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Keeping the Flame Alive Marjorie Trachtman VANNW Conference June 25, 2013.

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1 Keeping the Flame Alive Marjorie Trachtman VANNW Conference June 25, 2013


3 Either on purpose or by accident DETOUR

4  Family History  Intellectual Passions  Work Experiences  Major Life Events


6  New/Uncovered Skills  Lessons learned about your skills, strengths, likes and dislikes  How you deal with others

7  Big Five Personality Inventory: OCEAN Openness; Conscientiousness; Extroversion; Agreeableness; Neuroticism  Myers-Briggs : Extroversion-Introversion; Sensing-Intuition; Thinking-Feeling; Judging-Perception  Keirsey Temperament Sorter : Rationalist; Idealist; Guardian; Artisan. Correlates to Myers-Briggs types Extrovert: The degree to which you look outside yourself for stimulation and recharge Agreeableness: The degree to which you adjust your needs and desires to accommodate others

8 Integrating who you are with who the job requires you to be  Your skills  Your temperament  What you find rewarding  What you find frustrating

9 Burnout Is…


11  Overengagement  Overreactive  Urgency  Loss of energy  Anxiety  Physical damage  Self-evident  Disengagement  Nonreactive  Helpless/Hopeless  Loss of motivation  Depression  Emotional damage  Insidious

12 SacrificeResentmentRenewal Negative behaviors appear Retreat/regroup Crisis/failure

13 SacrificeResentmentRenewal

14 TTalk with peers/trusted friends DDelegate TTry something new TTake some downtime RRediscover a hobby TTake care of yourself CCraft a mission statement

15 Personal Professional  Keep guideposts in focus  Basis for decisions  Force you to look at life balance  Keep you focused on the bigger picture

16  Guiding values and principles  Provides a unifying theme for all of the different roles you fill  Puts you in charge of defining your life

17 Let the first act of every morning be to make the following resolve for the day: * I shall not fear anyone on Earth. * I shall fear only God. * I shall not bear ill will toward anyone. * I shall not submit to injustice from anyone. * I shall conquer untruth by truth. * And in resisting untruth, I shall put up with all suffering. -- Ghandi I want to be the person my dog already thinks I am. -- Unknown

18  What you are here to do  Why you do it  How you do it  Who you do it for

19 As an art educator I will conduct myself with a positive attitude as a motivated leader in my field. I will recognize the whole child in each of my students and motivate them to explore the world through art. My perfect world is a place where each individual uses the gifts God gave them in a positive way. At Kimberly Washburn (law firm), my mission is to learn and understand my clients' needs and the external factors affecting them so that I can aggressively and professionally represent them throughout the legal process. I clearly communicate my legal knowledge and experience, thereby enabling my clients to make well-informed decisions for themselves.

20 I empower others to enrich their lives through volunteer service. I create volunteer opportunities and environments that foster growth, accomplishment, and a sense of fellowship and self-worth. I seek out and participate in opportunities that encourage sharing of knowledge among volunteer management practitioners to enhance the professionalism of the field. l live a life that is true to myself, not a life that is defined by others’ expectations. The power to create that life is in my own hands and I do not relinquish it to anyone else. I exercise that power with integrity, courage, honesty and gratitude. I infuse my life with laughter, forgiveness, curiosity, creativity, and compassion, and I seek to be a positive force in the lives of those I encounter along the way.

21  What you like about your job  How a good day makes you feel  Awareness of your own reactions and behavior  Remembering why you do what you do  Most importantly…



24 Keeping the Flame Alive Marjorie Trachtman VANNW Conference June 25, 2013

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