online class, event etc..;) = Cursus Example of a search by title : Enter “ Change” in the title field and set available languages to English (US) and/or French (France).

14 Search in the catalog Click here to turn the page
You can also sort by type = Online class, Event, etc… 

15 Search in the catalog Click on the title of the event to see:
Training hours Course description Details Available sessions Note the title of the course and the reference to discuss it with your manager. Training Plan: This functionality is active only for managers who want to assign a course to a subordinate in the training plan. Request : Functionality only to enrol to e- learning and academy courses. The employee can register at any time. Assign : only e-learning and certification- Functionality active for managers only to assign e-learning and academy courses to a subordinate outside the training plan Close : to go back to your search 1 2 3 4

16 My Courses

17 My courses My Courses will take you to your Transcript page.

18 My active courses Your transcript is broken into three (3) sections: Active, Completed, and Archived. Active: Pre-assigned and requested training that you have not yet taken will appear under the Active tab.

19 My completed courses Completed: The Completed tab shows all the courses you have completed in it's entirety. In some cases, there may be an associated test within, or following, training. You must 'pass' the associated test in order for the training to show as Complete.

20 My archived courses Archived: The purpose of the Archive section is to store training you no longer need to access. However, the act of moving training to the Archive does not remove any responsibility you have in completing the training. If you have not completed the training, it will still show as “Incomplete.” Certification: If you have registered for any Certification paths, they will show under this tab. Certification paths allow for more complexity than curricula. They can be comprised of training external to the Learning Portal. As well. They have a specified time frame in which you must complete them and in most cases, have a set renewal period. Certification training typically requires that you re-take training in order to keep your knowledge on the subject matter up-to-date.

21 My account

22 Mon compte In my account, I can access and view the value of my DIF counter as an employee. 1.DIF Effective= corresponds to the DIF counter at current day 2.DIF Planned= corresponds to the DIF counter after deduction of DIF hours engaged in future training (The student is enrolled at the session level). Until January 2014, your DIF counter is still accessible in Peoplesoft/BridgeRH.

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