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Snow Snow on the ground led to some imaginative Haikus from 5A.

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1 Snow Snow on the ground led to some imaginative Haikus from 5A

2 Wonderful snow left On an unforgiving ground. Too soon – winter’s gone. Ahad Zeb

3 As white as a board As soft as a warm kitten As cold as a fridge Amber Brookman-Pettit

4 The snow is funny It makes me laugh like crazy It is so fluffy. Kallum Neesham

5 Moulding instantly To the slushing, helpless grass And melts like ice cream. Too many wheels over Now turning all brown swiftly Melting as always. George Leakey

6 The snow is calming. The snow is extremely cold. The snow is fragile. Tommy Knight

7 The snow is ice cold It wets the ground like the rain The snow is calming. Tyler Harper

8 Elegant snow fell Cream, isolated islands White, popping candy. No more cars around White slush pouring down the roads Winter is now gone. Freya Gray

9 Snow is amazing Making snowmen everywhere But very nippy. After the whole day Everything is all melted. No more snow again. Emily Cockburn

10 The snow can be cold. You can build a nice snowman. The snow is fragile. Eleanor Morten

11 The pearl white snow lays. It’s delicate and calming. Snow is magical. It is now dirty. The cars have churned the snow. It is horrible! Jade Briggs

12 The snow is peaceful The snow is very fluffy The snow is gritty. James Ireland

13 The snow fell slowly, To the wet, shivering ground. The winter has come. The coldness soon fell. The snow was shining bright. Winter’s now here. Layton Winter

14 The snow fell slowly, To the wet, uneven ground, On a cold, winter’s day. The snow fell quickly, As my dog bounds all around, On the cold, wet snow. Connor Phillips

15 The soft snow falls gently. White pearls delicately float As they lie calmly. Sadly, snow turns grey, Dangerous and slippery, All dirty and black. Thomas Basara-Hamilton

16 The snow fell on the ground. I made Olaf in the snow. It melted quickly. Johnathan Jackson

17 Snow is nippy chalk. Christmassy snow is epic. I love the snow days. Freezing snow is cool. Slushy snow is quite awful. Together, it’s fun. Riley Briscoe

18 The snow was falling Around everyone. It’s fun. Everyone loves it. Jessica Robbins

19 The snow fell slowly, To the dirty, rough, wet ground. Too soon, winter’s gone. Sophie Young

20 The snow is calming. The snow is melting quickly. The snow is ice-cold. Eddie Fowle

21 Snow is falling fast. Usually it is gone. Flying snow is weird. Connor Law

22 Snow is wonderful. I make snow golems at school. Snow is amazing. After the cold snow. I love snow and so should you. It will come again. Harvey Ravinet.

23 The snow fell quickly, To the unloved dark garden. Too soon, winter’s gone. Charlie Schillaci

24 Snow falls silently. It is very elegant And cold and calming. Horrible cars drive All over the lovely snow. This is very sad. Josh Nervi

25 The cold, icy snow, So slippery and so wet. So nippy and soft. The mushy, brown snow Is polluted by wet cars, Speeding over the roads. Roxanne Thompson

26 The freezing, cold snow, Didn’t help the cars go. But quite slippery. Nothing was the same. It was an amazing shock, When snow came to town. Jack Harris

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