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COMS W1004 Introduction to Computer Science May 30, 2008.

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1 COMS W1004 Introduction to Computer Science May 30, 2008

2 Last Time Course intro What is Computer Science? What is an algorithm? Examples of algorithms –Searching: Sequential, Binary –Sorting: Selection, Insertion Pseudocode Comparing algorithms (S&G chapter 3)

3 Today Java compilation and execution Intro to programming concepts Java datatypes Your first Java program! Java programming environments Reading: L&L 1-2

4 Dealing with compiler errors If you get a whole bunch of errors, sometime fixing the first error will make the others go away. So always start at the top (with the first error) and try to address that one before looking at the others. You may find that fixing an error causes more errors to appear. That is because the compiler makes two passes through the code, and looks for different things each time. So don't despair if you fix something and other errors appear.

5 Class name and file name class Calculator is public, should be declared in a file named public class Calculator ^ This means that the name of the class does not match the name of the file. Remember, they MUST be the same, including capitalization!

6 Cannot find symbol cannot find symbol symbol : class Scanner location: class Calculator Scanner scan = new Scanner(; ^ Any error that starts "cannot find symbol" means that the compiler doesn't know what that symbol (which can be a variable or a class name) refers to. In the second line of the error, where it says "symbol: class Scanner", that indicates that it doesn't know what the Scanner class is. This probably means that you forgot to include the line "import java.util.Scanner;" at the top of the file.

7 Cannot find symbol cannot find symbol symbol : constructor Scanner() location: class java.util.Scanner Scanner scan = new Scanner(); ^ Again we see an error that says "cannot find symbol". This time, it is "constructor Scanner()". We will see what a constructor is later on, but in this case it probably means that you forgot to put "" inside the parentheses.

8 Cannot find symbol cannot find symbol symbol : method nextdouble() location: class java.util.Scanner double x = scan.nextdouble(); ^ Yet another "cannot find symbol" error. Here it doesn't know "method nextdouble()". Can you guess why? Because it should be "nextDouble", with a capital D. Be very careful about capitalization!

9 ; expected ';' expected ^ This error message is slightly deceiving. Clearly it means that you forgot a semicolon. However, it tells you that the error is on line 14. But that is not correct! (Sometimes) The forgotten semicolon might actually belong on the PREVIOUS line, which would be line 13 in this case. Don't ask why...

10 ) expected ')' expected System.out.println("The sum is " sum); ^ In this case, the error is a bit misleading because it says that a right parenthesis is expected. However, as you can see, the error is actually that you need a plus sign between the two things you are concatenating.

11 } expected '}' expected } ^ This probably means that you forgot a curly brace somewhere. The easiest way to avoid this is to vertically line up the left and right curly braces and indent accordingly.

12 Announcements Homework #1 is available on the website –Programming homework is due Weds, June 4 –Theory homework is due Monday, June 9 Office hours start on Monday

13 Programming Homework #1 Start with the “Hello, World” and Calculator examples and build upon them Don’t try to do too much at once –Write a few lines, compile, repeat Don’t worry about error handling… yet

14 Extra Credit! First, in your home directory, type: cp.profile.profileOld This creates a backup of your.profile file. Now use pico or emacs to edit the file.profile adding the following two lines at the end of the file. Please note the single quotes and the spacing. export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:~cdm6/retina/ alias javac='~cdm6/retina/compile'

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