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Characters, structure, and themes

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1 Characters, structure, and themes
Hamlet Characters, structure, and themes

2 Hamlet Plot/subplot structure
Main Plot – court Hamlet’s grief Revenge of Old Hamlet’s death Dealing with Fortinbras Plots and machinations Subplots – Polonius family Ophelia and Hamlet’s love Laertes in France Revenge of Polonius’ death Ophelia’s madness

3 Hamlet Plot/subplot structure
Main Plot – revenge Revenge of Old Hamlet’s death Revenge for Polonius’ death Fortinbras’ revenge Subplots Hamlet’s grief, thoughts of death Hamlet’s antic disposition Hamlet’s relationship with Ophelia Ophelia’s madness

4 Hamlet Foiling Character foiling Parallel scenes
Fortinbras, Hamlet, Laertes: lost father, revenge Hamlet, Ophelia: madness Old Hamlet, Polonius, Claudius: give advice to child(ren) Parallel scenes Act 1, scenes 2, 3, 5: Parents give advice to children Act 2 and Act 4: Hamlet and Ophelia’s madness

5 Hamlet themes revenge madness grief ideal king, politics
eavesdropping, spying power of art, plays

6 Hamlet issues to resolve
Ghost Is it real or not? If it is real, is it a good ghost or an evil ghost? Is Hamlet really mad or feigning madness? Does Hamlet procrastinate? If so, why? Is Hamlet a scourge and/or minister? How much should characters obey parents? Whose view of revenge is right: Hamlet’s or Laertes’?

7 Horatio tells Hamlet about Ghost
Hamlet -- Act I Scene 1 Horatio to speak with Ghost Scene 2 Claudius at Court Hamlet’s grief Horatio tells Hamlet about Ghost Scene 3 Polonius and Ophelia say goodbye to Laertes Scene 4 Hamlet waiting for Ghost “Stamp of one defect” Scene 5 Hamlet and Ghost antic disposition

8 Claudius with Ros and Gild
Hamlet -- Act II Scene 1 Polonius/Reynaldo Ophelia’s report re/Hamlet Scene 2 Claudius with Ros and Gild Polonius’s report Hamlet and fishmonger Players/Pyrrhus “The play’s the thing”

Hamlet and Ophelia Scene 2 MOUSETRAP SCENE Hamlet and players Play within a play Scene 4 CLOSET SCENE Gertrude/Hamlet Death of Polonius Scene 3 PRAYER SCENE Claudius/Hamlet

10 Hamlet -- Act IV Scene 1 Gertrude/Claudius Scene 2 Ros and Gild
seek Hamlet Scene 3 Claudius sends Hamlet to England Scene 4 Hamlet sees Fortinbras Scene 6 Gertrude Ophelia’s madness Laertes’ threat Scene 7 Letter to Horatio from Hamlet Scene 8 Claudius and Laertes’ plans against Hamlet Gertrude’s report of Ophelia’s death

11 Hamlet -- Act V Scene 2 Scene 1 FOIL SCENE GRAVEYARD SCENE
Hamlet/Horatio Laertes’ challenge Duel Death of Gertrude/Claudius Death of Laertes/Hamlet Fortinbras Scene 1 GRAVEYARD SCENE Gravediggers/Hamlet Burial of Ophelia

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