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SleepAppetiteMoodEnergyConcentration. sleeping too much or not sleeping enough.

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1 SleepAppetiteMoodEnergyConcentration

2 sleeping too much or not sleeping enough

3 eating more or eating less

4 ups and downs in affect are expected

5 physical and emotional Fatigue is typical

6 Focus can wane during a time like this


8 Characterized by disbelief, confusion and cognitive dissonance-how did this happen? This stage often coincides with the first six weeks of the traumatic response and is typically characterized by the same symptoms -“SAME C”

9 The reality of the loss begins to set in and feelings become more intense---anger, sadness, loss, confusion, abandonment. Anger at this stage can surprise the person and it may get displaced---taking it out on others. This is often the most intense stage of the grieving process and the student will continue to require academic consideration and support.

10 Not quite being able to get it together, feeling restless over the loss of predictability and routine. The student will continue to need support both academic and emotional.

11 Coming to terms with the death, being more invested in life and daily routines. Gradually the student will become a more active participant in her learning process.

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