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1 Ephesians: 6:10-17 BELIEVERS WARFARE and EQUIPMENT
Reminder— Eph. 4:1-6:9 Walk in a manner worthy of your calling Walk in humility rather than pride Walk in unity rather than divisiveness Walk in the new self rather than the old self Walk in love not lust Walk by imitating God and Christ’s sacrificial life Walk in light not darkness Walk in wisdom not foolishness Walk in the fullness of the Spirit do not get drunk with wine Be subject one to another Walk in mutual submission rather than self-interest/reliance The result of this walk—guaranteed spiritual warfare Preparation: Finally, be strong in the LORD and the strength of His might 2 Chron. 20:15; Isaiah 40:29-31 Provision: Get dressed for war—that you may stand FIRM v. 11

2 The enemy and the battle v. 11b-12
Satan—the devil Rulers Powers World forces of this darkness Spiritual forces of wickedness in heaven places Take up, that you may resist, having done everything v. 13 Stand firm—that’s what victory looks like! v. 14a Judges 6, 7; James 4:7 Satan’s characteristic attacks Impugning God’s character Gen. 3: 1-5 Creating difficulties in life—even persecution—Christ Jesus Doctrinal confusion and falsehood Hindering service for God Daniel 10:13; Jude 9 Causing or instigating divisions

3 The Armor Truth—a girding
Persuading/manipulating believers to self trust Promoting hypocrisy Worldliness and it’s temptations Promoting disobedience to God’s word and command  The Armor Truth—a girding a commitment to action to engage in battle Righteousness—a covering for that which is vital daily moment by moment obedience—practical righteousness Peace—prepared for victory God having changed from enemy to defender Faith—defense from temptation Hab. 2:4; Prov. 30:5-6 trusting completely on God’s word Salvation—hope Gal. 6:9; Eph. 3:13; Rev. 2:3 substance that gives purpose Word of God—defensive and offensive weapon rhema not logos—spiritual weapons for spiritual enemies Isa. 55:11

4 Incarnate God! the soul that knows Thy name's mysterious power Shall dwell in undisturbed repose, Nor fear the trying hour.  Thy wisdom, faithfulness and love, To feeble helpless worms; A buckler and a refuge prove, From enemies and storms.  In vain the fowler spreads his net, To draw them from thy care; Thy timely call instructs their feet, To shun the artful snare.  When like a baneful pestilence, Sin mows its thousands down On every side, without defence, Thy grace secures thine own.  No midnight terrors haunt their bed, No arrow wounds by day; Unhurt on serpents they shall tread, If found in duty's way.  Angels, unseen, attend the saints, And bear them in their arms; To cheer the spirit when it faints, And guard the life from harms.  The angels' Lord, himself is nigh, To them that love his name; Ready to save them when they cry, And put their foes to shame.  Crosses and changes are their lot, Long as they sojourn here; But since their Saviour changes not, What have the saints to fear?  John Newton

5 Ephesians 6:18-24 Watch and Pray
Variety and Frequency: ALL prayer at ALL times Power: In the Spirit Romans 8:26-27 Be on the alert Manner: ALL perseverance and petition Object: For ALL the saints Matthew 26: 39-41; Luke 21:36; Acts 2:42; Acts 10:2; 2 Tim. 1:3; Psalm 55:17-19; John 17:3 Subject Spiritual protection, strength, and healing Victory over temptation Forgiveness and cleansing of sin committed Unbelievers trust in Christ for salvation Believers to have a greater dependence on Christ Jesus Winning the spiritual battle against Satan The spiritual well-being of all believers

6 4 Hear the victors who o'ercame; Still they mark each warrior's way; All with one sweet voice exclaim, "Watch and pray." 5 Hear, above all, hear Thy Lord, Him thou lovest to obey; Hide within thy heart His word, "Watch and pray." 6 Watch, as if on that alone Hung the issue of the day; Pray that help may be sent down: Watch and pray. Amen. Charlotte Elliott ( ) 1 Christian, seek not yet repose, Cast thy dreams of ease away; Thou art in the midst of foes: Watch and pray. 2 Principalities and powers, Mustering their unseen array, Wait for thy unguarded hours: Watch and pray. 3 Gird thy heavenly armor on, Wear it ever, night and day; Ambushed lies the evil one: Watch and pray.

7 Paul’s prayer request Benediction Pray for me
That I may be given utterance to open my mouth That I may make the mystery of the GOSPEL known WITH BOLDNESS Specifically the GOSPEL that has put me in chains Boldly speaking but speaking only as I ought to speak Benediction To the Brethren Peace Love with faith From God—The Father From the LORD Jesus Christ Grace to those who love Jesus incorruptibly

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