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1 Impression Management 2 Efforts to produce favorable first impression on others.

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2 1 Impression Management

3 2 Efforts to produce favorable first impression on others.

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5 4 Towards a Definition A process by which people in social situations manage the setting and their dress, words and gestures to correspond to the impressions they are trying to make or the image they are trying to project Creating a good first and lasting impression.

6 5 Impression Management Strategies  Deliberate effort to make a favorable impression, often through flattery.  Efforts to make yourself appear to be more competent.  Communicating an ability and inclination to provide negative outcomes to others.  Creating an impression of moral superiority and integrity.

7 6  Creating an impression of being likeable and competent by understating accomplishments.  Creating an impression of being helpless needy, weak, and dependent.  Creating an impression of being helpless,but really being strong

8 7 First Impressions  Attractiveness.  Nonverbal Communication. Facial Expression Body language

9 8 first impressions  within three seconds of seeing a person for the first time we have decided their: opolitics oeducation oreligion oFriendliness oapproachability oaptitude osocial status

10 9 Traits - Forming Impression Characteristics that serve to organize an impression of person and provide a framework for understanding the person. Big Five Factors  Openness  Conscientiousness  Extroversion  Agreeableness

11 10 Central Traits Traits that exert a strong influence on our overall impressions.

12 11 5 Tactics of Impression Management  Ingratiation - Flattery - Likable  Self-promotion - Performance -Competent  Exemplification - Appearing Busy - Dedicated  Supplication - Asking for help -Needy  Intimidation -Displaying Anger -Intimidating The first three tactics are most often used

13 12 first impressions: some statistics 93% of how somebody judges you is based on non- verbal communication 7% is based on what you say

14 13 At work Doing a good job accounts for 10% of the impression you give 90% of the impression you give of being capable is based on perception –presentation of work –presentation of self –being seen to be ‘doing a good job’

15 14 But ….. “ at the end of the day it is how you perform that counts, but … every little helps if you make a mistake and don’t look good, then it can be a double minus.”

16 15 Impact 5 key IMPACT values Integrity - you have to be yourself Manners Personality - do not be a clone Appearance – it accounts for 55% of your impact Communication Thrill- keep them coming back for more!

17 16 Confidence A personal brand (what do you want the world to think of you) An ‘elevator pitch’ A winning image Transferable skills / Experience 5 things you need to face the world

18 17 Confidence - how? Preparation, Preparation, Preparation Know your stuff – and know you know your stuff!! Find opportunities to practice ‘presenting’ your stuff – get involved ALWAYS be positive NEVER be a one-track pony Be enthusiastic

19 18 Personal brand – how? Who you are What you are What are your personal / Professional ethics

20 19 Elevator Pitch – how? Do –s–speak! –m–make small talk –a–ask open questions Don’t –i–ignore him / her –t–talk about the weather –g–get too personal –m–moan!

21 20 A winning image – how? Appropriate Balanced Professional – Not powerful Modern Clean

22 21 Transferable skills – how? Interact Get involved Ask questions Volunteer Don’t wait to be asked Don’t sit back Think laterally

23 22 Impression Formation Approaches that look at the way we assess a person’s traits and form an over all impression.

24 23 Impression Mgt - Showing our traits Impression Formation -Seeing other’straits

25 24 Thank You Presented by : Arun Saxena

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