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Romeo’s view of Love What does the question ask? Evidence vs. Commentary.

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1 Romeo’s view of Love What does the question ask? Evidence vs. Commentary

2 The Chart Evidence Paraphrase Key words which suggest the attitude What images are connected with love? Don’t confuse paraphrase with commentary, which are the connotations and the inferences. What does the evidence at the left suggest about Romeo’s attitude? How is Romeo feeling? How do you feel about Romeo’s attitude?

3 1.1.188-197 Love is: Grief -- Smoke – fumes like sighs, without weight or mass – insubstantial A sea of tears -- Grief Madness – crazy, without reason A bitter pill – hard to swallow, difficult Romeo’s attitude Sees love as painful and grief-filled Love is hard to understand, without reason, and difficult to endure We conclude that – He seems to wallow in his suffering – He seems to sort of enjoy this pity party – Romeo’s view of love on is insubstantial and not real

4 1.1.211-21 Love is A battle – For which The lady is well- armed to protect her virtue – In which Romeo takes arms to conquer Romeo Sees love as a struggle to win the heart of the lady Must woo her with words and flirtations – But the lady will defend her virtue seems frustrated with the battle, he does not seem to be surprised We conclude that – Romeo is focused on the courtship without any real focus on the love and desires of the lady, – Romeo doesn’t really seem to recognize that this battle is already lost – or maybe he’s not really committed to winning it.

5 1.2.91-96 Love is A Religion He is devout, not a “heretic” who will turn to worship some other girl Romeo ‘s attitude Treats his lady love as if she were a goddess to be worshipped The lady deserves his devotion He is utterly devoted and faithful to his love AND, since we now know he abandons this pretty quick; this devotion seems pretty insubstantial

6 1.4.15,20-23 Love is A heavy burden A weight on the heart Romeo’s attitude He’s a downer in the midst of the fun Despite the fact that he’s about to see his lady love he’s still melancholy – he has a heavy heart He sees love as serious business and he takes no joy in it He seems focused on his own grief, not the loss of the lady herself.

7 Romeo is the image of the courtly lover, but he is all appearance without any true substance. Conclusion: Romeo’s love is airy and insubstantial even though it weighs him down. Assertion:

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