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June Calendar Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Music Art Opera Dance Circus

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1 June Calendar Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Music Art Opera Dance Circus
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2 June 3rd - Dialogue 2010 Date/Time List: June 3rd 2010 Until June 13th Venue: Dutch culture centre Address: 800 Changde Lu Dialogue 2010 exhibits of ten years Chinese and European art -- a selected 24 artists from China and the Netherlands who all have been exhibiting and working in both countries.

3 June 4th - ChopSchticks: Chicago Improv All-Stars
Date/Time List: June 4th, pm Venue: Number 5 Bistro Address: B/F, Five on the Bund, 20 Guangdong Lu The Chicago Improv All-Stars return to Shanghai for two nights of hilarity on June 3 and June 4. Their troupe has done 1,400 shows around the world to rave reviews and we are pumped to have four of their main players here in Shanghai. Presented by ChopSchticks, both shows kick off at 8pm at Number 5 Bistro on the Bund. Tickets are 250rmb in advance.

4 June 5th Chongming Island Bike Trip
Date/Time List: June 5th 2010 Telephone: Price (RMB): ¥300 per person and ¥50 for the bike. Head over to Chongming Island for a day to check out the wetlands of the Yangtze Delta Region. There are plenty of wild birds and other wildlife around, and now that the island is connected to Pudong by tunnel, it's just a relaxing 25km bike ride away.

5 June 6th Water Town Photography Expedition
Date/Time List: June 6th am - 6:30 pm Venue: Shanghai Expat Learning Center Address: 1 Yueyang Lu Ticket Price (RMB): ¥650 p.p. Grab your camera and join us on this photography adventure to the ancient water town of Xitang, not far from Shanghai. We will be accompanied by two professional photographers and a group of photo enthusiasts, as we conduct a professional field shoot together. Demonstrations and instruction are included in the shoot. The group gathers later in the day to discuss and critique our work together in a supportive environment.

6 June 7th - Ultimate Frisbee
Date/Time List: June 7th, (every week) 7.30pm-10pm Venue: Jing'an Worker's Stadium Address: 888 Changping Lu ,
Jing An Head down to the Jing'an Workers' Stadium Monday nights and learn to play a little disc. They've got a fun-loving group of guys and girls that come out every week for loose pickup games, so everyone's welcome. No worries if you've never played before--they have newbie clinics every week. First timers are free, RMB50 for everyone else.

7 June 11th The Importance of Being Earnest
Date/Time List: June 11th :00 Venue: Xinguang Film Art Center Address: 586 Ningbo Lu Ticket Price (RMB): ¥500, ¥280, ¥180, ¥100, ¥60 Contact: OPEN:1pm-7:30pm (box office)

8 June 12th ZMACK! Performs at Sound Blue
Date/Time List: June 12th pm-11.30 Venue: Sound Blue Address: 107 Sinan Lu Ticket Price (RMB): ¥50 Reservation number: This improv group draws its inspiration from British TV show "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" and features a host of witty comedians who'll have you in tears. Audience suggestions and both willing and reluctant volunteers play heavily into the show, so bear this in mind when deciding on those front row seats.

9 June 13th Volunteer: Beach Clean Up on Ocean Day
Date/Time List: June 13th pm-4pm June 8 is International Ocean Day! BEAN is celebrating by organizing a beach clean up of Jinshan Beach! Let's clean up the shoreline and help the planet, and catch a tan while we're at it-Volunteers will meet at noon, head out for an hour on the bus to the beach, beach comb for trash for two hours, head back in the van, and get dropped off at 4 pm. If you'd like to know the meeting/drop off point, you'll need to RSVP by . Please RSVP at if you'd like to sign up! There are only 40 spaces on the bus, so that means we can take 40 volunteers

10 June 14th - ERA-Intersection of Time
Date/Time List: June 14th, :30 (Mon.) (01/01/09-12/31/10) Venue: Shanghai Circus World Address: 2266 Gonghexin Road Ticket Price (RMB): ¥580, ¥380, ¥280, ¥180, ¥120 , ¥80 Booking Hotline: The Intersection of Time" is Shanghai’s most popular acrobatic show, featuring the gamut of traditional and contemporary Chinese acrobatics from aerial walking, bowl balancing, and trampoline shows to high flying trapeze acts and motorcycle cage stunts.

11 June 17th Concert by Taipei Chinese Orchestra
Date/Time List: June 17th :15 Venue: Shanghai Concert Hall Address: No. 523 Yan'an Road Ticket Price (RMB): ¥300, ¥150, ¥100, ¥50 Booking Office: No. 272 Fengxian Road Booking Hotline:

12 June 19th Peking Opera "The Golden Cangue" by Guo-guang Opera Company, Taiwan
Date/Time List: June 19th :15 Venue: Yi Fu Theatre Address: No. 701 Fuzhou Road Ticket Price (RMB): ¥500, ¥280, ¥180, ¥100, ¥60 Booking Office: No. 272 Fengxian Road Booking Hotline:

13 June 20th – Shanghai Expo Date/Time List: From May until October 2010 Venue: Shanghai Expo Site Prices are between ¥90 and ¥200, depending what day and time you wish to go. See the next page for more info. Have a look at all the different countries that are represented at the Shanghai Expo For more information you can have a look at:

14 Shanghai Expo Standard single day (¥160)
Peak single day (¥200)
Evening pass, valid after 5pm on off-peak days (¥90).
Peak day rates apply May 1-3, Oct. 1-7 and Oct Three-day pass (¥400)
Seven-day pass (¥900)
Multiple day passes are valid only on off-peak days.Special single day pass for the disabled, senior citizens, students, kids and military: (¥120 peak, ¥100 standard).Groups of over 15 may only buy single day tickets, and they must be bought in advance.Student group ticket rates apply to groups of 30 or more. Tickets can be bought via phone, websites or stores at China Mobile (Tel: 12580; Chinese only), China Telecom (Tel: ; Chinese only), Bank of Communications (Tel: 95559) and China Post (Tel: 11185). Or just call this all purpose, English-speaking hotline:

15 Shanghai Expo Metro Take Line 4, 6, 7, 8 or Line 4: Exit at Xizang Nan Lu or Luban Lu
Line 6: Exit at Gaoke Xi Lu
Line 7: Exit at Houtan Lu, Changqing Lu or Yaohua Lu
Line 8: Exit at Xizang Lu or Yaohua Lu.
Line 13 Runs through Expo, and it's free riding within the four Expo stations: Madang Lu, Lupu Bridge, Expo Zone, Changqing Lu. Ferry Jump on at one of the docks: Qichangzhan Lu, Qinhuangdao Lu or Shiliupu on the Puxi side, Dongchang Lu on the Pudong side. The boats drop you off at either the European or Japan Pavilions in Pudong, or Zone E in Puxi, Free for Expo ticket holders: ¥60 to leave Expo by boat. Bus. There are 23 regular bus lines and 16 special Expo bus lines, including direct buses, from the downtown and suburban areas. Check out for route maps (Chinese only).

16 June 25th - Jay Chou 2010 Shanghai Concert
Date/Time List: June 25th, :30 (Fri.) Venue: Shanghai Stadium Address: No. 666 Tianyaoqiao Road Ticket Price (RMB): ¥1680, ¥1280, ¥980, ¥680, ¥480, ¥380, ¥280, ¥180 Booking Office: No. 272 Fengxian Road Booking Hotline:

17 June 26th - Peking Opera "The Kingdom of Desire"
Date/Time List: June 26th, :15 (Sat) Venue: Shanghai Grand Theatre - Lyric Theatre Address: No. 300 Renmin Da Dao Ticket Price (RMB): ¥500, ¥280, ¥180, ¥100, ¥60 Booking Office: No. 272 Fengxian Road Booking Hotline:

18 June 27th - The Indianapolis Symphonic Choir
Date/Time List: June 27th, am (Sun) Venue: America Square Address: Expo site Presented by the USA pavilion, the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir comes to Shanghai in its 74th season. The Symphonic Choir partners with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, one of seventeen full-time orchestras in the US. The chorus’s 160 volunteer members must audition each year to keep their places, ensuring the choir maintains the highest standards. They will have three performances: 11am, 12pm and 2:30pm.

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