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Sexual Sadism The term “sadism” was originally used in the

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1 Sexual Sadism The term “sadism” was originally used in the French medical literature in connection with the writings of the Marquis de Sade, whose novels depicted scenes of torture, cruelty and killing for erotic purposes note that individuals can be sadistic without such acts involving sexual arousal

2 Sadism involves the experience of sexual,
pleasurable sensations (including orgasm) in response to the psychological humiliation and/or bodily punishment of others For the Sadist pain in others, is not important, in and of itself, but rather because it symbolizes power and control over others

3 To force someone to endure pain or humiliation
without being able to defend him/herself is one of the key manifestations of absolute control, but it is by no means the only one The Sadist who has complete control over another living being makes this being into a thing, his property, while becoming the other being’s god

4 Prevalence: no concrete figures for prevalence are available 5% of men and 2% of women obtain sexual gratification from inflicting pain on others 3-33% of women and 10-50% of men report sexual arousal in response to sadomasochistic narratives

5 It is unclear whether these represent sustained,
preferred activities or, part of a repertoire of sexual behaviours/fantasies that are engaged in from time to time

6 Associated Features: Sadism is commonly found in association with other paraphilias Some researchers consider sadism and masochism to be complimentary phenomenon Individuals with sadistic fantasies often have masochistic fantasies as well

7 29% of self-identified West German sado-
masochists alternated between dominate and subordinate role Another study (confidentiality of subjects guaranteed) found 18% of sadists were also masochists, 46% engaged in rape, 21% exhibitionism, 25% voyeurism and frottage, and 33% pedophilia

8 Types of Sadistic Behaviour:
those who participate in giving acts of sadism within consensual relationships often refer to the activity as “dominance and submission” (D/s), “bondage and discipline” (B/D), or “sadomasochism” (S/M)

9 Dominance & Submission (D/s):
Sexual activity in which one partner takes the “dominant” role and the other the “submissive” role in a “session” or “scene.”

10 Roleplay: Sexual interactions in which two or more individuals perform a dramatic scene for their mutual benefit Roles are usually based on conventional D/s power relationships

11 Use of the roles of master-slave, teacher-pupil,
owner-animal, babysitter-baby, doctor-patient etc., ensures a tone of power and control Some have argued that most sexual interactions are a form a roleplay, even the traditional male-dominant model of Husband/Wife

12 Bondage & Discipline (B & D):
A form of dominance & submission in which the submissive might be bound or otherwise immobilized (with ropes, corsets, handcuffs, gags, blindfolds, nipple clamps, cages, dog collars, harnesses, etc.).

13 This includes activities in which the submissive
is judged to be “good” or bad and must be rewarded or punished for his/her behaviour Bondage renders the submissive helpless, immobile and dependant

14 Sadomasochism (S/M): A form of dominance and submission involving strenuous corporal punishment

15 In these activities the dominant partner places
the submissive one in a position of helplessness and then applies some form of discipline or punishment, usually accompanied by verbal degradation

16 punishment takes the form of such acts as
whipping of the buttocks, spanking, fisting (inserting a fist into the anus or vagina), piercing, branding, cutting, squeezing the nipples or penis humiliation can take the form of urinating (“golden showers”) or defecating on the submissive’s body

17 enemas may be administered to deprive the
submissive of control of his or her bodily functions and he/she may be forced to retain the enema for uncomfortably long periods. the submissive may be dressed in diapers or required lick the dominant’s boot

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