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Jacob Devera, Jacob Krieger, Ben Bogle, Megan Smith, Mark Malabuen.

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1 Jacob Devera, Jacob Krieger, Ben Bogle, Megan Smith, Mark Malabuen

2 “My father was a cultured, rather unsentimental man… The Jewish community in Sighet held him in the greatest esteem.” (pg. 2) Respected by others, does not display emotions openly CHAPTER 1-2

3 “I’m too old to start a new life. I’m too old to start from scratch again in a country so far away…” (pg. 6) Not comfortable with change CHAPTER 1-2

4 “…the yellow star? Oh well, what of it? You don’t die of it.” (pg. 9) Looking on the bright side, optimism CHAPTER 1-2

5 “My father wept. It was the first time I had ever seen him weep. I had never imagined that he could.” (pg. 16) Signs of sadness CHAPTER 1-2

6 Summary Started out respected by others, did not openly display his feelings Did not like change, took the risk of staying in Sighet instead of moving Looked on the bright side, did not think much of the Holocaust Showed signs of sadness at Birkenau CHAPTER 1-2

7 “Humanity? Humanity is not concerned with us. Today anything is allowed. Anything is possible, even these crematories…” (pg. 30) Comes to a realization, pessimistic CHAPTER 3-4

8 “…How he had changed. His eyes had grown dim. I would have liked to speak to him, but I did not know what to say.” (pg. 34) Start of physical degradation CHAPTER 3-4

9 “…my father was always up to his neck in the affairs of the Jewish community, and much less well versed in family matters.” (pg. 40) Places his religious values over the family CHAPTER 3-4

10 “…any anger I felt at that moment was directed, not against the Kapo, but against my father. I was angry with him, for not knowing how to avoid Idek’s outbreak.” (pg. 52) Less focused, lowered concentration CHAPTER 3-4

11 “When I spoke to my father about it, he turned pale, was silent a long while, and then said: ‘No son, you mustn’t do it.’ ‘He’ll take it out on us.’ ‘He won’t dare.’” (pg. 52-53) Looks out for his son CHAPTER 3-4

12 “My father had never done military service, and he never succeeded in marching in step… I decided to give my father lessons myself… But my father’s progress was still inadequate.” (pg. 53) Lowered motor skills CHAPTER 3-4

13 Summary Realization about what is really happening, pessimistic Religious values revealed to be more important than family matters Physical degradation causes lowered motor skills CHAPTER 3-4

14 “He was standing near the wall, bowed down, his shoulders sagging as though beneath a heavy burden.” (pg. 65) Physical degradation, weaker shoulders CHAPTER 5-6

15 “I did not fast, mainly to please my father, who had forbidden me to do so.” (pg. 66) Still faithful to God CHAPTER 5-6

16 “How would he pass the selection. He had aged so much…” (pg. 67) Becoming physically unfit CHAPTER 5-6

17 “What would he do without me? I was his only support.” (pg. 82) Depended on Elie for support CHAPTER 5-6

18 “Don’t be afraid, son. Sleep – you can sleep. I’ll look after you myself.” (pg. 85) Selfless despite his condition CHAPTER 5-6

19 “My God, Lord of the Universe, give me strength never to do what Rabbi Eliahou’s son has done.” (pg. 87) Loved by his son CHAPTER 5-6

20 Summary Further weakness in physical abilities Starting to become a burden to his son Elie’s father still wants to care for his son despite his limitations CHAPTER 5-6

21 “My father was huddled near me, wrapped in his blanket, his shoulders covered with snow. And was he dead, too?...there was no more reason to live, no more reason to struggle.” (pg. 93) Significant; presence required for Elie’s will to live CHAPTER 7-8

22 “Father! Father! Wake up. They’re trying to throw you out of the carriage…” (pg. 94) Grown weak to the point where he is considered dead to others CHAPTER 7-8

23 “Don’t let yourself go under… You must resist. Don’t lose faith in yourself.” (pg. 97) Persistent faith despite hardships CHAPTER 7-8

24 “I can’t go on… This is the end… I’m going to die here…” (pg. 100) Hopelessness CHAPTER 7-8

25 “He looked at me for a moment, and his gaze was distant, visionary; it was the face of someone else.” (pg. 102) Face altered significantly by the Holocaust CHAPTER 7-8

26 “…I stayed gazing at him for an hour, engraving in to myself the picture of his blood-stained face, his shattered skull.” (pg. 106) Battered to near-death CHAPTER 7-8

27 Summary Becomes much more precious to Elie Physical degradation to the point where he was considered dead Persistent in faith, but loses hope soon Altered face CHAPTER 7-8

28 To testify about the effects of the Holocaust on the Jews to ensure it does not happen again “Never shall I forget that night…” PURPOSE OF THE NOVEL

29 Elie’s father shows that a well-respected community leader can be degraded to a weak, somber, and helpless person PURPOSE OF THE NOVEL

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