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Dolly & Associates Ltd. Khadija Andrews Agency Presentation CEP 596.

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1 Dolly & Associates Ltd. Khadija Andrews Agency Presentation CEP 596

2 There are three main offices: 22 Marli Street New Town Port of Spain Trinidad & Tobago, W.I Cnr. of George & Mary Street Sangre Grande Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. Riverside Drive Gulf View Link Road La Romain Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. Dolly & Associates

3 More Information about the practice: Email: Phone: 1 (868) 622-8422 / 1 (868) 622-8722 24hr HOTLINE: 1 (868) 628-9751 Fax: 1 (868) 628-2915 Dolly & Associates

4 Overview Dolly & Associates is a private practice. However this is also employed by government agencies to run programs in both the education system and social services sector. On their website it states: “We recognize that our clients are the experts in understanding the culture, practices and procedures that guide their functioning and we are steadfast in our resolve to partner with our clients in developing strategies and collaboratively charting the way forward.”

5 Mission and Vision VISION “Promoting Empowerment within an environment of Love, Support and Mutual Respect, through Service to others.” MISSION “The empowerment of individuals, groups, communities and organizations to develop their fullest potential.”

6 Services Provided Dolly & Associates provides many services which include: Community Based Programs School Based Programs 24 Hour Hotline Individual Counseling Group and Family Counseling Employees Assistance Programs Policy formulation and implementation Psychological Testing Crisis Management and Debriefing

7 School Based Programs Services include: Psychological Testing Emotional and Behavioral Assessment-EQ/ IQ/ Behavior/ Development Student Support Programmes Guidance Services Mentoring Services Visioning / Goal Setting

8 Community Based Programs These programmes cover a range of subject matter: Conflict Resolution Mediation Stress Management Leadership Sex and Sexuality Social & Personal Competence Family & Community Violence

9 Individual & Group Counseling Some of the areas addressed are: Parenting and Family Issues Adolescent and Young Adults Career Guidance Marital and Sibling Issues Stress and Anger Management Grief and Trauma Counseling Alcohol and other Drug Issues Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Adoption

10 Policy formulation and implementation Services include the development of policies to cover areas such as: Alcohol, Drug Use and Abuse Harassment including Sexual AIDS / HIV Anti-discriminatory Practice Workplace violence

11 Psychological Testing Some of the psychological assessments offered include: DepressionAnxietyStressPersonalityIntelligenceAchievementAutismAspergers

12 Client Populations Persons with disabilities Persons with disabilities Person dealing with crisis (accidents, family issues, etc) Person dealing with crisis (accidents, family issues, etc) Business places and employers Business places and employers National Ministry of Education and Social Development Schools Schools Families and private citizens requiring counseling

13 Method of Service Delivery Services at Dolly & Associates are delivered in three forms: Counseling Services Workshops and Seminars Services Workshops and Seminars Services Consultation Services. Consultation Services.

14 Staff Employed Profession/ Job TitleArea of Specialty Social Worker, Behavior Change Consultant Critical Incident & Post Trauma Mgmt., Dispute Resolution & Conflict Mgmt., Org. Behavior, Family Counseling Social Worker; Organization Consultant Women & Men Marital; Family Counseling; Org. Development Social WorkerFamily Counseling Social WorkerMen’s Issues, Anger, Conflict, Trauma Mgmt. & Counseling, Critical Incident Debriefing, Family Counseling Social WorkerGroup Work, EAP Specialist, Anger Management, Conflict Resolution Social WorkerAdolescents, Grief & Loss Counseling, Work Place Issues Social WorkerMediation, Counseling with Penal, Marital & Family Issues, Delinquency Issues with Adolescents & Adult Males

15 Staff Employed Profession/ Job TitleArea of Specialty CounselorRelationship Issues Medical DoctorDrug Testing Developmental PsychologistFamily Counseling PsychotherapistTrauma Management, Family Counseling & Gender Issues, Drama & Play Therapy with Children & Adolescents Psych-CounselorGroup Work, Individual Counseling, Young Adults & Children PsychologistManaging Youth, Psychological Testing Psych-CounselorIndividual & Couples Counseling, Group Therapy

16 CRCs & Internships Certified Rehab Counselors There are no CRCs employed at Dolly & Associates. However there is counseling with persons with disabilities as well as those with substance abuse issues. N.B. In Trinidad, counselors do not have to have certification to practice Rehab Counseling Internships & Practicum Dolly & Associates accepts students for internships and practicum. However there interns are usually graduate psychology and social work students. As rehab counseling is not the main focus of the practice.

17 Agency Highlights Multi faceted approach to treatment. Many professionals with many areas of specialty. Very interested in developing young and inexperienced professionals. Very committed to working with children and in the education system.

18 What I liked Extensive work with children Multiple interns present Strong focus on therapy Strong focus on adjustment Ability to learn about psychology testing Ability to learn about consultation and workshops

19 Wisdom for other students Pursue an internships/ practicum working with populations you want to work with Do as many shadowing experiences and volunteer opportunities as possible Take time to understand all the codes of conduct and ethical issues within your area Enjoy what you do; when your having fun it doesn’t feel like work

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