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Staff Support: The New Kid On The Block. Facilitators Rev. Dr. Nancy Long Manager of Community Outreach Emory University Hospital - Midtown Atlanta, Georgia.

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1 Staff Support: The New Kid On The Block

2 Facilitators Rev. Dr. Nancy Long Manager of Community Outreach Emory University Hospital - Midtown Atlanta, Georgia Rev. DeMett E. Jenkins Critical Care/Staff Support/Pastoral Care Volunteers Wellstar Kennestone Regional Medical Center Marietta, Georgia

3 Background Nancy BS Psychology; MS School Psychology/Psychometric, MDiv Pastoral Counseling; DMin Pastoral Counseling. 20+ years in the field of psychology and pastoral ministry DeMett Degree in Criminal Justice/Sociology Worked as Social Worker over 20 years with juvenile offenders, family preservation, child protective services investigations, battered women and children, family members of homicide victims, victim assistance, intimate partner violence consultant, testified as expert witness in domestic violence case

4 Staff Support Chaplain Session I Various ways to put into practice being the Staff Support Chaplain Examples of what has been done, what can be done and things to consider Session II Group Discussions Staff Support Scenarios – highlighting communication, team building, empowerment and relationships

5 History of Staff Support Generally, most healthcare and other institutions provide support to patients, families and will often include staff, however, it is a generalized support to team members and not a position that is specific to staff support or staff care. Its all inclusive. We are seeing more healthcare institutions seeking opportunities to hire Staff Support Chaplain’s in an effort to be more intentional about caring for the staff. Emory University Hospital created a specific position for Staff Support in 1980 under the leadership of Bob Gary and Fred Smoot because they were being called to address issues among staff that were not related to patient care. As of today, EUH Spiritual Health Department has had 9 Staff Support Staff members who were fulltime as Staff Support Chaplains.

6 What Is Staff Support? A DEFINITION OF STAFF SUPPORT Staff support is engaging anyone who is employed, affiliated or connected to an institution for the purpose of empowering, supporting, instructing and comforting them as they execute their daily responsibilities and function to their highest potential.. Providing staff support is a key part of the role that chaplains should play. It provides a formal regular structured opportunity for staff to discuss their work, be accountable, review their progress and identify difficulties. It also provides the employee with an opportunity to discuss issues of concern and gain a better understanding of the day to day issues arising in the workplace. This role will often involve reporting to administration as a means of collaborating.

7 Team Building


9 Team Building The Five Dysfunctions of a Team & Team Assessment What are the elephants in the room? What is your communication style? Conflict Management The Drama Triangle Silence, Dialogue, Violence

10 Team Building Team building games give employees the opportunity to get to know each other, as well as share more about themselves. When it comes to hospital workers, this is especially important -- the work that hospital workers do is often life and death, and they must be comfortable with and confident in each other. By organizing team building activities, you give your hospital workers the chance to learn more about what it is like to work with each other.

11 Team Building The Five Dysfunctions of a Team By Patrick Lencioni

12 What is staff support? Work Related Concerns Brief Counseling Mediation/Conflict Management Work Related Stress Patient/Staff Conflict Medical Errors (Root Cause Analysis) UPC- Unit Practice Council/Shared Governance Meetings Patient Rounds

13 4 Styles of Communication

14 Conflict Management


16 What is staff support? Staff Personal concerns Compassion Fatigue/Moral Distress trainings and workshops Family Stress/Personal Issue Grief/Bereavement Domestic Violence Cultural Diversity

17 What is staff support? Other Alternative Roles Staff Memorial Services Is the CEO/COO/CNO apart of program? Spiritual Care Grand Rounds Specialized Programs: Remembering world wide critical incidents- school shootings, earthquakes Suicide Service of Remembrance Remembering the staff that died that year

18 Spiritual Care/Psychosocial Grand Rounds Suggested Topics Muslim Spiritual Care in a Pluralistic Setting Complicated Grief Practical Guide to Death Notification: “I’ll never forget those words.” When the caregiver is tired: Compassion Fatigue/Moral Distress Hoping for a Miracle: Transition Conversations Recognizing Resilience in Patients When withdrawing care feels like “Murder” to a family member: How to work with families and their strong religious beliefs. Working with complicated patients and families: How to avoid labeling Emotional Wellness: Making room for our emotions Leading a Family Meeting The Anxious Patient: When to identify its time to call a interdisciplinary team huddle

19 What is Staff Support? Critical Incidents Debriefings (brief/impromtu/scheduled) CISM Training Developing a debriefing protocol Disaster Drills What is the role of the Chaplain at your facility? Do you have a copy of Chaplain responsibilities? Does everyone on the team know what to do? Do you and your team actively participate in the drills? Work Place Violence What is work place violence? Do you know your healthcare policies around work place violence? Is there anyone on your team serving on hospital work place violence committee?

20 Critical Incidents Critical Incident Stress Management, or CISM, is an intervention protocol developed specifically for dealing with traumatic events. It is a formal, highly structured and professionally recognized process for helping those involved in a critical incident to share their experiences, vent emotions, learn about stress reactions and symptoms and given referral for further help if required. It is not psychotherapy. It is a confidential, voluntary and educative process, sometimes called 'psychological first aid'.

21 Critical Incidents Debriefing is a proactive intervention involving a group meeting or discussion about a particularly distressing critical incident. Based on core principles of crisis intervention, the CISD is designed to mitigate the impact of a critical incident and to assist the persons in recovery from the stress associated with the event. Defusing is an intervention that is a shorter, less formal version of a debriefing. It generally lasts from 30 to 60 minutes, but may go longer and is best conducted within one to four hours after a critical incident. It is not usually conducted more than 12 hours after the incident. The main purpose is to stabilize people affected by the incident so that they can return to their normal routines without unusual stress. Where appropriate, a formal debriefing also be required. Grief and Loss Session is a structured group or individual session following a death and assists people in understanding their own grief reactions as well as creating a healthy atmosphere of openness and dialogue around the circumstances of the death. Crisis Management Briefing is a large, homogeneous group intervention used before, during and after crisis to present facts, facilitate a brief, controlled discussion, Q & A and info on stress survival skills and/or other available support services. May be repeated as situation changes.

22 Emergency Preparedness/Disaster Response

23 The Role of The Chaplain

24 Logistics Vest- This is what the Chaplain in the ICC will put on.

25 Logistics Team

26 Logistics in the ICC

27 Department Specific Actions ~Chaplain Services~ Establish Communication with the ICC, Emergency Room and for verification of information and authorization dissemination. Chaplain on-call will contact Risk Management in establishing the patient-visitor holding area, as required, for counseling of victim families. Be prepared to provide pre and post grief counseling to individuals and staff. Be prepared to provide short-term mental health counseling. Provide in-house teams, outreach teams, defusing teams, and debriefing teams. Respond to the emotional needs of victims being brought to the emergency department and inpatient population

28 Department Specific Actions ~Chaplain Services~ Be prepared to assist with death notification and to interface with Social Services and the American Red Cross. Be prepared, if not already established, day-care for children and elders. Be prepared in any emergency to initiate the department evacuation plan to an alternate location for continued patient/staff services. Be prepared to assist with temporary emergency staff child-care.

29 Family Waiting Room Sign In Record


31 Document everything you do

32 Be Prepared for Emergencies at Work Does your department have an emergency kit?

33 Be Prepared for Emergencies at Home Get your family an Emergency Preparedness Kit $95.00 each FOOD & WATER (4) ER™ Food Bars (12) ER™ Water Boxes w/ Straws (4) ER™ Food Bars (12) ER™ Water Boxes w/ Straws SHELTER (4) ER™ Emergency Blankets (4) ER™ Ponchos With Hood (4) ER™ Emergency Blankets (4) ER™ Ponchos With Hood LIGHTING & COMMUNICATION (1) AM/FM Radio (1) Flashlight (1) ER™ Green Lightstick (1) AM/FM Radio (1) Flashlight (1) ER™ Green Lightstick FIRST AID (1) Medium Sized First Aid Kit (1) Medium Sized First Aid Kit SEARCH & RESCUE (1) Safety Whistle (4) Dust Masks (1) Pair Vinyl Gloves (1) Safety Whistle (4) Dust Masks (1) Pair Vinyl Gloves SANITATION (1) Snap-on Toilet Seat (optional) (4) Tissue Packs (1) Snap-on Toilet Seat (optional) (4) Tissue Packs PACKAGING (1)ER™ 5 Gallon Bucket ContainerER™ 5 Gallon Bucket Container (4 )Person Deluxe 72 Hour Survival Kit $106.00 Each Light Stick, 12 Hour (Green) Plastic whistle with Lanyard 37 Piece First Aid Kit Duct Tape, 50 yards 14 in 1 pocket tool 3 way Can Opener AM/FM Radio with battery D Batteries Flashlight, Uses D batteries 4x Solar Blanket 4× 2400 Calorie Food Ration (5 year shelf life) Water Pouch x 40 (5 year shelf life) 4x Emergency Poncho 4x N95 Respirator mask Bio Hazard Bag x2 Work Gloves, Leather Palm Waterproof Matches, Box of 50 (4) Person - 72 Hour Emergency Survival Kit

34 Things that promote goodwill among staff and spiritual health Remembering the night/weekend staff when planning events/activities Cookie Run Spiritual Emphasis Tea For The Soul Hardship Applications New Employee Orientation Hospital Retreats Cultural Diversity Team Intimate Partner Violence Healthcare Recognitions Blessing of the Hands Spiritual Care Grand Rounds

35 Healthcare Recognitions 2014 healthcare-calendar-of-recognition-days- conference-events-2014-05-91.pdf healthcare-calendar-of-recognition-days- conference-events-2014-05-91.pdf

36 ~Tea For The Soul~ Relaxation, Stress Reducing, Refueling, Breather, Decompress, “Me Time” for Staff. “Tea tempers the spirit and harmonizes the mind, dispels lassitude and relieves fatigue; awakens thought and prevents drowsiness.” (Lu Yu, 5 th Century Chinese Poet)

37 Caring for yourself Naming your distractions Stop Comparing to others Enhance work relationships – outside activities quarterly Releasing God complex Guilt Job Security Issues Mindfulness Meditation Body Rhythms Rest Recreation Taking Time Out Spiritual self care

38 Mindfulness Meditation Equipping individuals to deal with stressful situations by accepting them and being aware of them, Mindfulness Meditation is an effective and miraculous technique of meditation against life’s problems and situations. True, stress, anger, disappointments, frustrations, and other negative emotions adversely affect our minds and even bodies. Such negative emotions and actions should be dealt effectively and set-backs should be accepted without injuring our health. Mindfulness Meditation is that medicine which helps to deal with negative emotions and situations in the most effective manner. Mindfulness Meditation, also referred to as Insightful Meditation, requires or allows individuals to be aware of their surroundings, to develop a sense of sensitivity in perceiving every moment, and enabling them to accept stressful situations, instead of avoiding them. By being aware of the inner state of our minds during Mindfulness Meditation, we can accept difficult situations in our lives without much resistance.

39 Mindfulness Meditation Through the practice of Meditation, we can train our minds to achieve a state of tranquility, without being disturbed by outside forces. Mindfulness Meditation helps in training and developing the strengths of the mind to achieve this peacefulness. One can practice Mindfulness Meditation by sitting in an appropriate upright position, cross-legged, and focusing on our breath or anything else, such as mental and physical processes which help us in becoming aware of our present thought patterns and inner state. The practice of Mindfulness Meditation focuses our attention on our thoughts, actions, and present moments non-judgmentally. It does not encourage evaluating or thinking on our past actions and neither does it take our thoughts to the uncertain future. Mindfulness Meditation helps and trains our mind from getting distracted by outside disturbances and enables us to focus our thoughts and relax the mind.

40 Staff Support: The New kid on the block Session II

41 Session II Practicum Group Session Scenario 1

42 Session II Practicum Group Session Scenario 2

43 Session II Practicum Group Session Scenario 3


45 Deep within us all there is an amazing inner sanctuary of the soul, a holy place, a Divine Center, a speaking voice, to which we may continuously return. May you seek peace in the midst of it all. May you be loving toward yourself, patients, families and your co-team workers.

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