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Strategies to support students experiencing grief and loss

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1 Strategies to support students experiencing grief and loss
Gonzaga University Dr. Addy Wissel, Justine Brown, Jessica Sotl, Alexis Spies, & Kristine Spruill

2 Mandalas

3 Graffiti Wall Purpose To open lines of communication in the household about grief Helps demonstrate that open expression is important Ideally conducted in the home. Each family member is encouraged to participate but is not required. Supplies Large paper Crayons, markers, colored pencils Tape

4 T-Charts What I thought grief would be like What grief actually feels like

5 T-charts cont. Things others say/do that help with my grief
Things others say/do that are not helpful with my grief

6 Worry Beads Purpose Process Supplies Used to relieve stress
Used as a fidget toy Process String the majority of the beads onto the string String both ends of the string through the final beads Tie off Supplies Beads String Scissors

7 Holiday Ornament

8 Memory Box No right or wrong way to decorate. Can include words, pictures, drawings, etc. Benefits Allows for creativity Creation can be soothing and liberating Coping strategies Uses Keep activities from group Add their own content Memorial pieces Supplies Boxes Various craft supplies

9 Memory Lantern

10 Memory in the Palm of your hand
Purpose Students will re-create a favorite memory, in the palm of the hand, they shared with the loved one they lost Questions to ask during the activity Why did you choose that particular memory? How long ago was this event? When you think of this memory, what do you feel? Supplies Paper hand Markers, crayons, colored pencils, etc. Glitter Stickers

11 Memory Wheels

12 Healing Heart Process Supplies
Each group member receives a piece of the heart Decorate the heart piece Draw a picture, write a memory, share a message, honor the experienced losses Share Put the heart pieces back together, taping together the back side Bandage the front of the pieces together where they meet Although our hearts have been broken by the losses we have experienced, together we can heal Supplies Large pieces of cut up paper that compose a heart Crayons, markers, colored pencils Magazine cut outs Tape Bandages

13 My past and future hands hold

14 Balloon Release Process Supplies
Students send a message to their loved one by writing on balloons with sharpie Write a message to a loved one Write about a favorite memory Draw a picture Release the balloons outside and watch them float away in to the sky *** Be cognizant of culture Supplies Helium filled balloons Sharpies

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