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Coastal Medical Using Data to Drive Change I January 21,2011.

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1 Coastal Medical Using Data to Drive Change I January 21,2011

2 CSI Data Sharing Process: Kathryn Wojcik – Clinical Data Analyst Combination of registry and Cognos reporting Prepares grids and graphs for physicians Presents data to office in quarterly meetings Discuss data and formulate plan to move numbers

3 Data Sharing The Five Stages of DATA grief DENIAL- this data must be wrong! ANGER- this data is #!@%- I am not changing! BARGAINING- well can’t you extract the data from my note? DEPRESSION- I am doing the best I can, and it looks like I am not doing a good job RESIGNATION- it is what it is….how can I change these numbers?

4 Beyond the Grief … Looking at the data down to the patient level Documentation errors Patient identified with diagnosis incorrectly Tests done by specialists and not resulted in EHR Paper results not processed appropriately Patient non-adherence Tests ordered- not done Missed appointments

5 Beyond the grief…. Reviewing the patients not at goal Identifies gaps in the office workflows Increases awareness of entire staff regarding accurate processing of results Provides opportunities for support staff to interact with patients and educate patients about managing their own healthcare Increases awareness of physicians especially in identifying those patients that miss appointments so they can reach out to them

6 Coastal wide data sharing 17 practices 91 providers- more than 250 staff members One on one visits not practical Data grief becomes exhausting for everyone Greater than 25 measures with information to share PCMH clinical targets Beacon Meaningful Use measures

7 Communication Plan Memos Data Graphs Bulletin Boards Office Managers and Physician Champions Share the data with champions -who share it with their peers/pod mates Break out the Wheaties!


9 Percent of Total Prescriptions e-Prescribed (September – November 2010) Meaningful Use Target: 40%

10 Collaborative Planning Present data to the group at Physician Champion or Office Manager meeting Sharing data prior to public distribution Brainstorm methods for improving numbers as a group (physician champions or office managers) Summarize for bulletin board memo to engage all office members Display graphs so everyone knows where gaps are

11 Implementation Team 2 to 3 members of our corporate clinical team Office assessment with physician champion and office manager and lead staff member Plan for change developed together Communicated to the team Implement plan Follow up for success of implementation!

12 Goals of Data Sharing Provide tools to drive change Improved patient care processes in office More efficient Staff engaged in care Improved patient outcomes!

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