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Propaganda Anything that is written or made to promote a particular point of view or goal.

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1 Propaganda Anything that is written or made to promote a particular point of view or goal.

2 “Nazi Socialism is the guarantee for victory” -1939

3 a common Nazi slogan: “The Führer is always right”- 1941

4 This is a picture of Hitler speaking at the Nuremberg Rally,

5 A quotation from Hermann Göring: “To help to defend and finish the Führer’s enormous work is the happiest task and highest duty of all Germans” 27 April - 3 May 1941

6 The title: “Genetic illness within the German people.”
The top shows the increase in genetically ill persons in institutions. The bottom shows projections of what could happen if steps are not taken. In 1930, there are equal numbers of “valuable” families and “inferior” families with four children. After 100 years, the ration will be 23% to 77%, and after 300 years, 4 to 96%. The quotation in red at the bottom is from one of Hitler’s speeches at the 1937 Nuremberg Rally: “Only he who keeps his people healthy ensures its future.”

7 The title: “Costs for the genetically ill — social consequences.”
The left frame notes that an institution that houses 130 feeble-minded costs about 104,000 Reichsmarks (money) a year. The right frame notes that that is enough to build 17 houses for healthy working class families. The text in red at the bottom: “The genetically ill are a burden for the people.

8 This striking picture is captioned: “Remembering the fallen husband.
” In what is almost an altar, Hitler’s portrait is on the wall above a picture of the woman’s husband, while a candle burns. The two children suggest that, though the man has died, his blood lives on. This picture is from the magazine for party leaders instructing them how to conduct party ceremonies. Source: Die neue Gemeinschaft, a 1944 issue.

9 The cover of a summer 1940 pamphlet attacking England
The cover of a summer 1940 pamphlet attacking England. This pamphlet provided information to everyday Germans about why England should be attacked.

10 Caption: We, the “have-nots...”
Translation: 46 million Britain's control over 40 million square kilometers of land — stolen by brute force in every part of the world! That is more than a quarter of all the inhabitable space on earth! 86 million Germans on the other hand must earn their daily bread from 600,000 square kilometers, and should even have to ask the London plutocratic clique for permission to do that! We, the German “have-nots” fight for our food — and what about the British exploiter caste? —They fight for dividends at the cost of the blood of the peoples — but for the last time !!! 

11 This was issued after regulations were introduced requiring all Jews still in Germany to wear a visible yellow star. The caption says: “He who wears this symbol is an enemy of our people.”

12 “German currency is today no longer the object of speculation by the Jews and financiers, but rather the reward of labor. What our fathers achieved must also be valuable to us, to be treated with care and economy. Every unnecessary purchase is a luxury. All must save for the Führer’s work!” #4/1940: 24 March - 1 April

13 “Whether in school or the work place, or serving in the HJ or BDM, whether at home with your mothers: everywhere you have tasks that you must fulfill if you want to say that you are Adolf Hitler’s proper German boys and girls.” 6 July1940

14 This is part of a painting by Rudolf Hermann Eisenmemger titled “Austria Comes Home.” It depicts an Austria freed from chains marching alongside the swastika flag. The event portrayed is the Anschluß with Austria in 1938. - March 1941.

15 This is a photograph of Hitler feeding a little deer
This is a photograph of Hitler feeding a little deer. This photograph, along with many others were given as gifts to those that donated to the Nazi Party.

16 This is from a newspaper that shows a hospital destroyed by British bombing. Twelve helpless children were killed and numerous others seriously injured. The picture above showed a destroyed hospital room. The picture to the right shows foreign journalists who can see for themselves that we are speaking the truth.

17 This is from a book given to the members of the Nazi Party:
“The greatest thing about him is that He is not only our Führer and hero, Rather it is he himself: frank, strong and simple; The roots of our world are in him, His soul reaches to the stars, Yet he remains a person, just like you and me.”

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