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Manchuria lesson two LO: To understand the significance of the Manchurian crisis for the League in the 1930s.

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1 Manchuria lesson two LO: To understand the significance of the Manchurian crisis for the League in the 1930s

2 What can you remember about the Manchurian incident?
With the person sitting next to you recap the incidents Include the following key terms Depression, railway, sabotage, 1 year, China, USA, trade, Britain and France

3 Why had the League failed?
Powerless and sanctions did not work- because key people like the USA were not involved it weakened the League’s powers- they could not effectively use economic sanctions against Japan Self interest of GB+F-these were reluctant to act against Japan because they wanted to maintain positive relations- this meant that the league lacked power, a will and support to punish Japan Took too long to make decisions- over a year to decide- when it had decided it was really too late to do anything!

4 How serious were the results of the failure?
Source A The invasion of Manchuria had two important side effects - putting aside for a moment its dreadful revelation that the League was powerless in the face of a determined aggressor. First, it raised the prestige of the Japanese Army. Second, it made it possible for the Army to pressurise the Japanese government to undertake a policy of armed expansion. Tony Howarth, Twentieth Century History (1979) Source B America's consistent refusal to use nothing more than words in support of the League had shown just how toothless and helpless the international community was when it came to enforcing and upholding the peace. A dangerous precedent had been set. John Costello, The Pacific War (1981)

5 How damaging was the attitude of Britain (and F) to the League in 1932?
Source C I know this sounds all wrong, perhaps immoral, when Japan is flouting the League of Nations, but:  (1) she was greatly provoked,  (2) she must ere long expand somewhere - for goodness sake let (or rather encourage) her to do so there instead of Australia and (3) her control of Manchuria means a real block against Communist aggression. A letter from the Master of Peterhouse, Cambridge University, to his friend John Simon, the British Foreign Secretary (1933)

6 Task 1: Analysing political cartoons
You are to create a detailed analysis of the two political cartoons and its key features You are then to write up a DETAILED answer to the following question for both sources What is the message of this source? (7) You might want to look at the following page- scroll down, it will help you with your interpretation.

7 Your should focus your analysis on the following
This part of the source shows Japan walking all over the League. This refers to……….

8 Writing up your answer When writing up your answer you need to use three different colours to indicate the different elements of the question. The message of the source The message of this source is that……… Support from the source This is supported by……. Place the source into a DETAILED Contextual knowledge At the time, in 1932 Japan……. The league’s reaction…… this was a failure of the league because…….. Britain and France’s reaction………

9 Source 2

10 TASK 3 Your second task is to write a detailed newspaper report criticising the League’s actions over the Manchurian crisis You should be negative and critical towards the League explaining its failures and weaknesses which were evident during the crisis in 1932 Why had they failed in Manchuria and whose fault was this?

11 Homework You must print off both of the cartoons that you have annotated and stick them both into your exercise book. You must also stick in your answer to the exam questions – what is the message of the cartoons. You must also complete task 3 and either write into your books or do on the computer then print off and stick in your book.

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