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Understanding the Grief Cycle

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1 Understanding the Grief Cycle

2 Introduction Activity

3 Families are Interconnected
When things are going well…

4 Families are Interconnected
When things are out of balance…

5 The Good Grief cycle Denial Shame Panic 1 Acceptance 3 Hope Shock 5 7
Source: Jeanne Mendoza, Ph.D., (1989) SEARCH: Exploring the Systems of Family Support. San Diego State University, Special Education Department. San Diego, CA. The Good Grief cycle Family Consultant Training Section 3/Family Systems & Ecology Sep96-22.cdr Denial Not me! Shame Panic 1 What will Acceptance 3 people What will Hope think? happen to my There will be Shock child? What Perhaps we days filled with 5 will I do? will get anger and grief Handicap is 7 through this. and days when I diagnosed will feel strength. 10 11 6 9 4 Isolation 8 2 Bargaining Guilt I must protect my child Anger Depression Just let me get If only I'd from people. through this.... not taken Why me? I can't go on... then no more pills, etc. please! what's the use?

6 Shock Occurs when the child is first diagnosed
and may reoccur as new problems are identified or as the child misses developmental milestones.

7 Depression The family may be unable to deal with
people offering help or advice.

8 Denial The family may not be ready to discuss
the disability.They may blame others for the problem.

9 Guilt, Shame, Isolation The family may avoid friends, and service
providers. They may want to protect and isolate their child.

10 Panic The family may get on an endless round
of looking for a cure for the disability.

11 Anger The family may lash out at caregivers
over minor things like lost clothing.

12 Hope and Bargaining The family may be willing to work with
providers to develop some workable alternatives for their child, but may only be able to deal with certain issues.

13 Acceptance The family may be at a point where they
understand that their will be good and bad days in how they feel about their child.

14 Activity 4.3 Quiz on Grief Cycle
With a partner, complete the quiz in your notebook.

15 Activity 4.4 View Videotape
Refer to your discussion guide as you watch this tape.

16 Coping Strategies Passive Appraisal Reframing Spiritual Support
Social Support Professional Support

17 Activity 4.5 What are the local resources for families in your community? How can families locate them?

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