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Vedas and Health opracowanie: Dariusz Rusin

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1 Vedas and Health opracowanie: Dariusz Rusin

2 Bhagavad – gita: 3.42 The working senses are superior to dull matter; mind is higher than the senses; intelligence is still higher than the mind; and he [the soul] is even higher than the intelligence.

3 SoulIntelligence Ego Mind Working senses

4 Way to selfrealisation ChampionshipAwakening Sleeping consciousness

5 Goodness Passion Ignorance

6 Significant problems in our lives can not be solved at the same level of consciousness, at what we were when we created them. Albert Enstein

7 I fall BEGINS passion and ignorance 4th Pride-has a lot of different shades, (pride is a pillar of the fall), I was able to, but I'm not sure if I can 5th Desire - the desire for something to lust of the flesh, the mantra in this feature - it's their fault, they will pay - forcing people (energy increases, but for a short time) ? 6th Anger - disgust, contempt, anger ? 7th Fear - fear, afraid to ask the boss, fear of threat to the stability of life, sometimes we want to give back to the world, but we are afraid of the consequences, sometimes running away, hiding in ? 8th Sadness - embarrassment, confusion, grief, despair, feel abandoned, abused, betrayed, embarrassed, forgotten, loss, lack of understanding, no one loves me, grief, for I am unhappy, feeling grief, rejection, heartache, we are ignored, out of place, it's not meant to be, why me, tortured, torn internally, there is sadness, longing ? 9th Apathy - hopelessness, helplessness, resignation, boredom, do not win, sloppy, cold, cut off, defeated, depressed, demoralized, in illusions, brain mind, aimlessness, lack of humor, I can not, too late, let's wait, too tired, do not feel, wasted...

8 We lift to CHAMPIONSHIPS TO ACHIEVE fulfillment. (Energy level increases, is constant and provides us with more and more fun) First - szanti - peace, happiness (the core of culture), when there is peace there is all the energy that could be waiting for us, at this stage there can be a master, a master of ourselves... to get to the happiness we should forgive those other emotions... one of the following techniques could be welcoming their... greeting - to be let go... Second - Acceptance - starting with the acceptance of ourselves, to accept that where we are and what we are, accepting internal and external. Acceptance Opaczności arrangement... I can do it, it's not that I'm the author, I can, because the power is given to me, there is energy self-interest, I can do it with a sense of duty... 3rd - Courage - action based on the beliefs, mission, dedication to the mission, in the sense - be controversial for a good cause. Mantra for courage - I can do it, others can too - though it's not 100% sure that I do, but only 50%. 50% will not do that... I can do for myself and for the team...

9 As a result of his experiments he found that water responds to our thoughts and words, and that can be reflected. Depending on which words sent in the direction of drop of water, the crystals formed after freezing in a completely different crystalline forms. Dr. Masaru Emoto


11 Wyodrębniony krysznał wody

12 Water crystal exposed to the song Hare KrishnaWater crystal exposed heavy metal music

13 "Arigatou“ Witamy w Japonii Water that was exposed to the words: "You are the cause of my illness. I'll kill you.” Written on the label and stuck to the bottle.

14 Crystal water before offering prayers. Crystal water after offering prayers.

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