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Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) Training Guide We protect over 60,000 people with around-the-clock emergency monitoring.

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1 Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) Training Guide We protect over 60,000 people with around-the-clock emergency monitoring


3 Medical AlertsMedical Alerts are ideal for: Someone Living Alone Single or expecting Moms Over 55 Years of Age Injury Rehabilitation After The Death Of A Spouse Someone w/Poor Motor Skills Physically Disabled Mentally Disabled After Surgery Recovery Someone With Falling Tendencies Someone With Illness College Students Domestic Violence Victims

4 Facts on Emergencies: Research supports the common sense notion that getting prompt help makes surviving an emergency more likely. The ability to get help also boosts the odds that a senior will continue to live without an assisted living program. The longer a person spends helpless, the greater the likelihood he/she will be discharged into supportive care. For elderly living alone, becoming incapacitated and unable to get help is a common event, which usually marks the end to their ability to live without an assisted living program.

5 Facts on Elderly Living: As the oldest baby boomers become elderly living citizens in 2011, the percentage of people 65 and older is projected to grow faster than any other age group. 26 states are projected to DOUBLE their elderly living (65+ and-older) populations BETWEEN 2000 and 2030.

6 Facts on 911 Calls: Over 150 Million emergency calls are made each year in the US.

7 Facts on Causes of Death: Nearly 75% of all deaths in the United States are deaths of elderly living people. For many decades, heart disease, cancer, and stroke have been the leading causes of death among the elderly living alone, accounting for 70% of all deaths in this age group.

8 Facts on Falling: Of the 35 million Americans over 65, about 1 in 3 will fall in a given year. The elderly living are hospitalized for fall-related injuries 5 times more often than they are for injuries from all other causes. Falls are the leading cause of accidental death for the elderly living alone. 50% of people who fall require assistance from someone else to get up. After a fall or other emergency, 90% of people who get help within one hour will continue to live a life without an assisted living program, but after 12 hours without help only 10% of people will continue to live at home. Nearly one half of the elderly living community who incur a serious injury never fully recover and many lose their ability to function independently and without the aid of an assisted living program for the rest of their lives. A good proportion end up in assisted living homes, making falls and the injuries that result, one of the most substantial health threats facing elderly living adults.

9 FALL STATISTICS: The reality A study published in The New England Journal of Medicine titled Persons Found in Their Homes Helpless or Dead? found that 62% of people admitted to the hospital after being found in their homes following a fall were unable to return to living independently. Estimated TIME spent incapacitated | % found ALIVE Less than 1 hour: 92% 1-3 hours: 47% 3-6 hours: 25% 6-12 hours: 22% 12-24 hours: 33% 24-48 hours: 14% 48-72 hours: 12% Greater than 72 hours: 13% In just one to three hours after the fall, more than 50% of the undetected victims do not survive.

10 Facts on Heart Attacks: 1.5 million Heart attacks occur in the United States each year with 500,000 deaths. A heart attack occurs about every 20 seconds with a heart attack death about every minute. About 50% of deaths occur within one hour of the heart attack outside a hospital or assisted living home. There is a only a 6% to 9% early mortality rate from Heart attack for those who survive long enough to reach the hospital. Getting to the hospital quickly is a necessity. Deaths from cardiovascular diseases in women exceed the total number of deaths caused by the next 16 causes. Costs related to heart attack exceed 60 billion dollars per year. Coronary Heart Disease is America’s No. 1 killer. Stroke is No. 3 and a leading cause of serious disability. Many strokes are preventable and treatable with prompt medical attention.

11 The Fact is… It never hurts to have someone looking out for you or a loved one at all times. This is exactly why a MedGuard System is PRICELESS!

12 Emergency Medical Dispatch Certified Attendants AND/OR Loved ones ALERTED Your medical history and other important information is provided to dispatched Emergency Personnel 1-Button Communication with Monitoring Station 24hrs Day / 7 Days/week


14 ”Big Blue” Monitoring Package is only $29.95 /monthly Or $89.95 /quarterly NO CONTRACTS - NO CREDIT CHECKS Most Popular! Best Seller Get the Mytrex “Big Blue” 2-way Voice System w/your choice of a standard medical pendant or bracelet absolutely FREE! EXPRESS Shipping and Handling Included!

15 *After a 90 day period you may cancel the service by giving a 30 day notice and returning the unit. No deposit or hidden fees Free shipping & handling No long-term contract FREE system repair and replacement *Cancel at any time without penalty We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or EFT Checking

16 Panic Buttons The medical alert panic button may be worn as a necklace or a bracelet. Both styles are waterproof and offer an optimum range of typically 600 feet or more. In addition, one alarm unit will work with up to eight (8) different medical alert bracelets simultaneously. When monitored by the MedGuardPLUS Response Center, the panic button battery status is reported every time it is pressed. For subscribers lacking fine motor skills or dexterity, soft touch buttons are also available. The “Big Blue” Standard System Consists of a small personal help button that can be worn as either a necklace or a wristband. Communication is through the main console. 600 Foot Radius Range Wear as a Bracelet or Necklace Waterproof Lightweight & Durable 600 Foot Radius Range Wear as a Bracelet or Necklace Waterproof Lightweight & Durable Emergency Medical Alert Necklace and Bracelets

17 →Simple 5 Minute Setup Your system comes complete with an easy to follow self-setup guide. In 5 minutes or less you will have your MedGuard connected and ready to use. →Voice to Voice Communication Your MedGuard system is equipped with a two- way voice capability that allows you to communicate with our Care Specialists from virtually anywhere in your home. Super-sensitive and highly reliable, voice to voice communication gives you the greatest coverage area possible in the event of an emergency. →Up to 600 Feet Open Air Range The MedGuard help pendant has a range of up to 600feet. It should provide coverage throughout most homes. →Waterproof Help Button Your help pendant is waterproof so you can wear it while performing all of your normal chores, even around water. →3 Help Pendant Attachments (Free of charge) With the MedGuard system, all that you need to wear your help pendant in one of 3 ways — as a necklace, a wristwatch or a belt clip — is included. →Automatic Weekly Test Timer The MedGuard system automatically checks in to the monitoring center each week, assuring that your system is connected and ready to work when necessary. →Up To 32 Hours Of Standby Power In the event of a power loss, MedGuard will continue to operate since its built-in battery provides up to 32 hours of standby power. →Speaker Phone Feature Simply press your help pendant when you are receiving an incoming phone call. You will instantly be able to communicate via the convenient MedGuard speaker phone feature. Who says you need to pick up the phone to take calls? →UL Listed Console The toaster, iron and oven in your house are all UL Listed for safety; this certification provides the peace of mind that the product is safe for everyday use. Your medical alert console should meet these same high standards and MedGuard does. Mytrex More Info: Product Details:

18 Two-way Voice Communication The MedGuard “Big Blue” console provides hands free, voice to voice communications between you and our Certified Attendants during any emergency situation. The convenient two-way voice communication is fast, friendly and flexible support to insure you have the help you need when seconds count.


20 First Class Service 24/7 Customer & Tech Support Around the clock, MedGuard provides technical, supervisory & operational staff to meet your needs. Whatever situation may arise, our highly skilled employees will be there. We Pick Up The Phones…NOT Machines Every call to MedGuard is answered by a live person. No machines, no automated attendants, no call backs. Customer service begins and ends with knowledgeable, friendly staff there for you at all times. System Repair / Replacement Included Your MedGuard system has repair/replacement service included. We will replace all defective or malfunctioning parts immediately for as long as you stay with us. No charge for parts, repair, or shipping ever!

21 EMD Attendants Each of our EMD-certified attendants receives the same training as 911 dispatchers and is certified in CPR. These certifications enable the attendant to recognize life-threatening emergencies (including cardiac arrest, choking, heart attack, and stroke) and provide specific emergency care instructions to subscribers waiting for an EMS response. 2 Agents on Every Call In the event that you push your help button and MedGuardPLUS needs to contact emergency services or your friends and family, one attendant will remain on the line with you while another notifies EMS and/or your emergency contact list. Our attendants will remain on the line with you until help arrives. MedGuardPLUS Certified Attendants remain with you until help arrives

22 Lock Box/Key Safe A spare key can be stored securely in the lockbox, allowing responders and emergency services access to the home when help is needed. Rescue Alert stores the combination to the lockbox in a secure database. One time Fee $25.00

23 Saving One Life at a Time!

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