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SOCI0067: Crime and the Media Lecture 1 Dr. L. Cho, PhD DEPARTMENT OF SOCIOLOGY.

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1 SOCI0067: Crime and the Media Lecture 1 Dr. L. Cho, PhD E-mail: DEPARTMENT OF SOCIOLOGY

2 Media and Violence

3 Who Am I? PhD, Journalism and Media Studies Research area: Media Studies Investigative reporting in Mainland China DEPARTMENT OF SOCIOLOGY

4 Who Are You?

5 What is this Course About? Lets Look at One Case Study…

6 Case Study Late 2007, renown pop star X sent pink Apple Powerbook laptop (nicknamed Cotton Candy Mac) to computer shop in Central for repair Computer technician Y accidentally discovered graphic sexual photographs and videos of pop star X with more than a dozen female celebrities. Technician Y downloaded them onto his own computer The rest was history…

7 What is the Case Known As? Edison Chan “Nude Photo Scandal” Or “Sexy Photos Gate”

8 Facts: Edison Chan, a popular canto-pop star Gillian Chan, among other starlets including Cecilia Cheung were pictured in the photos Hundreds of photos were circulated over the internet

9 Sexy Photos Gate How many days did “Sexy Photos Gate” appear as front page headline on HK papers?

10 Warning You may be disturbed by the following lecture containing scenes of sexual nature. You may choose to close your eyes or leave this room for a while.

11 How Does the Media Shape Our Ideas of Crime? Who is the victim? Who is the criminal?

12 How Does the Media Shape Our Idea of Crime Control? What should be done? Who should be punished?

13 Why is Crime Presented in a Particular Way? Who is the winner? Who is the loser?

14 How Does the Media Influence Our Conception of Crime and Crime Control? Shaving the Eye Brows of Police Headline: A Slap in the Face of the Police When photos continued to surface on the internet after Police announced they tracked down source of the photos… Lusty photos spread across globe Hong Kong police helpless Bedroom Photos seen around the globe Police helpless

15 In What Ways Does the Media Shape Our Ideas and Reponses to Crime?

16 Why is Crime Portrayed in a Particular Way?

17 By Television?

18 By Radio?

19 By Newspapers?

20 By Tabloids Andy Lau Shot!

21 How is Crime Represented

22 In Popular Culture

23 By Movies and Entertainment Industries…

24 We Will Not Only Look at How Crime is Portrayed …

25 But Also How Crime Control is Portrayed …


27 Role of the Media in Crime and Criminal Justice System

28 Discuss Theories About Media and Crime What is the Role of Media in Constructing Reality?

29 Understand How Crime Stories Reflect the News Agency ’ s Priorities How is the news assembled? What the various interests and issues at stake?

30 Agenda Setting: “Media cannot tell you what to think, but it can tell you what to think about.” DEPARTMENT OF SOCIOLOGY

31 Can Media “ Cause ” Crime?

32 Does Reading About Suicide Trigger Suicidal Thought?

33 Analyze How Popular Media Shape People ’ s Fears and Anxieties About Crime

34 Examine Masculine Images of Crime Perpetrated in the Media Are you talking to me?!

35 Analyze Violence By and Against Women Young Filipina Stabbed 20 times…

36 Review the History, Meaning and Power of “ Moral Panic ”

37 Explore the Interdependent Relationship Media & Criminal Justice System Picture of dashijian

38 Cooperative and Adversarial Relationship News Media and Law Enforcement Agencies in China

39 Myths and Realities of Crime and Crime Control

40 Course Requirements Lectures Tues Tutorials Wed-Fri (Tutorial starts after Chinese New Year)

41 Course Assessment 40% Examination 60% Course Work

42 25% Individual Portfolio 35% Group Project

43 25% Individual Portfolio Weekly journal Topics covered in class 2 pages, double spaced typed, 12 pt font 1st Deadline: Reading Week

44 35% Group Project At Tutorials: Group discussions, research, presentations, debates

45 35% Group Project Weekly write-up 3 pages Portfolio that reflects critically on the media

46 Teaching Assistants Yujing Fun, PhD Candidate Allison Tsui, MPhil Candidate

47 Sign Up for Tutorials

48 Readings A packet of readings can be obtained from the student copy centre in Meng Wah Complex (next to Park n Shop.)


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