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WHAT ARE THEY? ___________. WHAT ARE THEY? ___________ It´s formal. Granted by Academy, the King, an organization… It´s informal. Given by the teachers.

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Presentation on theme: "WHAT ARE THEY? ___________. WHAT ARE THEY? ___________ It´s formal. Granted by Academy, the King, an organization… It´s informal. Given by the teachers."— Presentation transcript:

1 WHAT ARE THEY? ___________

2 WHAT ARE THEY? ___________ It´s formal. Granted by Academy, the King, an organization… It´s informal. Given by the teachers at school When you win a race you can get 3 types of these: ______, _____, _____ When you win a ______ or game at playing _______ An award A prizeA medal A cup Gold Silver bronce

3 When you win you get a … Let´s play… Competition

4 The person who wins is the …The people who are the 2nd and 3rd are the … These are the winners: Carol Pedro Laura Sally Gabi Ben Jack Tomek They are (capital), from …

5 Write the present simple negative and interrogative Sally _____ (love) pigeons She _____ (go)to the cinema on saturdays Carol _____ (not like) computers Jack ____ (chat) to people online He ______ (not play ) on the computer Carol and Sally _____ (d0) arerobics ___________ (they/see) lots of films? _____________ (Carol/speak) Chinese? What ______________ (sea monsters/eat? 1. Doesn ´t love 2.Doesn ´t go 3. likes 4. Doesn ´t chat 5. plays 6. Don ´t do 7. They see / they don ´t see 8. Carol speaks / doesn ´t speak 9. They eat fish / they don ´t eat ships 1.Does Sally love pigeons? / What does Sally love? 2. Does she go to the cinema? / when does she go? 3.Does Carol like computers? 4.Does Jack chat to people online? 5.Does he play on the computer? 6.Do they do aerobics? 7. 8. 9. Loves Goes Doesn ´t like Chats Doesn ´t play Do Do they see Does Carol speak Do sea monsters

6 Do you really…? Listen and fill in the gaps Sally: Oh, look at ________ birds! I love them. Carol: Do you? I don´t like __________ _________ Jack: So what things do you like? _________________computers? Carol: No, I never play on computers Jack: I don´t play on my computer. I ________________. That´s different. __________ films? Carol: I don´t _____ go to the cinema Sally: _______, I go to the __________ Carol: I do _______ ____. My _______________ Jack: And what _________________________ ? Carol: ______ see - _____________________ Jack: Chinese! ___________________________? Carol: Of course not. It´s a _______, _____ ! Jack: Oh, I know a good _____. What do _____ eat? Sally: I ____________. What ____________? Those Pigeons at all How about Chat to people online What about Often I do/ cinema on Saturdays after aerobics Aerobics too Mum teaches aerobics Languages do you speak Let´s/ Italian, French and Chinese Do you really speak Chinese Joke / silly Joke/sea monsters I don ´t know/ do they eat

7 1. Me encantan. ¿Ah sí?. A mí no me gustan nada. ¿Y qué te gusta a tí?. Los ordenadores, pero nunca juego con ellos. Sólo los utilizo para chatear. A mí me gustan las pelis pero no voy a menudo al cine. Yo sí. Voy los sábados y luego hago aerobics. ¿Sabes?.Mi madre enseña aerobics. Y, ¿Realmente hablas Chino?. Que no, era una broma. I love them, Do you?. I don ´t like them at all. What do you like?, Computers, but I never play on them. I only use them for chatting online. I like films but I don ´t often go to the cinema. I do. I go on Saturdays and then I do aerobics Guess what?, my mum teaches aerobics Do you really speak Chinese? I don ´t, it was a joke

8 UNIT 1(2) 1. Listen and write The Ytv is _____________________in Covent garden Ben: What´s ___________?. _____________________ Carol: Greg _____________________about C. Garden Ben: who´s Greg Carol: He´s__________. He´s _____________Laura. Hé wearing a YTV________ Ben:_______________?. Oh, look, hey´re ________ Carol: No, they____________________. She´s __________ Ben:_______________________! Carol : Ow!. You´_________________________ Ben: What____________________________? Carol: Who___________________?The______________? Ben: No, I´m_______________________. He´s standing __________________hat. Look! Carol:_______________________? Ben: No, he´s helping. He´____________. I think __________________ Carol: Quick! Let´s stop him! sightseeing in Covent garden Ben: What´s happening?. I can ´t see a thing Carol: Greg is telling everyone about C. Garden Ben: who´s Greg Carol: He´s the tourguide. He´s standing next to Laura. Hé wearing a YTV badge Ben: What are Gabi and Pedro doing?. Oh, look, hey´re holding hands Carol: No, they aren ´t holding hands. She´s helping him with the camera Ben: Let me see! Carol : Ow!. You´re standing on my foot. Ben: What´s that man doing? Carol: Who do you mean?The busker? Ben: No, I´m talking about the tall man. He´s standing behind the girl in the red hat. Look! Carol: Is he helping her? Ben: No, he´s helping. He´s putting his hand in her bag. I think he is taking her purse Carol: Quick! Let´s stop him!


10 Why is Helen wearing sunglasses?Because it´s very sunny Who …

11 5. Read the definitions or the prompts on to try to find the word in capital letters. A person who wins is a W _____ and finalista is R ___ - U European footballl is not football is S ______ Un torneo is a T _________ Greg is wearing a YTV B ____ ¿ Est á s de pie o sentado? _______ _________________ When someone gets an Oscar is called an A ______ Un campeonato is a C __________ These are a type of birds that Carol Doesn ´t like P ____ Pedro and Gabi were not H _____ hands Hacer turismo is = S ____________ Price is “ precio ” and premio is P _____ El Mundial is the W _____ C ____ ¿ Peredone? In English – P _____ No veo nada= I _________________ A musician playing in the street a B _____ These are types of medals G _______ S ______ and B __ Un partido es a G _______ or a M ______ ¿ Realmente hablas chino?. Es broma. _________________ ________________ An item of clothing we wear when it is cold. A F ________ The tall man was putting his hand in her bag to steal her P ____ Winner/runner-up Award Prize Gold/silver/bronce Soccer Championship World cup Game/match Tournament Pigeons Pardon Do you really speak Chinese? Badge Holding I can ´t see a thing A fleece Are you sitting or standing? Sightseeing Busker purse

12 Shirt: collar, pocket, sleeve T-shirt Trousers Jeans Shorts Belt: buckle Buttons Zip Hat Cap Tie: knot Shoes : laces, sole Trainers Boots Sandals Flip-flops Slippers Suit Waistcoast/vest Bow tie Underwear: boxers, underpants Socks Bathrobe/dressing gown

13 Dress: skirt Blouse Veil Slip Bra Knickers/thong Tights Handbag: strap Glasses/sunglasses Jewellery: necklace, earrings, bracelet, ring, jewel box Gloves, mitten, scarf, earmuffs Pullover/jumper Tracksuit Coat/jacket Jacket Leather jacket coat

14 laces heel toe sole

15 VERBS Fill in the gaps by using the verbs in the box below. 1. Y ou _______ clothes but you ______ things 2. He _____s ______ on his own every morning 3. I usually ______ ____ on Sundays when I go to the Mass 4. Can I ______ ____ those grey shoes in the window? 5. She _______ _____ her clothes and _____ ____ her slippers 6. Red usually doesn ´t _____ people with ginger hair 7. Her black bag _______ her shoes 8. Those shoes don´t _____ him any more. He´s grown out of them Matches get dressed fit suit wear take off Put on carry try on dress up Plain tartan striped flowery checked spotted dotted pin-striped Verbs 1. wear / carry 2. gets dressed 3. dress up 4. Try on 5. takes off /puts on 6. suit 7. matches 8. fit Patterns Striped Pin-striped Flowery/ patterned Dotted Checked Spotted Tartan plain

16 2.Listen and fill in the gaps. - Ok, everyone, come and _______ ______ ______ Kate Dixon, she´d the TV ______ - Hi! I hope you are ___________________ here in London. Now it´s the actor´s ____________ So we can tell you ___________________. We are _________________ about tourists in London- __________ -Excuse, what are ______________ ? - _____________ ______ things from people´s _________ and their bags. They´re a problem in Lots of cities -What do ____________ ?. I mean, what´s ________________________ ? -The producer is ___________________ of the film. I ____________ that the film is good and That it´s not too ____________. Hey, Greg. You are drinking my coffee. -___________________________ ?. ________________________ Meet my boss Producer Having a great time/ coffee break What we are doing( making a film About pickpockets Pickpockets Pickpockets steal/ pockets You do/ the producer´s job In charge of the film Make sure Expensive Are you sure it´s yours I know it´s mine

17 FILMS Types of filmsPeopleThey …others C ______ A ______ A _______ S ______ H ______ R _______ W ______ T _______ M ______ C _____ H ______ S ______ S _______ C ________ D ________ C ______ D ___ A _______ P ______ P______ dangerous scenes Writes the s ______ S _______ the film Tells actors what to do D _____ the clothes the actors wear P ______ the P _____ in the film P ____ the film and he makes sure it is not expensive C asting A box office hit T ______ S _______ S ______ P ______ C artoon A ction A dventure S ci-fi H istorical R omantic W estern T hriller M usical C omedy Horror S tuntman S cripwriter C ameraman D irector C lothes Designer A ctors P roduce does dangerous scenes Writes the script S hoots the film Tells actors what to do D esigns the clothes P lay the P arts in the film P ays the film and he makes sure it is not expensive C asting A box office hit T akes S creen S cene

18 Personal pronounObject pronounPossessive adjectivePossessive pornoun I YOU HE SHE IT WE YOU THEY Whose jumper is this?--- It´s Ana´s. It´s hers. It´isn t hers it´s mine Whose glasses are these?. They are mine. They aren ´t yours. They´re Patricia´s me you minemy yoursyour it her us him you them its her his their your ourours its hers his yours theirs

19 1. I gave a book to him and he has to give it back to me. It´s my book. It´s mine 2. he gave a book to me and ______________________________________________________ 3. she gave a book to you ____________________________________________________________ 4. they gave a book to (nosotros) = ____________________________________________________ 5. we gave a book to (ellos) = ______________________________________________________ 5. Do as in the example. 1. I gave a book to him and he has to give it back to me. It´s my book. It´s mine 2. he gave a book to me and I have to give it back to him. It´s his book. It´s his 3. she gave a book to you ____________________________________________________________ 4. they gave a book to (nosotros) = ____________________________________________________ 5. we gave a book to (ellos) = ______________________________________________________

20 Making Sightseeing/pickpockets Charge In Problem Break Talking Making Job Coffee Whose cap is thi?. It´s Ben´s. It´s his Whose books are these?. They are the students. They´re theirs. Whose magazines are these?. They´re Caro´l´s. they´re hers. Whose glasses are these?. They´re Kate´s. They´re hers. Whose mobiles are these?. They´re the students´. Theyr´re theirs Whose computer is this?. It´s Jack´s. It´s his.

21 2. Our biscuits. They´re ours 3. It´s your notebook. It´s yours. 4. They ´re her bangles. They´re hers. 5. It´s my badge. It´s mine 6. They´re their magazines. They´re theirs 7. They´re his CDs. They´re his. 8. It´s their car. It´s theirs. 1.B 2.A 3.A 4.B 5.B 6.A 7.A 8.B 9.A 10.B

22 1.Arnold is a baker. A baker is a person who makes and sells bread 2.Bob is a waiter. A waiter is a person who serves food and drinks 3.John is an astronaut. An astronaut is a person who does experiments in the sky 4.Olivia is a secretary. A secretary is a person who write letters, … 5.Ernest is a mason/bricklayer. A mason is a operson who builds houses 6.George is a

23 Read the definitions and guess the word They steal objects from people´s pockets P ________ These is what pickpockets do S ________ ¿ A qu é te dedicas? ___________________ ? He designs clothes for a film C ______ D ______ He makes people laugh C ______ Person who does dangerous scenes S ____________ Dangerous scenes are S ______ It´s the person who writes the script S _________ An animation film is called a C ______ He repairs and installs pipes P _____ Person who pays the film P ________ Encargado de = I __ C _____ O ___ Postmen D ______ letters to your house Person who builds walls and houses M _____ He plays and writes music a M _____ Conocer una persona por primera vez = M ______ Pasarlo bien in English = H ___________________ He sells and cuts meat in a shop B ______ He makes interviews to famous people R ______ This is what a pilot does F ______ P _____ The person in charge of something B _______ B _______ = period of time you stop working This is what a cameraman does S ______ a film He prepares food for people a C_____ A photographer T ______ P ______ Pickpockets Stuntman Producer Meet boss Steal Stunts In charge of Have a good Time break What do you do? Scripwriter Deliver Butcher shoots Clown Plumber Musician Fly planes Takes photos Clothes designer Cartoon Mason Reporter cook

24 questionsGabiBenMe 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Zurich Jeans Sorry Pink, pink People who don ´t listen Sunshine and blue sky German My boyfriend I try to help everybody L.A Winners UNIT 1 (4)

25 Translate into English Tanslate into English Gabi´s cinterview 1. ¿ D ó nde vives?. En Suiza pero ahora me estoy alojando en un hotel en Londres 2. ¿ Qu é te pones normalmente?. Depende, vaqueros y sudaderas y en el verano pantalones cortos y minifaldas 3. ¿ Qu é te cabrea?. La gente que no escucha. 4. ¿ Qu é te hace feliz?. El sol, el cielo azul y sacar buenas notas. 5. ¿ C ó mo te relajas?. Escuchando m ú sica. 6. ¿ Hay alguien importante para ti?. ¿ qu é quieres decir? ¿ Qu é tengo novio?. No te lo voy a decir.Pero mi familia es muy importante 7. ¿ Hay algo especial que haces todos los d í as?. S í, ayudar a la gente Tanslate into English Gabi´s cinterview 1.Where do you live?. In Switzerland, but now I´m staying at a hotel in London. 2. What do you usually wear?. It depends, jeans and sweateshirts and in the summer shorts and miniskirts. 3. What makes you angry?. People who don ´t listen 4. What makes you happy?. Sunshine, the blue sky and getting good grades 5. How do you relax?. Listening to music. 6. Is there someone important for you?. What do you mean?. Do I have a boyfriend?. I´m not going to tell you. But my family is very important. 7. Is there something special you do everyday?. Yes I help people everyday

26 Pickpockets Likes Director It Are Chess SA Uses On

27 4.Listen and complete the song. Sitting _____________________ I´ll be _______________________ Watching __________________ in And then I watch them roll _____________ I ´m sitting ________________________ Watching the ____________________ (Chorus) _______________________________ I ________________________ in Georgia headed for the Frisco Bay because I had _____________________ and looks like nothing __________________ (chorus) ____________________________ ___________________________________ ____________________________________ looks like ______________________ everything still ___________________ I can ´t do what 10 people ____________ So I guess I ´ll _________________ Sitting here ________________ and this loneliness won ´t leave ________ It´s __________________I´ve roamed just to make _____________________

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