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Attachment. Separation and Reunion The Child in Care Heather Royce.

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1 Attachment. Separation and Reunion The Child in Care Heather Royce

2 “Of course the pain of separation from those we love is for all of us a devastating experience, but for the dependent child, the whole world collapses and everything loses meaning. The worst thing that can happen is that trauma can be so great and the child feels helpless in the face of it.” D.W Winnicot.

3 Bubble Picture! Read the comments in the speech bubbles and fill in accordingly.

4 Common Themes Separation Fear Change Identity Trauma Loss Emotional regulation Isolation Preoccupations Helplessness Control Worthlessness Hopelessness Poor self image Learning.

5 Dan Hughes ‘There Must Be Other Children.’

6 Inside the Looked After Child.


8 A Home for Maisie. “I hate my life.” “I am a nobody.” “Nobody wants me.” “I hate mums.”

9 What we emotionally experience is what we initially internalise and learn!

10 Secure Base and Attachment. It is in the early care giving relationships that a child grows to know love, to depend on that love and to come to the conclusion that they are themselves are fundamentally good and worth loving.

11 Secure and Safe to Explore!

12 A’s Story.

13 A definition of Trauma. “ At the moment of trauma, the victim is (made) helpless by overwhelming force… Traumatic events over whelm the ordinary systems of care that give people a sense of control, connection and meaning.” (Herman, 1992/1997).

14 !!!!!!!!!!!!! Trauma !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Experiencing abuse and neglect often leads to trauma and disturbed attachment.

15 Isolation

16 My Mum.




20 B’s Story.

21 Attachment, Trauma and the Impact on Development. Chronic abuse and or neglect in childhood affects the mind, the developing brain, the body, the spirit and relationships with others.

22 Thunder Smasher

23 Cry for Help.

24 A Drink.

25 Attachment and Relationships. Birth tie to family is extremely powerful.

26 Mind Sight and the Wheel of Awareness. Dr Daniel J. Seigal. u

27 Foster Placement. New home environment New post code New family New carers New foster siblings New rules New culture Where do I Fit? Where do I belong?

28 New School. New environment New systems New rules New teachers New peers New friends Where do I fit and where do I belong?

29 Reunion/ Contact. Negotiations. Supervised/ unsupervised Child/ parent Carer / parent relationship School

30 Reunion. In 2013 NSPCC reported 10,080 children left care and returned to parents. Research found a half to two-thirds of these children experienced further abuse and subsequently return to care the care system. Reunification often fails due to the lack of back up and support with the family.

31 A Home for Maisie.

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