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The Seven Fishes (Matariki)

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1 The Seven Fishes (Matariki)
By Matthew

2 The Seven Stars One hot sunny day a mother fish yelled to her children do not go into the open sea because it is dangerous…..

3 Tataraimaka goes fishing!
Tataraimaka was a giant who fished with a giant black net. He had made his black net from the magic flax that grew in spirits bay.

4 The Happy Fish Then the little fish started to play tag happily. Then they forgot what their mother told them and they started to swim into the ocean when their mother told them not to.

5 The Little Fish On this day, however, the sea was smooth the sun was shining .The rainbow coloured fish were swimming about happily when…….

6 Tataraimaka Caught The Fish
Tataraimaka got his magic net and caught the seven helpless fish……. DUN DUN DUN!

7 The Crying Fish The fish cried and cried and they filled the sea with tears and made the sea saltier.

8 They Rose Up! Tane the God of light felt very sorry for the fishes and her pulled up the seven fishes in the net and…..

9 The Fish In The Sky Now the seven star fishes are called Matariki. You can know see Matariki just coming over the horizon in early June.

10 The nameless fish One little star remains nameless so any child
alone or if they want to talk to somebody they can talk to that one star.

11 And everything else by Matthew
Credits Made by Matthew Photos by Matthew Directed by Matthew And everything else by Matthew

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