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Healthy Bodies, One Meal at a Time. Maximizing wellness through nutrition! Grandma’s Soup is a not-for-profit food service organization that provides.

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1 Healthy Bodies, One Meal at a Time

2 Maximizing wellness through nutrition! Grandma’s Soup is a not-for-profit food service organization that provides meals to individuals and families affected by life-threatening illness, chronic health conditions, short term illness, food allergies and any individual or family who just wants to eat healthy. By taking a holistic approach to nutrition and healing, our mission is to create “Healthy Bodies, One Meal at a Time.”

3 Our Philosophy Good health begins with a good foundation. Holistic nutrition focuses on proper nutrition as the basis for optimum health and well being. Our methodology concentrates on life-threatening illness and chronic health conditions by incorporating natural and organic foods into daily nutrition to provide the essential nutrients the body needs during its battle against disease. Our unique approach makes an immediate and profound impact on the lives of our clients and supports long-term prevention of disease by providing the tools necessary to make healthy choices.

4 Good health begins with a good foundation

5 The Facts 52.5 % of all deaths in the US stem from heart disease, cancer and diabetes Cancer affects one in every three people before the age of 75 The average American consumes 1 pound of refined sugar a day 27% of society are suffering from obesity 48.8 million Americans are struggling with hunger 33% of life-threatening illness can be prevented simply by changing what we eat.

6 Our Goal The goal of Grandma’s Soup is to make a stressful time less stressful by taking the guess work out of proper nutrition during times of illness. Life-threatening illness affects individuals and families at alarming rates. When a diagnosis of a life-threatening illness is given, nutrition is often the first thing to fall by the wayside.

7 Our Mission “Healthy Bodies, One Meal at a Time” Our mission is: To provide delicious, healthy, holistic, and meals to individuals and families affected by life-threatening illnesses; To educate the larger community about the relationship between healing and food as it relates to what we eat and the health of our bodies; To mentor, encourage, educate, and inspire children and adults to become life- long stewards of healthy eating and cooking habits; To create “Healthy Bodies, One Meal at a Time”. Besides, what makes you feel better when you get sick? Grandma’s Soup!


9 Our Story

10 The Darkest of Night Have you ever felt helpless in the midst of all chaos? In your mind and heart you know that you can help, yet you don’t quite know how. You don’t want to impose, or imply yourself amid troubling times. And then, it’s too late and you’re left feeling like “I could have done something more…”

11 Ondi 08/29/51 – 08/21/10

12 In the midst of Chaos In November of 2007, seven months after having sinus surgery #3, I was diagnosed with Aspergillus disease (incurable and life-threatening if not controlled) and underwent sinus surgery #4. On March 17, 2008, my mother suffered a massive heart attack, stroke and lay in a diabetic coma on the floor of her home for two days before being found. I live 12 hours away from my mother. On October 17, 2009 my father suffers a massive heart attack and dies 40 miles outside of Chicago on a road trip to surprise me and my daughter. On August 21, 2010 my daughters god-mother and my dear friend dies from brain and liver cancer after surviving cancer 18 years prior and the next day, August 22, 2010 my step-mother dies from throat cancer. Two months later another dear friend is diagnosed with stage 2 lung cancer and she’s not a smoker. Alarms are going off inside of me all over the place. I have never felt so helpless in my life.

13 Jean 01/18/30 – 08/22/10

14 The still small voice “Oh Lord, I have this gift, yet how can I use it to help others?” Having grown up in a household that lived, cooked, healed and survived off of the earth (no McDonalds in our house), I began to realize how I could use my gift of cooking to the benefit of others. I realized that cooking is my purpose.

15 Grandpa Bobby 01/20/40 – 10/17/09

16 Finding the Joy in my Journey At an early age, I learned to cook for life. I was taught that we should not live to eat but, eat to live. Food is the foundation for life. Grandma’s Soup was just a thought 19 years ago when my gift of cooking chased me down. I let go of the dream of becoming a cardiovascular surgeon, changed my course of studies and completed a degree in Culinary Arts at Kendall College. Still hungry for a purpose more than just cooking, I continued my studies at Le Cordon Bleu completing with a degree in Culinary Arts Management and Nutrition. Still unsure of what to do with my gift, I began teaching cooking classes. I discovered that I enjoyed it and that it was rewarding to be able to teach someone how to eat healthy and enjoy cooking all at the same time.

17 Diane Survivor

18 Katie- SurvivorBillie, Survivor

19 Calling Forth a New Day! We are in the midst of the most profound transformation in human history and a tidal wave of change is sweeping through communities everywhere. With hunger statistics off the charts, 52.5% of all US deaths stemming from heart disease, cancer and diabetes, 25% of our population suffering from obesity and food allergies on the rise, Grandma’s Soup can be the change that you want to see.

20 Paula Survivor

21 Ann Survivor

22 Finishing Strong An apple a day really does keep the doctor away! Often there is nothing more than the spark of an idea and the willingness to step out on faith to impact change, make a difference and start a revolution. Grandma’s Soup is the change that I want to be.

23 Beth Survivor


25 Your Support makes a difference! Your donations will enable Grandma’s Soup to: Secure a store front location for one year Obtain Licenses, operating permits & Insurance Purchase Starting Inventory, Office & Kitchen Equipment Create 5 jobs for the first year Pay salaries for 1 year Provide 2800 meals within the first month & 33,600 meals for the first year Help you on your journey to a healthy body one meal at a time. $15,000.00 $250,00.00 Fundraising Efforts

26 BEYOND YOUR DONATION $10 = 3 meals……One less diagnosis of diabetes, cancer & heart disease. $25 = 7 meals ……..Overeating, obesity & weight issues can be controlled. $50 = 15 meals…… Changing and saving a life. $100 = 30 meals……Employment Opportunities Family Support Program. A monthly donation of $150 = 60 individual meals $350 a month = 240 meals for a family of 4 Help create “healthy bodies, one meal at a time” Sign up for our Family Partnership Program today!

27 25 Years Food Service Experience (Front & Back of the House) Volume Quality Food Production Business & Accounting Experience Kendall College Graduate Le Cordon Bleu Graduate Culinary Arts Culinary Management & Nutrition Holistic Nutrition Nutrition Coaching Kaquana King Founder & Executive Chef Grandma’s Soup

28 Find the joy in your journey… Healthy Bodies, One Meal at a Time

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