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The “New” Imperialism. Famous Quote “Imperialism is the monopoly stage of capitalism… the last stage of a dying system.” ~Lenin.

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1 The “New” Imperialism



4 Famous Quote “Imperialism is the monopoly stage of capitalism… the last stage of a dying system.” ~Lenin


6 North Africa Dominated by the Sahara Desert Originally controlled by the Ottoman Empire. Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco~ French Libya~ Italian

7 Egypt Independent of the Ottomans Ruled by Khedives- a Muslim dynasty Khedives were bankrupt from the construction of the Suez Canal and interest payments to other countries.

8 Egypt The people of Egypt revolted, and Britain came in and took over the country.




12 Belgian Congo Controlled by Leopold II Claimed to have been a humanitarian, wishing to aid the native people.

13 Congo Leopold used slave labor, intimidation, mutilation, and mass murder to get rubber and ivory.


15 American missionary, Rev. J. B. Murphy It has reduced the people to a state of utter despair. Each town in the district is forced to bring a certain quantity [of rubber] to the headquarters of the commissaire every Sunday. It is collected by force. The soldiers drive the people into the bush. If they will not go they are shot down, and their left hands cut off and taken as trophies to the commissaire. The soldiers do not care who they shoot down, and they more often shoot poor helpless women and harmless children. These hands, the hands of men, women and children, are placed in rows before the commissaire, who counts them to see that the soldiers have not wasted the cartridges.

16 Source: The Times, London, 18 November 1895. Quoted in K. Shillington. (1995). History of Africa. London: Macmillan, pp. 333-335. One day a State corporal, who was in charge of the post of Lolifa, was going round the town collecting rubber. Meeting a poor woman whose husband was away fishing, he said, ‘Where is your husband?’ She answered by pointing to the river. He then said, ‘Where is his rubber?’ She answered, ‘It is ready for you,’ whereupon he said, ‘You lie,’ and, lifting his gun, shot her dead. Shortly afterwards the husband returned, and was told of the murder of his wife. He went straight to the corporal, taking with him his rubber, and asked why he had shot his wife. The wretched man then raised his gun and killed the corporal. The soldiers ran away to the headquarters of the State and made misrepresentations of the case, with the result that the commissaire sent a large force to support the authority of the soldiers; the town was looted, burned, and many people killed and wounded.

17 South Africa Controlled by Great Britain Dealt with numerous revolts by the natives An Apartheid was issued in the late 1800’s which kept the natives and British completely separate.

18 Asia Open Door Policy Japan attempted to overrun Manchuria in Northern China until the French, British, and Russians intervened.


20 Spanish American War Drove Spain completely out of the Western Hemisphere Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Philippines, parts of Samoa, Hawaii taken over by the U.S.

21 Class Work (Pgs. 838-842) What resulted from the Congress of Berlin? Define Dual Alliance, Triple Alliance, Triple Entente Explain why each country allied themselves with each other in their chosen alliances.

22 Bismarck’s Leadership Formed the Three Emperors League in 1873: Germany, Austria, Russia. Alliance crumbled as Russia fought w/ Austria over Turkey.

23 War between Ottoman E. and Russia Treaty of San Stefano- ended the war, the Slavic states of the Balkans were free from O’s rule. Russia got money.

24 Congress of Berlin Britain, Austria, Russia, and Germany. Bulgaria-reduced in size Bosnia-Herzegovina given to Austria-H. Britain given Cyprus French given Tunisia Romania, Greece, and particularly Russia angered by the outcome. Serbia resented A-H occupation of B-H.

25 Dual Alliance Germany and Austria formed an alliance in case Russia attacked either. Three Emperors League Re-affirmed.

26 Triple Alliance Germany, Austria, Italy

27 Triple Entente France, Britain, Russia

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