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Persuasive Writing.

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1 Persuasive Writing

2 Purpose The writer attempts to persuade the reader by trying to convince the reader to accept their point of view.

3 Persuasive Writing Structure
Open with a statement of the issue being addressed. State your position on the issue. Main body of text contains the arguments that are elaborated with reasons and evidence ( facts ). End with a summary.

4 Persuasive Writing Techniques
Cause and effect Opposing view Action verbs Repetition Statistics and Facts Emotive Language Personal pronouns Alliteration Puns Exaggeration Rhetorical questions Just remember… COARSE PAPER

5 Personal pronouns Using words like ‘we’, ‘you’, ‘our’ and ‘us’ to make your audience think you are talking only to them. Eg. Together, we can make a difference.

6 Repetition Words or phrases are repeated so that they stick in the reader’s mind. e.g. remember what is was like to be at school; remember how much work you had? Repetition Repetition Repetition

7 Emotive Language Words can be used to make the reader feel a certain emotion, like sadness or anger. e.g. We are the poor, helpless children who are forced to do hours and hours of homework every night.

8 Exaggeration When information is given that is over the top, or slightly untrue. e.g. If I get one more piece of homework, I am going to move to the moon!

9 Rhetorical questions Using questions that don’t need an answer to get the reader to think. e.g. Could you live with yourself if you missed out on this opportunity?

10 Facts and Statistics When truthful information is given to back up a point. e.g. 95% of pupils feel that there is too much homework.

11 Action verbs Action verbs encourage the reader to do something quickly and convey a sense of urgency and command. “When you get home, go to your fridge and have a look at the amount of sugar and fatty foods in it. Ask yourself, are you doing the right thing for your family?” “ I urge you all to …” “do something now!”

12 Opposing view Refuting an opposing view. “Although some people think ……, I feel this misses the point as…”

13 Cause and effect Smoking leads to cancer. Eating too much junk food makes us fat. Speed and you will be caught.

14 Puns Play on words. Puns grab attention and create rapport by using humour. Eg. If you have a fear of hurdles, you just need to get over it.

15 Alliteration Repeating the consonant sounds at the beginning of words to make them stand out. Eat Yo Yos. They’re yummy in your mouth!

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