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Service After the Sale Student’s Perception of Their Own Abilities Is Critical ~ Sally Denoyer.

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1 Service After the Sale Student’s Perception of Their Own Abilities Is Critical ~ Sally Denoyer

2 “My books are water; those of the great geniuses are wine… Everybody drinks water.” ~ Mark Twain

3 Why Self- Awareness Is Imperative For A Student Ψ Learned Helplessness Ψ Stress Ψ Frostig Center Ψ Motivation (Lavoie)

4 Learned Helplessness

5 Uncontrollable bad event Perceived lack of control


7 Stress Good Stress A task that is not trivial and for which there is a reasonable chance of success Bad stress An ongoing challenge that is both threatening and unmanageable Feeling like a fool in science class that is far beyond your skill level Creates neural firestorm that can disrupt thinking. “ I get it when we go over it at home but in class I forget everything ”

8 Brain structures & Chemistry Amygdala has trouble forgetting a stimulus that once was threatening no matter how much we try to talk the child out of it This part of the brain does not understand logic Brain will automatically downshift as soon as they walk thru the classroom door Becomes extremely hard to use higher level thinking

9 Diagnosed 5 years ago with dyslexia

10 Frostig Center Dr. Raskind Longitudinal Study – 20 years 6 attrubutes of success Self Awareness Ability to compartmentalize Recognize and accept their strengths & weaknesses Niche- pickers Tremendous gratitude toward their parents Research

11 Motivation  Without motivation there is no learning  Every behavior that we manifest on any given day is motivated.

12 Impact that learning disorders can have upon a student’s ability to stay motivated in the classroom Performance inconsistency Unfortunately their areas of LH are math and reading and cannot be avoided in a school setting. Needing assistance for so many things undermines sense of independence LH is a very real and potentially destructive psychological construct. Teach about inborn inconsistencies. Embrace and compensate Aware of automatic, negative thoughts…. Measurable concrete examples of competence. Gather contradictory evidence Use phrases that enhance independence

13 Dr. Richard Lavoie

14 A village couldn’t hurt….. Parents Dual role of parent and advocate Must be a source of strength and support Teacher There is a clear link between the child’s sense of safety and his ability to learn, concentrate, and be motivated Begin at level of feeling successful first, then go toward grade level skills from there.

15 Believing You Can Get Smarter Makes You Smarter Aronson, Fried, & Good (2011) Intelligence  malleable vs. stable and fixed Greater academic achievement Especially groups with traditionally negative stereotypes

16 UNDERSTANDING THE ‘LABEL’ Learning disabilities and special talents often come in the same package. Whole person not just a label. Disability or Handicap…or maybe impairemnt ??? Sir Paul

17 School Psychologist

18 Resources: Literature Richard Lavoie The Motivation Breakthrough Jane Healy Different learners Eric Jenson Different Brains, Different Learners Robert Brooks & Sam Goldstein The Power of Resilience: Achieving Balance, Confidence, and Personal Strength in your Life

19 Resources - Websites Schwablearning.orgParent guideArticles, links LD OnlineKidsStories posted Learning AllyParents, student 80,000 audiobooks $$

20 Resources : Materials & Props Lime green materials 3-D image shifting magnet Yardstick/ruler Fireplace Scene DVD Graphic Organizers Mindware calculator/games Magnifying clear reader

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