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How does your media product represent particular social groups?

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1 How does your media product represent particular social groups?

2  Alison Fondeas  40 years of age  Female  Caucasian  Middle Class  Police Officer  British

3  Tom Fondeas  25 years of age  Male  Caucasian  Middle Class  PE teacher at secondary school  British

4  Martha Jones  24 years of age  Female  Caucasian  Middle Class  Receptionist  British

5  Alison Fondeas – I feel that the character Alison doesn’t fit into the stereotype of protagonist or antagonist because she is both. At the start she is portrayed as a sweet mother who devotes all her time to her son and a dedicated police woman serving her country. Later on and throughout the film her sweetness and innocence unravels and we start to see the real her and her real motives. At the start the audience could view her as a helpless female but turns into an aggressive predator. You don’t see Alison in the opening title sequence so the mise-en-scene doesn’t apply to this certain character. We wanted to keep as much information about Alison a secret as she is our main plot twist so we didn’t want to give any clues about her or even any background information about her. We felt like Allison could be likened to Marcia Gay Harden’s role in the film “Canvas”. They are both loving mothers that end up tearing the very families they created apart, maybe without even realizing it. They both have schizophrenia which makes family life extremely hard and puts strains in the whole families relationship.

6  I feel that Tom Fondeas doesn’t typically fit into the thriller genre. This is because males are normally portrayed as the villain or ‘bad guy’ who causes most of the disruption throughout the films. However, in our case, we have made him the innocent victim that has been cheated on my his cruel fiancé days before the wedding. We felt that this would cause a stir and make the audience unsettled as it is conventionally the men in thriller films that audience develop a dislike for. I would say he is portrayed as the helpless, caring victim, but shows his powerful side in the OTS when he seems to shout verbal abuse at Martha – the fiancé that cheated on Tom. Tom doesn’t play a massive part in the film as the decisions on the mise-en-scene for his character were kept basic but all chosen for a reason. His clothes in the OTS were the typically clothing items a man his ages would wear. We did this so he wouldn't’t stand out and so he would just look like a normal 25 year old middle class man. We felt like out film likened to “casino” character Sharon Jones cheats on devoting husband Robert De Niro for one night of passion. This is a like to our film as Tom was cheated on only once because a brief feel of passion.

7  Mather Jones is not a typical victim. She almost plays two roles as first in the film the audience find out she has cheated on her loving fiancé Tom Fondeas. Women are normally played as the helpless victim in thriller. So to start off with, this character isn’t conventional for the average thriller film. Later on we find out that Mather in fact has been tragically murdered. The roles now switch round and for someone we previously though was an evil character turns out to be the brutally killed helpless victim. We are then made to feel sympathy for her and that now this has happened she shall be seen in good light for the remainder of the film. I feel that after this, she now fits into the general victim thriller character. Mather is not shown in the OTS so the mise-en-sceen does not apply to her. We felt like her first role in the film likened to the film “fatal attraction” which is also a psychological thriller where home wrecker Glenn Close cheats on husband Michael Douglas. Link to information about “fatal attraction” 

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