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The Last Book in the Universe By: Rodman Philbrick

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1 The Last Book in the Universe By: Rodman Philbrick
ENG1PI - Crowell

2 Visualizer Your job as Visualizer is to create a visual representation in response to the reading that we have done together in class. Your visual should relate to something specifically discussed in the assigned reading or a picture that conveys any idea from the text. This could be a: Sketch Drawing Cartoon Timeline Diagram Flowchart Mind-map Stick Figure Scene

3 Visualizer – Mrs. C’s Example

4 Visualizer – Mrs. C’s Example
Write a brief explanation of the significance of your visual. I created a diagram of what happened in “The Smell of Lightning.” I created a map of what Spaz’s journey looks like. He is trying to save Bean and he almost gets killed by the people who live in the stacks. Ryter saves his life. How did creating this visual deepen your understanding of the story? My visual is a good way to describe what I am seeing as I read the story. It helps me to see the journey of Spaz, Ryter and Little Face. Also, I am a visual learner, so this drawing will help me remember this chapter better.

5 Questioner Your job as Questioner is to make a list of questions about the book. Think about characters, problems, themes, issues, thoughts, feelings, events and/or concerns. Questions to think about: What were you wondering about while we were reading? Did you have questions about what was being described? What predictions can you make about what will happen in the text?

6 Questioner – Mrs. C’s Example
What happened during the ‘Big Shake’? Was it like an earthquake? A tsunami? Did people die when it happened? Why is Bean so close to death? What is “the bone marrow sickness”? Will she survive? Will Spaz ever reunite with his family unit? If he makes it to see Bean, will they even let him in the door?

7 Connector Your job is to make connections between the selection read and… Text to Self Text to Text Text to World Your own experiences Happenings at school Other people or problems that you are reminded of Other books, newspapers, magazines or novels you have read Other movies or TV broadcasts you have viewed World events and issues Happenings in the community Similar events at other times and places

8 Connector – Mrs. C’s Example
Text to Self Text to Text Text to World This story reminds me of the people in my family who have died from having terminal illnesses. I remember feeling so helpless and sad about the fact that there was nothing I could do to make them better. This novel makes me think of a TV show called ‘Terra Nova.’ Eden is described as being a utopian place where everything is beautiful and perfect. In ‘Terra Nova,’ the main characters get to leave their homes (because Earth is so polluted) and they start fresh in Terra Nova (like Eden). Spaz describes all of the smoke, pollution and the hungry people in the Urb. This part of the book makes me think of those commercials that show starving children and families in other countries around the world. It reminds me of extreme poverty and hunger.

9 Vocabulary Enricher Your job is to make a list of TEN important words from the novel. As you write down each word, keep track of the meaning / definition of the word. This novel is full of words that were created just for this story. Try to find as many new and original words as you can!

10 Vocabulary Enricher – Mrs. C’s Example
Word Meaning / Definition Latch A subdivision of the Urb controlled by a gang. Billy Bizmo is the gang leader in his latch. Maximall A place where people traded goods and services in the backtimes. It sounds the same as a mall. Eden Paradise. Where the proovs get to live. It sounds like it is the land of perfection. . . .

11 Passage Picker Your job as Passage Picker is to choose two passages from today’s reading of the novel that you find interesting, strange, powerful or emotional. Try to choose passages that are memorable to you!

12 Passage Picker – Mrs. C’s Example
Passage page 129 Passage Page 134 I chose this passage because I am surprised to learn that mind probes come from Eden. Bleek tells Lanaya that the probes must be made in Eden because no one else could afford the technology to create them. This passage makes me question the purpose of Eden creating the probes. Are they trying to numb and silence people who live in the real world? Why? I chose this passage because I like that Spaz says to himself: “I stayed alive for you. Now you stay alive for me.” He is so desperate to get to Bean in time. This passage reminds me of the importance of their journey and what Bean means to Spaz.

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