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CELDT 2008-2009 Presented by: Dr. Evellyn Elizondo Gay Barney.

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2 CELDT 2008-2009 Presented by: Dr. Evellyn Elizondo Gay Barney

3 IMPORTANCE OF CELDT  AMAO’s  The State has proposed using CELDT data in the API calculation

4 2008 – 2009 CELDT TESTING  This year the California English Development Test (CELDT) will be administered by certificated staff at each school site. Each school site will have complete ownership of their testing schedule. No pathway walk- thrus will be conducted during CELDT testing.  The schedule needs to accommodate one-on-one and group portions of the test. Estimated CELDT numbers are included for planning.  Deadlines:  Testing schedule due to R&E by: August 22 - Elementary August 28 - JH/MS  Initials’ deadline: 9/18 for students enrolled on first day of school Or 30 days from date first enrolled  Annuals’ deadline: 10/31 No annual testing after this date  K-1 Grade CELDT  One-on-one only: Listening & Speaking (10-20 min)

5 (continued) 2008 – 2009 CELDT TESTING  2nd -8th Grade CELDT  One-on-one: Speaking (5-10 min)  Group: Listening: 15 min Reading: 50 min Writing Part One: 30 min Writing Part Two: 30 min  Procedures  Test administrators need to keep tests secure.  Post “Testing” signs on doors during CELDT administration.  Planning Suggestions  Test Initials’ & Annuals’ Listening/Reading/Writing at the same time (before Initial deadline 9/18).  Escort students needing additional time during group testing to Quiet Zones.  Have the Research & Evaluation Assessor Team visit your campus to help prepare all testing materials. Please contact R&E directly if you’d like any assistance with CELDT preparation.  Use same administration procedures as STAR assessment


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