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How to Tell What Your Body Posture Says About You…..

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1 How to Tell What Your Body Posture Says About You…..

2 To be quite frank, bad posture not only looks bad, it also displays lots of hidden emotions and thoughts. Read more to interpret what your body posture might be telling the world.

3 Slouching is one of the most common forms of emotional body posture that make us look smaller. Animals tend to do this when feeling submissive.. Slouching is a defensive mechanism that relays a message of fear and insecurity. Slouching may also portray that you do not care, or you are not engaged in what is currently happening. This can severely hurt your career advancement opportunities in job interviews, or even in regular meetings with your employers.

4 When we pull our shoulders forward we close our heart center and we tend to do this when we're carrying hurt or grief.

5 Standing too straight and tall can also portray emotions. In the wild, many animals straighten up their spines to make themselves look taller than they really are. This can be both a protective instinct, or can be a display of dominance and confidence. Keeping your spine straight when in conversation can portray that you are emotionally confident in your abilities, as well as that you are alert to what is happening around you

6 Crossed arms are another posture related action that can portray the emotions you are currently feeling. Crossed arms are usually seen as closing yourself off. This can come across in an employment setting where you are bored or may not want to be there. It may also come across in dating scenes where you are not interested in someone and so you close yourself off to them by crossing your arms. Study shows that people in a classroom with arms folded across the chest are not as receptive as people with their arms to the side

7 Talking with your hands is a great way to use your overall posture to both clarify yourself and give the look of confidence as you speak. However, using your hands too much, or constantly fidgeting with your hands can show that you are emotionally nervous in your current environment or situation. If you have a hard time controlling your hands, try interlocking them and placing them in your lap

8 Is your back aching? The lower back tends to deal with material concerns and the middle of the back tends to deal with emotional wounds.

9 When your throat hurts, this tends to associate with how you express yourself with spoken words

10 When you're ankles ache, it tends to do with feeling trapped in a certain situation


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