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Active Learning – Using Discussions Online Center for Distance Education Instructional Design Services Dr. Prasanthi Pallapu.

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1 Active Learning – Using Discussions Online Center for Distance Education Instructional Design Services Dr. Prasanthi Pallapu

2 Objectives Active Learning Interaction in an online course Online Discussions

3 Definition Active learning A process Engages students in learning activities – reading, writing, discussion, or problem solving Promotes analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of course material.

4 Benefits Active Learning allows students to – engage with course material – participate in learning activities – collaborate with each other – analyze an argument – apply a concept to a real-world situation – etc…..

5 Interaction Student-Student, Student-Content & Student-Instructor Synchronous Interaction – Real time Chat, Audio or Video Conferencing Asynchronous Interaction – Not occurring at the same time or not in real time Discussion Forums Email, Announcements, etc. Content items in an online course

6 Why? for Students Do not feel left out - A sense of belongingness Creates a learning community Increases motivation and performance Promotes independent, critical and creative thinking Encourages effective collaboration

7 Why? for Instructors Good return on the time invested to design the course – When students succeed - it is well worth the time as it is all about student learning….. Immense opportunity to get to know your students through interaction Do not feel disconnected with students

8 Know your students Get to know them – Connect and develop a professional relationship with your students – Know each individual student Respond to each student in the Student Introductions forum They need to know – you care and listen to them – As they miss the in-person connection – Share personal experiences as you interact for them to know that You are a real person You value their contributions

9 Instructor Presence Be Present – Helps students feel that you are there for them – Engage or participate in some discussion They need to see you are there with them during the discussions – Encourage students to interact with each other Make sure that students are responding to their peers

10 Instructor Presence Be Present – Clarify any information timely – provide examples – Facilitate conversations This determines how students participate – Make sure that your presence does not inhibit student-student interaction

11 Roles Student - Self-Learners – Interact with the content material – Learn from Others - Interact with other students – Learn from the Instructor - Feedback Instructor – Moderator – Facilitator

12 Expectations Set and share expectations – Netiquette – Rubrics – Guidelines

13 UIU Expectations Item III. 3 – Discussion and Participation

14 UIU Expectations Discussion and Participation – Initial Response

15 UIU Expectations Discussion and Participation – Participation

16 Questions Select good topics for discussion questions – Reflection – Interpretation – Analysis – Problem-solving – Thought provoking – Real life – Personal Opinion

17 Questions Avoid asking questions that has – Yes / no responses – Facts – Regurgitation from textbook Compound questions???

18 Samples Using the information from chapters 7 & 8 on emotional intelligence, give your own example that illustrates at least three of the author’s main concepts. You may use a personal experience or you may create an example. Discuss three advantages and three disadvantages of xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

19 Personal Experience



22 Demonstration

23 Resources Mastering Online Discussion Board Facilitation mastering-online-discussion-board-facilitation.pdf mastering-online-discussion-board-facilitation.pdf Outcomes of Chat and Discussion Board Use in Online Learning: A Research Synthesis nPaper.pdf nPaper.pdf Engaging students in learning through online discussion: A phenomenographic study pers/Parisio-concise.pdf pers/Parisio-concise.pdf

24 Resources e-Coaching Tip 3: Developing Effective Questions for Online Discussions h/tips/tip3.html h/tips/tip3.html

25 Upper Iowa University Upper Iowa University CDE Professional Development Schedule

26 Upper Iowa University Upper Iowa University Center for Distance Education Education Services Invitations to teach and course eLearning Team Faculty training courses, academic course access, students Instructional Design Services Online course design and UIU CDE Resources Website UIU CDE Faculty Tutorials Website

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